Friday Video: The Sound Of Silence

Going off this week’s film theme, a few weeks ago I saw this short film and totally loved it. How we communicate can be so complicated but also so simple. Who we are, with all of our uniqueness, all of our misunderstandings and the parts of us that are misunderstood, the complicated, silly, beautiful, embarrassing, cheesy, offensive, and lovable parts all happen at the same time.

This video is about 8 minutes, but it is so worth savoring. Maybe on your lunch break? When you get home from work? Your morning coffee break? When someone makes me want to punch a wall or you feel like nothing is going your way this will make it better. I swear, once it’s over you won’t be able to not feel refreshed, calm, and appreciative. Happy Friday!!

2 thoughts on “Friday Video: The Sound Of Silence”

  1. Wow! It really touched me. Watched with the volume off and I think it is really best appreciated this way. Thanks Lauren!

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