GIVEAWAY: Nerd Edition

You all know that nerds reign supreme in my house, yes? You know this.

I have a light saber in my living room. I do believe this is the nerd pinnacle (while still remaining classy, never fear).

There is a vintage Star Wars poster taking over one whole wall, soon to be accompanied by original Jurassic Park art. My husband makes nerd-o video games at PlayStation and I have been known to spend whole days playing Sims, Civ, and WoW.

The only reason I’ve been able to stay even a little bit in shape is because of the XBox and Kinect. I rant about inequality in gaming, about strange happenings at video game conferences that make me uncomfortable, and I’ve been known to limit the amount of games allowed inside the house for fear we won’t be able to make a pathway to the bathroom a la Hoarders.

All of this is to say, I’m giving away 5 new release PlayStation games.

Here are the rules:
1. You need to leave a comment telling me about the nerdiest (and most awesome) thing you’ve ever done.
2. You need to “Like” I’m Better In Real Life on Facebook. (That link will take you to the Facebook page.) OR! You need to follow @betterinrealife on twitter and tweet this post with the tagline: “I’m a huge nerd and @betterinrealife is handing out video games.”

Now then… What’s the prize pack you may ask? Well! It’s over $250 worth of games for PlayStation because I don’t play around, that’s what. And the winners (who will be selected randomly using will be announced on Saturday, 2/25/12 during Kamel’s Saturday Edition.

The prize pack includes:

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Signature Edition)

LA Noir (The Complete Edition)

Final Fantasy XIII – 2

Little Big Planet 2: Special Edition

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

This post is not at all sponsored by anyone, unless you count Kamel and I… and then yes, we are sponsoring it. We are giving away games because 1) we can and 2) they are super fun. They make perfect gifts and they are also a fabulous way to spend a lazy Sunday. I speak from experience. The world needs more play. Let me help you out with that.

And if games aren’t your thing, don’t worry! There’s another giveaway in the works for a different (yet overlapping) audience. Now then, let’s do this!

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28 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Nerd Edition”

  1. Oh wow, you want the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done? Geekiness is such a core part of who I am that I may have a hard time with this one…

    I could tell you about our geeky house from the space invaders ice cube trays to the old circuit boards as art. Or maybe about how New York Comic Con has become a yearly pilgrimage, and last year I cosplayed as a cat girl while I was there. There’s also the time I rode 5 hours on the middle back seat of a car to go to a small webcomics convention.

    The nerdiest just may be purposefully quoting Firefly the night I met Mr. Ninja, just to see if he would get the reference.

    As a bonus, if I win then I guess I’ll HAVE to get a PS3, no won’t I? Darn.

  2. The nerdiest and most awesome thing ive done ever, is dress up in a costume, go to comic con and then bar hop–you will be amazed how many free drinks i got.

    The outfit you may ask-I was a death dealer and damn good looking one too.

  3. My aim screeenname in high school was htpnkjedi β€” hot pink jedi. Yes, I had a fantasy that someone found crystals for light sabers that made them glow pink. Such a nerd.

  4. I’ve got a nerdy story! My boyfriend has to be at his job (which 45 terrible minutes away) by 7 in the morning. This is way earlier than any human should have to be functioning. Because he gets up at 5:30, we got to bed early, sometimes when the sun is still up, and that feels dorky in and of itself.

    But often we’ll lay in bed during an hour of bedtime I thought I outgrew in the fifth grade and listen to This American Life (hellz yeah to you bringing up this exact practice a couple days ago!) or (here’s the part I consider a bit nerdy) listen to an App on the ComputerPhone that allows you to be listening to a CB Radio. Yep, we can hear all the police chatter as we fall asleep. Totally awesome, I promise.

