Adventure-ing: Accessorize Part 1

We have discussed my fashion issues before. I’m struggling to not dress like a camp counselor 24/7. I’m struggling to feel fully dressed and not like I’m simply playing pretend, walking around in my mother’s pumps. I’m struggling to make my dream fashionista (the person who lives inside of me and says, “oh, that looks lovely… don’t you wish you could pull that together? be that cool? have that hair? pull that off? Hmm… too bad.”) a reality fashionista. And I’m trying to do it while keeping my closet from overflowing.

I’ve taken to giving away a lot of clothes. I’ve taken to living with less and less stuff. I enjoy feeling light on my feet. And apparently, I’ve recently taken to the long necklace.

(This is a splurge I found on sale at Nordstrom, and I couldn’t resist. A talisman of sorts.)

And why the long necklace? (Why the long face?) Well! Let me tell you! It’s super easy and it appeals to my lazy nature, while being quite en vogue. Or something.

(This little doozy was only $7. Yes, that’s right… seven smacks.)

I don’t have to clasp anything, or remember to take something off before I get into the shower (it’s nearly impossible to forget … I play with the necklace all day long, so I am very aware that it’s there), or worry that it will give me hat hair, or that it will make me too warm, or worry about whether or not it’s appropriate.

(My Christmas present from the Maris)

Because… it’s always appropriate. It adds some class and it doesn’t make feel self conscious. In fact, rocking the long necklace makes me feel even more confident, and shouldn’t that be the sole purpose of a fashion risk in the first place? Maybe it takes a little more effort than you usually put into what you throw on your body for the day, maybe it takes an adjustment of your shopping budget, setting aside $10 here or there, maybe it’s a little thrilling – as trying something new can be – but ultimately, when it’s a real success, it’s the icing on the gravy, the creme de la creme, it’s the one thing you were missing in order to stomp down the sidewalk on your way to the office.

(The surprise Kamel had planned, on super sale from Anthropologie)

More than being edgy or fashion forward, I want to feel put together. It’s the little things that do that: the dangly earings, the hair accoutrements, the scarves and little jackets.ย  The items that say you put that extra moment of thought into how you present yourself. Clothes and fashion can be frivolous, but self expression – creating your own personal narrative – can always be what you make of it.

(Rammy again (i couldn’t resist) – with Kamel and the camera in the reflection)

What are you saving for? What are you rocking fresh in 2012? Where is your secret (don’t worry, you’re among friends) shopping place for cheap finds? For unique finds? For fashion that makes you go oo oo oo? Here’s to hoping we all stomp down the sidewalk this year… again and again and again.

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      1. no…i’m soo picky. i want a “charm” type thing, but want the charm to ‘speak to me’ i think i might be asking for too much. i mean, it’s just a necklace right??

  1. Argh, long necklaces! So cute. Sooooo impossible for me.

    Did you ever see the movie “Thoroughly Modern Millie”? I saw it as a little girl and *loved* it. But for some reason the scene from the opening credits where her boobs keep getting in the way of her necklace (at about 2:30 here: is the one that stuck with me. And now I can’t wear long necklaces without being painfully conscious of how they fall *all* day. Does this not bother anyone else???

    (Incidentally, this is no judgment on your necklaces – they look cute. They give me necklace envy.)

    1. ok so. I have boobs, and when kamel was taking pictures of the necklaces, I had to throw out SO MANY PHOTOS because they looked like giant melon headlight BAZOOMS. So I feel you. But what I do is just keep the necklace running between them. Like bumpers at the bowling ally. And I often wear layering tanks that keep things in check. hahaha.

  2. Love, love LOVE the anthro necklace!! GO KAMEL!! My New Years resolution for last year was to accessorize more, and thats when i got hooked on the long necklaces too! So i have a little collection from last year. They are the best, they take a whole outfit up like 3 notches. This year, ive been scarf-ing it a lot. So i put on a necklace, then end up wearing a scarf around my neck all day and then no one ends up actually seeing the necklace. My secret shopping place for finds are clothes consignment stores like Crossroads. Thats where I bought my first pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans for a whopping $11! Holler! And Nordstrom Rack. They have lots of fun tights and accessories on the cheap. And Ross. Im am queen of awesome cheap finds. We need a shopping date!

    1. I am horrrrrible at consignment shops! I rock sales, but it’s hard for me to see the clothing item out of it’s environment. Does that make sense? Like at Forever 21, everything looks cheap, but out in the real world the blouse/skirt/jacket looks totally awesome. I have to work on this!!

