Things, The First 15 Days of 2012

Last week Liz of Happy Sighs left several amazing comments on my post about balance in relationships. And it pretty much turned my head and heart upside down. The truth and wisdom in her thoughtfulness blew me away and, yet again, made me so grateful for the internet. So carry this little gem around inside of you if you can. Remember when you’re feeling a bit stomped on that it’s going to turn around and you’re a badass for staying the awesome course. As Liz says, remember:

When people are not valuing what you are giving them- it doesn’t mean that what you’re giving them is not valuable. It means they’re not wise enough to recognize the value.

Their poor choices aren’t a reflection on you. They’re a reflection on them.

When I got home from a long flight and a long 11 days in Michigan, Kamel surprised me by having the car washed and waxed and…. [drum roll please] …. he had put hubcaps on the wheels!!! We’ve been driving around with only one hubcap for quite some time now. But no longer! Our car finally has shoes. 🙂

It’s amazing how out of control I felt while living out of a hotel for 11 days. Especially while needing to get up every day and head off to work. Especially with the 3 hour time difference between me and home. Especially without a fridge or microwave. Being able to feed ourselves what we want to eat is something I know we take for granted. I realize there are people all over the world, and tons in the US, that are genuinely hungry right as I type this, so in a way this complaint is frivolous. It’s total bullshit to complain about eating out every night and having a big enough stipend budget to so with ease. But that’s what I’m doing. Having the basic ability to feed your body the foods you value (fresh vegetables, low sodium, balanced portions) taken away feels like complete crap. Suddenly what am I going to have for lunch that won’t make me feel like ick for the rest of the day becomes the main focus and productivity goes way down. I spent the majority of my time in Michigan feeling self conscious, kicking myself for not finding a way to fit my running shoes into my luggage, lamenting the bread sticks and the pizza, waking up feeling puffy and gross. And of course, because I am neurotic me, worrying and knowing that when I got home, I would have to start from scratch on the boot camp work out routine I had finally started to feel good about. But the chug forward continues…

I cannot decide on whether to grow my hair out again or keep it short for a while longer. This is my current mental burden. Sigh. The perks of keeping it short:

  • Incredibly low maintenance and…
  •  Sometimes I feel incredibly sassy.

The annoying parts of short hair are:

  • I have to get my haircut much more often
  •  Sometimes I hate the way it looks and…
  •  It takes more work to make it fancy.

The perks of long hair are:

  • More versatility
  • With round brushing I look fierce
  • I generally have a wicked mane, I am proud of this fact
  • Less haircuts
  • Pony tails

The annoying parts of long hair are:

  • I have to DO it every day (meaning blow dry at the least, round brush/pinning/curling at the most)
  • Sometimes it looks stringy and dry and I hate it
  • Growing it out will take a year and there will be an awkward/ugly stage
  • No more showing off my rather lovely, long neck

So I’m immediately put back on short-hair-loving-bandwagon… Until I see our engagement photos, and then I see this picture on facebook:

…. and I mourn for it. Opinions and advice welcome!! (Please, for the love of god, tell me what to do!)

And …. because this is the day after the Golden Globes, and a little gem from my life with Kamel can never be passed up. This conversation actually happened:

Me: ooo… an older woman with a backless dress…. it should truly be avoided.

Kamel: Ok, but have you ever seen Helen Mirren in a bathing suite? Mm. MM!

Me: …. what?

Kamel: Seriously.

Happy Monday! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Things, The First 15 Days of 2012”

  1. Oh man. Yes. I completely sympathize about your internal hair debate. I love my short hair, but sometimes I look at photos of when I had long hair and I WANT IT BACK!!! Oh dear. It would take soooo loooong to grow back, though, and I have fewer migraines with short hair because I don’t have all that thick, heavy, (beautiful, lovely, *tear) hair weighing my head down. Ah, well. Good luck with figuring out what you want to do. 😉

    1. You’re not the only one with the long hair headaches. Pony tails used to give me huge headaches when I had super long hair.

      Short hair is waaaay more fun too.

      1. Me too!

        I grew and grew my hair in the lead up to our wedding in Nov 2010, and I got such wicked headaches, I got to the point where I had to carry a brush with me so I could take it out of its ponytail and wear it out (which bugged me) when a headache threatened!

        Now I have shoulder length or shorter and love it, but I also see photos from my hens do and our honeymoon where my hair is out and miss it – but 99% of the time, I just ponytailed it, so what was the point anyway?

        My rule now: If I wear it in a pony tail more days than not, its time for it to be cut again! 🙂

  2. 1. I vote long hair.
    2. Liz comment was definitely wise, you should never, ever stop being yourself.
    3. Must be nice to be back home 🙂 Enjoy !
    4. Remember our New Years resolution to start running ? We are 2 weeks in and still did not do it once. We have to fit it in our schedule and do it for real .

