Fooding With Flo: Making Ze Mallows

(beauty shot)

You guys said it was easy peasy. You said everyone was doing it, “Lauren… c’mon… you’re gonna love it!”

(Just look at all that sugar! And did you ever think you could actually up and buy actual corn syrup? To use in your house? Like delicious, delicious crack?)

“Just try it once!” you said.

(It said to oil and sprinkle powdered sugar evenly on the pan, I don’t have a sifter so I attempted this method… meaning no method at all.)
(… and then I got wise.)

And then Jenn, my supplier, sent me gelatin because it was the one ingredient I was seriously weirded out buying. Which later I realized was dumb because … hello… j-e-ll-o. (It’s aliiiiive.)

So, as it has been quite a hiatus in the kitchen, I figured a no-bake item was up next. And marshmallows it was! (The crowd goes wild!)

I used the mallow recipe from smitten kitchen. And, I have to admit – the only thing I do pre-mixing/chopping/dicing/slicing is read the ingredients list. If I have most of it, if I know what most of it is, then we’re good to go.

This meant I spent a lot of time running back and forth between the kitchen and my kitchen hubub, to the dining room table where my computer sat, primed on the recipe page.

(thank you for the apron Sarah!)
(Corn syrup….blllopp)

This is the most scienc-y thing I’ve ever made. I mixed, I used a thermometer, I mixed something until it turned into something else, AND …. I made meringue by hand.

Well, I attempted to make meringue by hand (because I don’t have a hand-held mixer and my kitchen aid was busy making… mallow). Which meant whisking…

and whisking…

and whisking…

and asking Kamel to take turns whisking lest my arm fall right off.

It didn’t get to the full on meringue state, but fuck. I did the best I could. This is one of the things I may have done wrong… it was supposed to be able to hold “peaks”… and, well, no. But it was white and fluffy?

I just went with it. And as I was whipping the shit out of the egg whites, the sugar and gelatin were fluffing into a frenzy.

A delicious, delicious sugar filled frenzy.

Beware, the next two photos are graphic. And as Kamel kept saying, “that just looks wrong, Lauren.”

Yeah, that’s right. I so went there. And you would have too. Nomnomnom.

Oh yeah, that’s some quality fluff right there. Who wants a fluffer nutter sandwich? This girl!

So, after sugaring the top, and making a huge fucking mess, I stuck the whole thing in the fridge and went to bed. This morning! I woke up at 530am and poked at Kamel, repeatedly declaring, “Mallows! Mallows! Mallows!”

I got a cutting board, and I ran a knife around the edge of the mallow sheet.

And then I used my hands to get it unstuck from the bottom. The oil-ing and powder-sugaring I had done the night before had worked just fun, it all came out with out ripping.

And then I powder-sugared the other side. I have to admit, I was kind of concerned about the little pools of oil I could see all around the edges. But I hoped the powdered sugar would soak it up? Or something?

So here’s the deal… they are kind of… moist. Like you know how regular mallows are dry? Like you can handle them and they won’t get on you? And you can kind of bite and pull on them? That might just mean that they are old and gross, but this is what I’m used to. These, are not like that. They are… wet. And kind of remind me of a dry flan.

And they are seriously, seriously sweet. And that’s saying something coming from the cookie/candy queen of the WORLD.

But they taste really good. And even though making them was rather stressful, and i worried and fretted and still feel like maybe I messed up with the egg whites and that’s why they are kind of wet and weird, I feel like 1) they didn’t rip 2) they taste good and 3) the texture kind of freaks me out, but maybe other people will enjoy.

Mallows complete!

16 thoughts on “Fooding With Flo: Making Ze Mallows”

  1. These look delicious!
    And I love Karo šŸ™‚ growing up (in the south) my family would mix it with butter and put it on warm biscuits for dessert. THE BEST.

  2. Oh ever since Sarah made them I want to try too. Sigh, one day a littke (huge ) kitchenaid will come to our home.
    I can totally picture you chanting “mallows, mallows ” šŸ™‚
    Oh and Karo, that stuff is good the bottle of the picture just brought me childhood memories.
    Also you might have a contender to cookie / candy queen of the world. Everybody called me cookie monster (fun fact, everybody called Mark as well cookie monster). We both have the sweetest tooth, cookies are not allowed in the house because that would be the only food we would (happily) eat. Anyway whenever we do have some, they are gone in less than 24 hrs.

  3. Yay! The apron looks so good on you!

    As for the wet … mine weren’t wet, but they were a little sticky. Which leads me to conclude three things: 1. I used too much gelatin (which I’d already suspected), 2. I forgot to coat them in powdered sugar after taking it from the pan, and 3. your eggs weren’t quite firm enough.

    My trick for the eggs? I did them in the mixer before I started anything else. Transfered them to a bowl when they were all peaky, and then started over with everything else. They held just fine for that 15 minutes … maybe try that next time?

    Yours look delicious, though! Melt them for smores! Or! Hot chocolate!! NOM.

    1. Also! A trick for oiling pans! I put a little oil in the center and then use a paper towel to swish it around. Since it ends up coating the paper towel, it spreads it pretty well. Then, if there is any left pooling, I pour it out.

      Voila! Oiled pan using the tiniest amount possible!

    2. Seconding what Sarah said about the eggs being a possibility. I have not yet made marshmallows (though that is clearly coming soon — these look awesome), but I have hand-whipped meringue. And it’s hard. I did it a few times for the sake of badassedness, but then I realized that was useless pain. Kudos for you for doing it, and if you try the mallows again, please let us know how they come out!

        1. Chocolate covered? That sounds awesome! When Trevor made marshmallows it was all I could do not to drink hot coco 3 times a day. If they were chocolate dipped, I would just stand by the pan and eat them all.

  4. Yay homemade marshmallows! I made homemade marshmallows to give to folks at Christmas, and I used Alton Brown’s recipe:

    No eggs, and the consistency was just like store-bought after a couple of days. The first day they were a smidge softer and stickier than store bought, though. I was SHOCKED at how easy they were to make, and how delicious they are in hot cocoa, stove-top s’mores (the #1 reason why I don’t ever want to have an electric range!), and just on their own. Mmmm.

  5. good Job sweetie. I so love to see you trying new things and cooking. Just makes my heart glow and a smile on my face. I keep waiting for your attempt at bread. I know that you will love it. Let me know when you want an easy and fool proof dough to make and I am so going to send it to you. Me and Julia are happy to share. DB

  6. These look so great!! GOOD JOB making something new and out of the box, you did really well! I think I’ll have to try them soon. Your apron is adorable, by the way šŸ™‚

  7. Great going Lauren….looks delicious and makes me hungry looking at the pictures. great photography! Can’t wait to see your bread skills.

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