      1. Yeah you def have to have the patience for consignment stores. But ive found some of my favorite pieces there ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree about Forever 21 and Love Culture though. Everything looks cheap on the rack and then looks cute when you put it on!

  3. I bought my first leopard print thing last year – a thin waist belt. You’ve made me realise that I need to wear it more because I love how cute it is and how it makes me feel a little bit more grown-up.

  4. OMG. That ram’s head necklace. AMAZING.

    Long necklaces rock my world. You’re so right–they’re magical at making you feel totally put together.

  5. I love it! One of my resolutions for this school year was to dress better for class. Grad school can be so paranoia-making (“Will people take me seriously if I wear a kicky skirt? Will they think I’m frivolous or not smart?” etc) that I wanted to consciously fight back in this way. Plus, it makes me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My not so super secret shopping place is consignment stores in rich people areas. Always check the dress rack. There’s usually at least one item you pined for in the Anthro catalogue two seasons ago, going for something ridiculous like ten chickens. Done and done.

    1. This!

      Lauren next time you are at home we should go to the consignment store in Madison Park (J. Crew and CHANEL for cheap-ish). I also just found a great new consignment shop in Columbia City. Lots of Boden, Banana and J. Crew for half off original price or cheaper.

  6. I’ve been focusing on looking (and feeling) more put together as well. It’s amazing how differently I approach my day if I’ve put effort or at least thought into what I’m wearing.

    My biggest epiphany has been belts over shirts. I used to think that whole concept would be a disaster on me, but lo, it’s actually super cute!

  7. I love love love fashion, clothes and styling. In fact, my girlfriend, Sparky, and I pretty much dedicate our tumblr to our internet clothes prowling and styling commentary.

    My biggest goal right now is to lay my clothes out the night before. My morning goes much smoother and I can think through accessorizing more. I want to get back into scarves, the silk kind. I’m convinced I’m the only non-flight attendant under 50 that wears them but I love them! I think they really class things up.

    Finally, I really need to get my ears pierced! Browsing Nordstrom for studs has me drooling!

  8. Love all your long necklaces! You’re much braver than me ๐Ÿ™‚ I recently bought a simple, pretty one from Old Navy though, i was impressed with their jewelry options and very reasonable prices.

    Today I am taking a fashion leap and wearing a sweater dress and tights/boots at work. Doesn’t sound too daring but i’m an engineer and surrounded by men in khakis and a polo all day, so it’s outside my norm! I am definitely feeling a little more confident and snazzy than usual ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. SWEATER DRESSES!! I tried that for a time and always felt frump-a-dump. But I envy you. And rock on. Whatever your risk is you get extra points for taking it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I love ALL of it. You are so cute and stylish!! Is it bad, though, that I focused on the blue striped shirt you have on in some of the pictures more than the necklaces?? I love it! Where’d you get it?

    1. I have yet to do the wrap dress. Can you believe it? I haven’t found one I love even though I see them on What Not To Wear all the time!! I need to search them out better.

  10. I really like the necklace that matches your tattoo, it suits you very well. Also like the one with the geometric figures.
    I normally get quirky different stuff from street markets, hippie shops. I normally like different stuff, handmade… umm I guess you saw some of that in Mexico. If you ever go again, Coyoacan is the place, in street stalls. I can tell you a few places in Barcelona, you know stuff made out of lego pieces, old typewriters, that kind of thing. I also found a felt colorful necklace at a childrensยดshop it was meant for little girls, but who cares :p

  11. I am currenlty, (ok, not so much currently as have been for a long time now) lusting over a pair of Miz Mooz boots

    My problem is the price though…it’s not that I can’t afford them, it’s that I’m not sure if I can honestly spend that much money on 1 item. Although I keep rationalizing that I will wear them forever, and since they are such a pretty color they will be something special in my closet that I will take care of.

    So instead of going back and forth on it I set myself a goal. When I lose the last ten pounds I want to lose, I can buy them. This way, I win twice!! And having that as a goal makes me motivated. I even have a note on my computer at work about them. Boots make me sooooooo happy.

    1. WOW those are delicious!!!

      and if it makes you feel better – that’s not even THAT expensive for boots. Most of the ones I’ve lusted after have been 400+ and THOSE I will never buy (sob). But these? So pretty. So fabulous. I demand a photo of you WEARING them as a victory dance. I want to see it.

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