2012 Goal #2: Party

I mentioned a few weeks ago, when I was giving you a writing update, that Kamel and I had made 5 family-style goals for 2012. One of them is to finally finish my little collection of stories (it’s coming along! Inch by inch – quality first, finishing second). Another one is to host my parties. Four to be exact, one every quarter (2nd quarter is going to be a trick with how much we’re traveling… but we’ll figure something out).

Part of the reason for this goal is the challenge. It’s hard to invite people over. It’s hard to come up with some sort of fun theme, it’s hard to scrub the house from top to bottom before they arrive, devote an entire weekend day to prepping and hosting. It’s very easy for us to hide in our gave, sitting beside each other on the couch, each plugging away at our own activities (like what’s happening right now). Inviting people over, and having them actually show up, is really validating.

This weekend’s get together, with only a few guests left (hi Chad and Amanda!) rounding out the evening with wine, singstar, and Adele.

The other part of why we’re attempting to be the hosts(esses) with the mosts(esses) is a celebration of how much more SPACE we have. And it’s not even like we have an extra bedroom, or an extra floor. But we have the space to have 8-10 people over (as long as some are cool with sitting on the floor), whereas in our last place having 2 others in the living room was pushing it.

And isn’t it kind of awesome being invited to things? We’ve only really started having people over since December and it feels really excellent to be the ones inviting. To cook food for others, to host a group gab session where people meet new people, laugh over common ground, drink wine, eat more, share desserts, rock out to some karaoke and hi-ya to some badass full-body fruit ninja.

Yes the next morning the kitchen was a disaster. Yes we did use every single bowl and plate we owned. But no one spilled on the floor, they drank almost all of the wine, ate every single spoon-full of my homemade chili and every square of the homemade cornbread (except one… which Kamel ate for breakfast). And we had so much fun. Goal number 2 for the year is well on its way!

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  1. Hooray for parties! All winter long we have friends over on Thursdays to watch movies or a tv show. It’s great because it’s informal and there’s not much mess to clean up.

  2. My husband and I have a huge apartment, but we haven’t been very outgoing. Last month, we had our first party in ages and invited like 40 people! 25 or so came, and they all fit, and there was more than enough food. And they all brought me wine, beer or liquor. It was amazing. I was really stressing out about the food and there was way too much.

    1. Dude… I don’t even KNOW 40 people, let alone 25!! I am so impressed! Also, I don’t think we would actually be able to afford to feed that many people. As it stood, with the small amount of food we had it doubled our food budget. You guys are rockstars. 🙂

  3. It was a bit expensive. We are in party recovery mode. I did make 1/2 of the apps vegetarian to reduce costs (and feed our veggie friends), and we asked everyone to bring booze!

    We really put ourselves out there and invited work peeps that we’re friendly with but hadn’t hung out with before. Plus, we’d recently gone to a destination wedding and hung out daily with a solid group of people who were all still riding the Key West vacation high and came to the party.

    It might be a once in a lifetime party success, but I’ll take it!

  4. YES, I am all about the BYOB’ing. Lauren, next time, have us provide the boos to cut down on costs. And I loved how we provided the desserts! So fun! We had such a blast and are so lucky to have you guys in our lives. We really should try to shoot for the once a month, esp when your travels calm down a bit. Xoxo!

  5. This looks so fun! And parties are fun. I sort of like that they force me to deep clean. We rearranged our living room for the Super Bowl party and ended up really liking it.

    Party on!

  6. This is a great goal. I love cooking for people, during the Xmas holidays we had a few reunions with different groups (14 at the most) but it sure is exciting . Great that you now have the space to do it too 🙂

  7. Yay! We hosted a boardgames afternoon last weekend, and had 2 friends join us, which was perfect because we could all talk and have a lot of fun. On my list for this year is hosting a coctail party… Might have to do it before we go to Europe, because we are also planning to have a massive away weekend birthday bash in September…

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