Goods & Services: Betsy Ann Paper, Valentines Edition

You know me and artists, right? I mean… seriously… the folks who are out there making beautiful things get me all hot in the biscuit. I want to champion for them, I want to buy out all of their stock, I want to wave a big “YAY FOR THE ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN AND VISIONARIES!” flag above my house and draped off the back of my car. So, when Liz started featuring her beautiful paper goods over at betsy ann paper (lower case for branding), I was fascinated, and I held my breath for quality. I wanted them to be unique and thoughtful and fabulous.

And Liz didn’t disappoint (obviously, of course). Betsy ann paper’s first big release was for Christmas 2011 and I gobbled up her cards to send to friends and family. My only complaint? I wanted more! More styles, more events, more reasons to buy and send. If my wedding taught me anything at all, it was the joy of hand written notes, the quiet thoughtfulness that writing to someone else (by hand) brings.

So, shortly after the holidays (very shortly), I started bugging her about valentines. I wanted in, I wanted to showcase, I wanted to send a bunch of happy notes around the world to friends and family and I wanted them all to be from betsy ann.

And let me tell you – you should too. There is kindness here, and love. Small notes for the kids at the office. Sweet reminders that tell people they are loved, remind them to smile, remind them they are special, and tell them you you took the effort to pop a note into the mail just for them. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder.

The one thing these cards are not – high fructose corn syrup. You’ll find none of that here.

Because, although the cards are sweetly made, and the messages are kind, Liz still has a strong hold on reality. Thank god. And that sensibility comes through in her work.

I really appreciate quality work. These cards are on beautifully textured card stock, with Liz’s unique hand writing, careful watercolor artwork and embossed labeling. I love that they come individually wrapped, it drives home that these cards aren’t pumped out by hallmark, they aren’t mass produced, they are little works of art and deserve to be handled with care.

So if you’re interested in sending out love notes, while supporting Liz and besty ann paper, check out her store. Buy individual cards, or packs of little gems (or both). And take a few minutes out of your day to spread the love. Even if romance is barf-y (sometimes it’s totally barf-y), sending out notes filled with happies is the bestest. Receiving them is a close second.

This is a sponsored post and follows the guidelines outlined in the Goods&Services tab. No money was exchanged for this post, but besty ann paper did supply the product for review. Only quality, Better In Real Life approved items make it into Goods&Services. Because awesomeness matters and I never recommend anything that isn’t totally awesome.

9 thoughts on “Goods & Services: Betsy Ann Paper, Valentines Edition”

  1. Oh yeah ” the joy of hand written notes, the quiet thoughtfulness that writing to someone else (by hand) brings.”
    Yay snail mail, and sending cards and little boxes for no reason at all.
    And way to go Liz.
    Also: mythic orange shrug goes out in the world again 🙂

  2. I love betsy ann paper! I’m definitely going to pick some up for my office mates and beloved besties for Valentine’s Day. There is nothing better then receiving a hand-written note and learning that someone is awfully fond of you.

    I am a HUGE proponent of snail mail. I love writing and sending cards. I can’t wait to send more!

  3. I adore bety ann paper. The quality is wonderful, the artwork is delightful, and the service is speedy and awesome. Also, Liz rocks.

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