Hello Michigan!

This is my 8th day in Michigan. I had one full day at home after coming back from Mexico City before I hopped on another plane and headed out on a long day of travel… again. And I landed here! In Michigan. In January. In an office that’s being liquidated. Wee! I have never appreciated living in a large city with options and public transportation more than I do right now.

Here are some notables about my time here:

  • I’ve never spent this much time away from Kamel since… before March 2010. And though I know this fact, and miss him, it surprises me how not a big deal it is. I spent the majority of all my relationships before I got married (which includes my early relationship with Kamel) in long distance situations, and there was always a certain amount of anxiety that went into those experiences. Obviously those relationships didn’t work out for a variety of reasons, but it gives me even more confidence in what Kamel and I have that we can be away from each other, with a 3 hour time difference (super inconvenient!), and have pretty much zero stress involved. It’s incredibly liberating to not be preoccupied thinking about what he’s up to, if he’s going to call, when I’ll be able to talk to him next, or feel like I have to run out of the room when I see my phone blow up.
  • This is also the first time that I’ve stayed by myself in a hotel. Most of the time when I’ve traveled alone I always end up visiting people I know, and when I went to Paris alone I stayed in a hostel room with 5 other people. Very college dorm inspired. At the moment I’m very much living out of a hotel room. (Complete with my Target bag collection, filled with non-perishable meal essentials. Gla-mour.) Staying in a hotel while you’re on vacation is one thing, but living out of your hotel and needing to wake up by an alarm and shower and dress and high tail it to the office is an entirely different situation. It’s a little bit isolating and a whole lot of inconvenient. Inconvenient is the subtitle of my life right now.
  • But! I’m pretty stoked to be flexing my independent muscles to start of 2012. Being on my own (when I’m almost never on my own) reminds me how truly resourceful I am, how much I don’t need to rely on someone else to get ish done, and how I kind of rule. You can forget what it’s like to think 100% for yourself and own your decisions 100% when you share so much of your life with someone else (who also thinks and makes decisions). As much as I adore Kamel, I don’t want to ever need him so much I can’t do without him.

And the ultimate  good news is that I’m super enjoying my new job so far. If I hated it that would have been unfortunate, but would not have changed my mind on heading back into the 9-5. The corporate world has its ups and downs, but I’m on a path to grow and expand my career, and climb the ladder to more and more opportunities that fit with my Ultimate Plan For Awesomeness. My eye’s on the prize.

9 thoughts on “Hello Michigan!”

  1. I also stayed alone in a hotel room for the very first time just a few weeks ago – it was a fascinating experience!

    So glad you’re on the path to Awesomeness for you. Sometimes adjustments need to be made, and you’re rocking them.

  2. It can be very liberating to be away from your partner and able to be on your own/do your own thing. I’m glad to hear you’re having a great time and that your career is moving forward on a path you are excited about!

  3. My first (and only) business trip that I made was to Iowa. It was also the first and only time I’ve ever stayed in a hotel room by myself. And you’re so right–it’s WEIRD. It would have probably been different if the hotel was in a cool city with lots of explore. But small town, Iowa? Get home from work, order room service, watch TV in the bed. It was lonely…but also felt somehow adult, in a weird way.

  4. YAY! But also – that photo is super depressing. ha ha But the rest is good! Also – marriage: without the stress and drama & wondering what they’re doing when you’re gone… nice, huh? So nice.

  5. Hello FROM Michigan!

    What city are you in and how long will you be here? If you’re near Lansing, maybe we could do coffee?

  6. Yeah, I know what you mean about not getting that angsty feeling is he going to call.
    But when Mark is away for work for a few days (he is the one who gets to go to hotels on his own) I do miss him, I end up hugging pillows and stuff.
    Also like the alone time, but I don’t know, I guess that is also why I enjoy working, the time in the city that I spend by myself, reading in the train, doing stuff.
    Anyway, so glad you are liking the new job 🙂 Must have been a crazy change from sunny, to snowy in a bit more than 24 hours….

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