  3. You crack me up! When did you cut your hair short again? You are having the typical post-wedding hair debate. I chopped mine super short 6-months after our wedding (apparently just so James could laugh at every “don’t get married, she’ll cut her hair!” joke on every movie ever made). I loved it for a while and kept going shorter and shorter. And then I freaked. I wanted my long hair back. I felt older with it short (lame reason to grow it out, but whatever) – and so here I am – long hair again. And I’m quite the opposite of you – I feel like short hair took way more time to do and I was forced to shower & blow-dry every day (which drove me insane). So back to hopping out of the shower, pulling up my soaking wet hair, and letting it air-dry throughout the day.

    Also – if you have a good stylist – the growing out awkward stages can be avoided!

    But do what you want! 🙂

    1. ha! We’re nearly 6 months post wedding and having similar itches to grow the mane back. 🙂 I’m definitely going to grow it back eventually…. but I can’t decide if I Want to do one more hair cut (which will turn into … just one more haircut!) or bite the bullet and commit. Sigh! SIGH SIGH SIGH! I hate beauty decisions that take time. Growing it out is a commitment you can’t back off from. Chopping it all off was quick.

  4. Oooh, the frequent haircuts (budget-wise and annoying-wise) are what have been keeping me from taking the leap into the realm of short hair. So in my heart of hearts, I say you should keep your hair short (sassy ftw!)…. but I totally understand the sensible factors in favor of growing it out again.

  5. I’m at the point where I’m thinking of chopping my hair off, too. In the winter it’s always getting caught in my coat and scarves and turning into a static cloud under hats. And it’s been long (or longish) for a while. But for me it takes more styling and attention when short. I think it also makes me look younger (not a perk, really) and other people tend to like it long(er).

    Hmm. Now I’m gonna spend some time googling cute short curly styles.

    I’d vote keep it short, at least for another cut. It’s cute, and you haven’t really had it short that long.

    Also, I totally relate to the food thing. Even living with parents has made it difficult to eat well, or have muh control in the grocery shopping. I feel guilty complaining, but it’s true.

    1. That sort of thing sucks with holidays, right?

      Mark and I planned our summer holiday to stay in as many places as possible that gave us the option to cook because 1. it saves money and 2. we both prefer to cook for ourselves.

      Six weeks in Europe dining out 99% of nights is going to be hard. I will be itching to cook after less than a week – we might have to stay in the YHA in London so I can…

  6. I vote for long hair!! But I think I’m biased because I’ve always had my hair long and I love the way I look and feel with it despite the fact that it is time consuming. I think your hair looked great long and I especially liked the engagement photos. But your hair is really cute short, too! You are one of the few people I know who can rock both styles. That’s pretty cool 🙂

  7. I frickin HATE how long it takes to get back into the workout routine after even a week’s absence. It truly sucks.

    I vote long hair! I love love love me some short hair, BUT–long hair is easy to chop again. So if you start growing it out and OMG CAN’T DEAL, you can always go short 🙂

  8. I vote short for awhile longer. It’s way cute. If you get a few haircuts with the hair short, you’ll get the full short hair experience, and then you can start growing it back out.

  9. I vote that your hair decision rest on whether the “sometimes I feel incredibly sassy” occurs more or less often than the “sometimes I hate the way it looks.”

    I love how easy my short hair is, in some ways. I can dry it in 5 minutes! But I FIERCELY miss the option of throwing it up into a messy bun. So I am growing mine back out, for sure.

  10. I say do whatever makes you happy with your hair…but, just as something to maybe take into consideration…if you decide to go long again and start growing it out now, it should be a pretty decent length by the end of the year when you would want to do fancy things with it for parties. Also, long hair makes me feel warmer when it’s cold out. That could just be me though. I had really long hair, but it was pretty damaged too. So I cut 9 inches off. It was chin length. I loved it! And then two weeks later I was soooooo sad. I missed my long hair so much. I loved doing different things to it (putting it up, curling it, etc.) and felt like I couldn’t do anything with it besides keep it straight with it so short. It’s finally getting to a good point for me now, which is about 2 inches past my shoulders, but I want it longer still!!

  11. Oh the grow it out or keep it short debate I know so well. I tend to get really bored with my hair. I’ll grow it out and keep it long for a couple of years and then I’ll chop it all off and keep it short for a couple of years. I’ve had it short for over three years and I am wanting to grow it out, but I keep seeing really cute short styles! But then I see long hair and how pretty it is and I want that too! Decisions, decisions.

    Because you haven’t had short hair very long, I say do short for one more cut. Short hair is fun! But when you start getting bored, then it is time to grow it out. It can be a little awkward growing out, but there are lots of fun styles to do along the way. And like Christy said, a good stylist goes a long way. 😉

  12. Yay! I’m all caught up! ALSO. We have the same exact car. Yup, we do. Except mine is all kinds of banged up and gross because it doesn’t have someone like Kamel looking out for it.

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