Adventure-ing: The Boots Have Arrived

You guys. It’s taken me years of searching and tons of failed attempts, researching, nights of longing, and then the realization that maybe I won’t own a pair after all… maybe it’s just not in the cards for me, maybe they are just too expensive, my calves too thick, my legs too short. But then! We moved blocks from a DSW, and on a whim on New Years Day, we stopped in to scope out the joint. And lo and behold…

… the perfect fitting mother effing boots were there, waiting for me… 1/3 the price of any boots I’ve ever lusted after, but exactly the style I’ve dreamed of.

And this might sound silly, but it had gotten to a point where I thought maybe my love of boots and my inability to find any that fit (or any I could afford) was some sort of omen. The kind of omen that says, “Honey, move on.”

You know what this means you guys? It means dreams really do come true. And that 2012 is already starting off on the right …. foot. A foot that is warm and safe from rain, sleet, or snow. With rubber soles for optimal hill climbing, or… ya know… slippery tiled floors? It also means that my calves can’t grow one more inch otherwise I will bust out of these puppies. But either way …


25 thoughts on “Adventure-ing: The Boots Have Arrived”

  1. I LOVE those boots and they look great on you! I have the same problem as you and pretty much gave up looking for boots. Glad you found a pair that rock! πŸ™‚

  2. wwwwaaahhhhoooooooooooooooo!!! Oh I cant even WAIT to hear how this epic story went doooooooooown!! They are PERFECT for you, totally the right balance between fancy and practical, with lots of class to SPARE!

    1. ps: in that first picture, at first glance – i thought you were wearing a corset! and I was all BOWCHICKA but then I saw the button up πŸ™‚ hahahahahah


    I understand your calf pain. I have what the retailers call “athletic calves”–but trust me, there’s nothing athletic about mine πŸ˜‰ In fact, after I started running, they got MORE athletic, and I could barely zip up my favorite pair of boots. It was a sad morning.

    1. Last time I tried to find boots, so many just wouldn’t go round my calves. I gave up and started working out more, explaining to my now-husband, “If my calves are going to be too big anyway, I’d much rather they be big and muscular than just too fat.”

  4. I have trouble with boots fitting my calves as well, plus I am always looking for something very specific – color, style, toe shape, heel, how high they go up my legs, etc. My last purchase was more than a year into the hunt, too. I finally DOUBLED my budget, and go figure, found what I was looking for, also at DSW, the next time I stopped in.

    So, anyway, I totally understand your excitement! Yay, boots!

  5. Yay boots! I need to find a DSW, and then some shoes. Where did you get those pants? I know you gave some tips on finding skinny jeans, but I still can’t find any that are cute. Where do you shop??

  6. AH! I am several days late to this boots party but! I have thought similar things about boots UNTIL I FOUND THOSE SAME ONES TOO! Yay! We are boot twins! I was amazed at how actually comfy they are! Love them. Wish I could rock the skinny pants like you do so I would wear them more often, but yay boots!

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