Gifting Joy – The Book

For Christmas we gave our parents two different (but also the same) photo books of our wedding. There were so many photos and I knew that our parents were struggling with only being able to print and frame some of them, not allllll of them. How do you pick? And then what happens with the rest of them? Wedding photos today are not the same as wedding photos when our parents got married. They have real photos in real books and if there were any other pictures that were taken… they don’t exist in the world anymore. All 900+ of mine will live on forever in the digital world (the good and the good (and the bad)). That’s hard for our parents to wrap their brains around.

Kamel researched the best product for the right price, and with my history and practice with photo layout I designed the books. It was incredibly fun and an incredibly personal experience. We set out to paint the real picture of that day, tell the story of what happened before we forget the details: the stamps that my parents picked out to go on the drink card envelopes, the mariachis being amazing before we arrived to the reception, the spontaneous conga line, the laughing, the dancing, the MOMENTS.

So we shipped my parent’s book off to Seattle to have them open it on Christmas eve with my family all there. (It went over fabulously.) Then we took Kamel’s parent’s book to Mexico City to share with his mom and his many aunts and great aunts and cousins. This is the moment Kamel’s mom opened the book, and the moments afterward as she flipped through it with Kamel’s aunt Claudia, who also read at our wedding, and Kamel’s fabulous grandma.

Sharing joy with family and friends is the best gift I can think to give and the best experience to share. It all comes full circle. Be with the people you love during joyful events and share the joyful memories with those same people. Beautiful.

14 thoughts on “Gifting Joy – The Book”

  1. Such a good idea. And I really love the expression of happiness on your mom in laws face in the third and fourth pictures.
    It is so hard to pick pictures. When I made our album I made a selection from the official and unoffical pictures, and then, I ended up with a stack of pictures that did not make it to the album because they were waay to many. I am bringing them to my parents or giving them around to the people in the photos.

  2. This is so joyful! Thank you for sharing!

    (Totally tangentially, I made my dad a photo desk calendar for Christmas and I really think our parents just want photos of us. In this crazy “Oh, they are all on facebook” world, I think it’s nice to have have something to hold.)

  3. Awww you guys captured some great moments! I LOVE photobooks! I dont think ill EVER print pictures again. Ill just take them, edit them, make them into photobooks and then keep them on a thumb drive or DVD forever. Photobooks are the greatest!! I hope you guys made one for yourselves as well. If so, i cant WAIT to see it!!

    1. We haven’t! We didn’t have enough mula at the time, but my parents have offered to pay for the combination of the two books just for us! So I’m stoked. We’ll probably get to printing the photos we want in our house and doing that book in the next few weeks. It’s REALLY fast to get printed too. Totally worth the cash. 🙂 I might have it by the time we hang out again! If i get my ass in gear haha.

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