    1. Omg WE DO THAT TOO!! I love our 911 Radio app! And it comes in handy too! Once time we swore we heard gun shots (and we live in a nice neighborhood!), we turned on the radio app, and sure enough, some rednecks were driving down the levy shooting their shot gun in the air at nothing. So we were able to sleep πŸ™‚

  5. Ummm Lauren, did you just decide to make this post FOR ME?! Hahaha, sorry but this is so up my alley I am pumped.

    It’s remarkably hard to pick a nerdy moment. I guess I’ll go with my PAX adventures. PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo here in Seattle that basically allows you to play video games that haven’t been released yet, along with board games.

    Last year, I made a total ass of myself by playing Dance Central 2 (and choosing Daft Punk’s “Technologic”) ON STAGE in front of many people. All for a purple DC2 scarf. It was terrible because it was a really difficult song. But I did it!

    My other nerdy achievement at PAX was playing Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (I was a little obsessed with the multi-player in AC: Brotherhood). They had it set up so you played against other people in multi-player. Anyway, out of the 10 people I played against, I totally smoked everyone and took 1st place. Not gonna lie I did a little dance.

    Okay okay, a few more: In WoW, I was SO proud of my little dwarf getting the Twilight Dragon in OS. He looks so bad ass flying around Stormwind. Also getting pretty high-up rank-wise on my server in PvP for 3s. I remember hitting over 2k (I played a warrior, was had a 3s team with a Lock and a Holy Pally)… Ohhh WoW, I do kind of miss it sometimes!

    I swear I’m done with my nerd talk here. Oh and I’ve already liked your FB page, so yay!

  6. Ok, on behalf of my sister, who explains her delay in replying was due to “taking my work computer apart in order to figure out what my video card is so I can get the driver.” Which, I feel like I could full stop right there. Forging on:
    “So the geekest moment I can think of off the top of my head is not the arguments I’ve had (and won) with guys over the rules of D&D 3.5 during a LARP (that’s Live Action Role Play) I was assistant story teller in, not the beating of COD 4: MW2 on Hard because I wanted to defeat on a harder difficulty than most of my male friends, not the countless RPGs I’ve played and the couple I’ve run, but actually comes from a 45 minute drive with my then fiance (now hubby) and best friend to a gaming store. I spent the whole drive regaling them with the accurate evolution of the Power Rangers series. From Rita to Astronema and beyond (Power Ranger: Lost Galaxy anyone, Lightspeed Rescue?), with the exception of the Machine Empire (I think I must have been hard at learning HTML or something), I schooled them on the history of the Rangers. Ah, Phantom Ranger… how I wish we had learned your true identity…”
    *beaming proudly*

    1. That first paragraph was amazing. I wish I could take my work computer apart sometimes and self upgrade it.

      Also, Power Rangers rocked! I even went to see the original movie when that came out.

  7. I’m not entering the giveaway (our house is completely team Xbox, sorry!) But you played WoW?!?!? I tried and failed, but here’s my nerd out moment of the day: I’m totally going to go home and say, “KELLY (fiance)! GUESS WHAT! HUGE NERDS ON THE INTERNET! READ THIS BLOG! AWESOME LADY PLAYS WOW!” aaaand collapse. You are too cool.

  8. Have you guys played Saints Row the Third??

    Because there’s totally a character named after me (really, truly!) in it. Donnie’s best friend is one of the lead Saint’s Row writers. Her name is Kinzie Kensington. Check it out!

  9. Haha I just thought of what I think ONE of Matt’s would be… Waiting in line (read: sitting in a lawn chair outside of the Ballard Fred Meyer) for I think around 12 hours to buy a Wii the day they were released. I took care of the dogs at home but stopped by a few times to bring him dinner and some warm blankets/gloves, because it was REALLY cold out. Hahaha, I LOVE reading all of these comments! Getting such a kick out of it.

  10. The nerdiest thing I’ve ever done? There seems to be a list…

    1. I’ve been playing WoW since the beta (a very long time!). I’ve had three different accounts, played on both factions and have a handful of 85s. My main (Elita, a BE priest) had Seeker and Loremaster before they were easy achievements to get and currently has 8000 achievement points. My fiance and I have been known to give each other Christmas and Vday presents in game as well as in real life. Pre-WoW, I also played a lot of Warcraft III.

