Adventure-ing: Accessories Part 2, The Big Earing

Earrings. Oh my earrings. They have been a trick. I got my ears pierced when I was 13 and wore little blue studs for at least 2 years. And then I stopped. I would sometimes wear earrings for fancy things like Christmas or a school dance. Then I went through a pearl phase where I wore these lovely pearl studs, and then diamond studs (if I’m remembering my earring lore correctly) from my mother.

And then I wore clip-ons for my wedding. And I kind of gave up on earrings, but I envied them on others. I envied them on Claire who always loved the big earrings, I envied them on Maris who rocked the work appropriate statement jewelery. I envied them on strangers who had the big feather adornment, or perfect little tear drops, or multiple piercings with tiny little studs all in a row. I struggled with this earring concept because

  1. When I took them off I forgot to put them back in. Forever.
  2. When I left them in I woke up with horrible stabby pain in my head.
  3. I thought big earrings made me look old, or tribal, or like I was playing dress up and none of those things are me.

But then Sarah was cleaning out her jewelery bin, and because saying no to free things is like… impossible, I lunged after a pair of beauties she was trying to get rid of. (Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled accessories yearning to be free.) And when I got them, I looked at them and then I put them on my jewelery tree for “someday”.

But you know what? Someday is lame. So, last weekend I decided to give them a test drive to the grocery store…. and then I decided to see what happened if I just left them on all day. It was a little test. And you know what? They made me feel sassier than usual. They made me feel put together, a little unpredictable, like maybe I knew something about being fabulous that the next guy over didn’t know. It made me feel a little bit like a fancy person. Even while hanging out in my house, playing nerdy computer games. I rocked those earrings. (Thank you again Sarah!!)

This year is the year. No more somedays. If you always wanted to rock red lips, make them bright or dark or … any other red-type adjective. Black nails? Do it. Tights + shorts? Why not! Chop all your hair off? Grow it out past your butt? Do it! If it sucks, meh. But I have this really great feeling that it won’t suck at all. I think it will be awesome.

6 thoughts on “Adventure-ing: Accessories Part 2, The Big Earing”

  1. love this!! big earings are for everyone 🙂 spread the love!

    ps: definitely rocking red lips today AND black nails, you mind reader you!

  2. Man, you’re going to make me get the brave haircut I’ve been mulling for months and months. The latest excuse? “But I don’t WANNA have to get my hair trimmed every six weeks…”

  3. I very rarely wear earrings anymore. I don’t know what happened, I used to wear them all.the.time. I have three holes in each lobe and my tragus (the inside flap) pierced, and the only ones that are always in are the tragus horseshoes. I wear my hair down pretty much every day, so I attribute it to that mostly. However, I did buy myself an amazingly beautiful pair of earrings to wear for my wedding, and now whenever I wear my hair pulled back I throw them on. They make me feel glamorous! So now, I’m on the look out for more glamorous earrings, because that feeling is such a good thing.

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