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Advent Calendars are just as awesome as an adult as they were as a kid. Thank you Trader Joes for selling adorable, chocolate filled, calendars that give me something to look forward to every evening.

I keep bugging Kamel about needing an adventure, how we’re boring and how we’re stuck in a rut. Adventure!! I’m craving it. But then I remember we’re going to Mexico City over the holidays, and that should be a stupendous adventure. But all this time I’ve seen it as just visiting family, which is also an excellent thing.

I think this year’s Thanksgiving was the best yet. Last year we stayed in San Francisco and huddled up watching Transformers 1 and 2 (eeee Bumble Bee!), and it was ok, but didn’t feel much like a holiday. This year, in Seattle, was full of coziness and amazing food, and great company, visiting friends, and the hustle and bustle of holiday travel. I like.

Speaking of holiday travel. I LOVE IT. Most people (Kamel included) deplore airports over the holidays, but I’m disappointed if I don’t travel at least once during that time. Their is a buzz in the air, a certain type of excitement, the feeling that we’re all kind of in this crazy town together, and that we’re all going somewhere good, somewhere we’ve been looking forward to for a while. I love the anonymity and even the crowds. I know, it’s silly, but I can’t help it.

I would like to announce that since yesterday I’ve completed 90% of my holiday shopping. And it’s only Dec 5th!!! (Cue the touchdown dance.) And I am very very proud of my purchase-savvy-ness this year. Yesterday we splurged on Kamel for Christmas and got him a snappy Michael Kors Suite. What once was 500 dollars ended up being 200 because of coupons on top of sales on top of coupons. For the win.

I’m throwing my very first party this weekend. I’ve never had large(ish) (meaning more than 5) groups of people over at any of my houses … ever. I’m going to the party store and BevMo (the costco of boozetown) this week. I’m going to rearrange some of the furniture and cross my fingers that people don’t feel awkward about sitting on the floor and/or standing around in uncomfortable silence or leave after 20 minutes. Yay social anticipatory anxiety! Woo! (I’m sure no one will come and I’ll slink away into a deep dark hole to die…)

My teeth. They are slowly healing? Or something? My gums are healed now, and my bite is fixed from being all wonked-up from my multiple fillings, but now the fillings are just SENSITIVE (and it’s been 2 weeks for one, 1 week for another). Hard foods that take extra chewing (like tough grains or sprinkles) hurt my teeth, biting wrong hurts my teeth, and sometimes they just pang and twang for no particular reason. I no longer have hot/cold sensitivity but the ache! There hasn’t been a day in 2 weeks that my mouth hasn’t ached in some way or another. I’m going to give it another week of “healing” before I cry uncle.

Also, thank god it’s almost Christmas because apparently I’ve completely run out of clothes. Like, what happened to all my tops? Did little gnomes come into my closet in the night and steal them away? I think what actually happened is: I moved a few times and each time (and each holiday season) I donated large bags to goodwill, paring down and paring down until poof, where did all my nice things go? Plus, we don’t have a shopping budget, so instead of the random shopping trips where I pick up a shirt here and there, I just … don’t. And now I must go to job things and possible interviews naked. I hope it gets me some brownie points for confidence.

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  1. Eeeek! Mouth sensitivity is the worst! Especially around holiday time! Did you tell the dentist that the other fillings were still hurting you? I’ve had the same problem and when I told the dentist, he did some sort of filing magic on the filling and it was totally better. Me made me bite this blue film to see where the excessive rubbing was occurring and VOILA! All better biting.

    And yes, yay for naked brownie points!

  2. I hope your party goes really well! Don’t worry too much about the seating — I think standing and mingling is what most folks gravitate toward, anyway. Also, the kitchen. People gravitate toward the kitchen.

  3. I’m way impressed by your percent-complete rating on Christmas shopping. I am actually 0% complete… but we started shopping this weekend, instead of two weeks from now (the usual), and so I’ll join you in end-zone celebrations πŸ™‚

  4. Damn girl. Touchdown dance for real.

    All my shopping WILL happen this Saturday. Up, breakfast, downtown by 9:30am, game face. And we’re getting our tree this weekend-wheeeeeeeeee!

    We’ve really cut back on clothes shopping too. It’s amazing how just being more conscious of our food budget has made us more conscious of everything else we are spending. Am I a total adult for being worried about the payroll tax cut expiring? I’d rather my $1000/year go into my savings account than the federal government. (Wow. Poli sci nerd alert.)

    And Mexcio City-how fun!

  5. All else, me and Kamel will have a MAD FRUIT NINJA TOURNAMENT!!! I cant WAIT!

    Theres something about airports that gets me SO GIDDY. I seriously want to talk to every person we walk by and ask then where theyre from and where theyre going. ESPECIALLY on layovers!! When we laid over in LA on our way back from Nashville, we met the coolest people at the bar and had like 3 rounds of margaritas with them, LOL. They found out their house got flooded while they were gone and were enjoying the ‘calm before the storm’.

  6. Hey, Mexico city can and will be an adventure. You can go to cities that you still don’t know, around Mexico city may I suggest Puebla, Cuernavaca, Queretaro (my city πŸ™‚ ).
    You can also go to the pyramids in Teotihuacan, Xochimilco lake, walk in Coyoacan, where you can go to Frida Kahlo’s house, the famous blue-tiled Sanborn’s coffee in the cente (that you can see in “arrancame la vida / tear this heart out) near the Zocalo (main square, temple built over aztec ruins), the park and zoo in Chapultepec.
    Also, I love airports, that movie with Tom Hanks was really good. And no I am not biased at all, since I met the boy travelling, there is something in the air, and like you say, more so during Holidays .
    And yes, advent calendars are the best, chocolate in small bits every day for the win.
    I am sure your party will be lots of fun, because you guys are great company and you can make them perfect cupcakes or biscotti πŸ™‚
    Hoping you will find some nice tops, but it is always nice to renew your wardrobe… maybe you can use this as an excuse to set a little shopping budget for things you need. (THat is the trick, you make a list of what you need and you are only allowed to get that… )

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