    2. Before you could load songs onto phones for ringtones by plugging them into your computer, I programmed my phone to play “Rose of May” from Final Fantasy IX by using the ringtone software on the phone. It wasn’t even like writing real music, just tones. I also learned how to play a few melodies on the piano (Zanarkand, Aeris’ Theme, etc).

    3. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons weekly (and was the only girl most of the time) and own more Magic cards than I would care to admit.

    4. As a little girl, I used to dance to the Star Trek: Next Gen theme song. Most recently at a New Years party, the original series was on tv and while I was in another room, someone said “Oh, that guy is dead.” I peeked my head around the corner and asked “Was he wearing a red shirt?”

    5. I learned the written Elvish alphabet (Tolkien) so I could write my then boyfriend a poem in the language.

  11. I’m entering on behalf of Alex and I πŸ™‚ we have spent 12 hour marathons (seriously, no shower, not getting out of pajamas, MAYBE getting off of the couch long enough to bake a frozen pizza) of me on WoW and him playing whatever PS3 game he is on. and, we’ve had big arguments before about whose WoW character is more awesome (side note, mine is. shadow priest FTW).

    But the nerdiest experience I’ve ever had? Is trying to make it to Best Buy before it closed to buy lauren WoW, SCREAMING at Kamel to make the light, and then having a minor heart attack when he didn’t πŸ™‚ and then taking pictures of our loot once we made it, and then spending the entire night playing side by side. ahhh, memories…

  12. This was extremely difficult for me to narrow down, as I consider us to be huge nerds, but here we go:

    Stephen built replica Daft Punk helmets and we wore them out to a bar, then blogged about the process of making them for several weeks. You can see more here: We also definitely played Daft Punk on a non-stop loop in the car everywhere we went and made sure everyone knew we were not “those guys from Tron” unless they meant the cameo Daft Punk made in the movie since they did the soundtrack (I mean, duh guys!).

  13. When I was 13, I played x-com on the upstairs computer in my dad’s office for three days straight, until I blacked out from lack of food. I wasn’t allowed to play again for six months.

  14. I .. kind of can’t really .. I don’t know where to start.

    1. DavidMackoholic: I came back to comics about 10 years ago after leaving them in a huff during the megacrossover years of the 90s. In the first year of the Return, I started reading everything David Mack had written up to that point, and started volunteering at any comic conventions I could get to within driving distance of LA. The first time I found David Mack at his booth, I went hypersonic and very very nearly peed myself. We now have a catch-up chat at Comic Con/any other Con we’re at together every year.

    2. My friend found a much sought-after comic for me at a LCS and (note: I do NOT dance in public) I jigged with the comic cradled in my arms for about seven minutes. That might just be dorky.

    3. There is nothing – NOTHING – that is allowed to get in the way of SDCC. I will work Christmas and NY but I will not work SDCC.

    4. I’m IT support at home. I will crawl into the dustiest of places to dismantle things and make them work. Green steady light, I heart you.

    5. I brought my Tribble to work to show it off after my internet besties sent me the awesomest care package in the world last fall (comics, ThinkGeek and Pocky).

    6. I wouldn’t let a five year old rename one of the Tiny Titans ( “She already HAS a name honey, it’s *Raven*.” I’m a jerk. Nerd. Whatever.

    I should stop.

  15. Nerdiest thing I’ve ever done? I once ditched a football game (I played tight end) in high school to go see a bunch of Shakespeare plays in Ashland, Oregon.

    I once cosplayed to a ccg tournament (which I ended up placing dead fucking last).

    I once hacked the PA system at the school I work at on the last day of schoool to play “School’s Out for the Summer” at max volume.

    I dunno Lauren, take your pick.

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