Real Life Conversations: Surprise!

Kamel: Sooo…. let’s say one of us got the other a ‘surprise’ Christmas present? Do you think we would have to tell the other person?

Me: What? Why? Did you get my a surprise Christmas gift besides new shoes? Do you think I got you a surprise Christmas present besides the new suit?

Kamel: I’m just asking, Lauren.

Me: That’s it! I’m getting you a surprise Christmas gift! Brainstorming begins now! Shit, but what do I get you? A puppy? Would you like a puppy?

Kamel: Lauren… you don’t have to get me anything extra. I just… I just thought that maybe if I got you gift A: shoes, and then gift C: that shall not be discussed, then maybe I should let you know.

Me: Nope! That’s it! Surprise gift for you! Handled. It’s happening. I don’t know what I’ll get you but oh-ho-ho it will be a surprise!

Kamel: Lauren…

Lauren: Handled.

12 thoughts on “Real Life Conversations: Surprise!”

  1. Oh, I love it. I. Love. It.

    Surprises (and psuedo-surprises!) ftw!

    But I’m going to laugh if he hasn’t gotten anything and was just considering it … and now he’s scrambling!

  2. hahaha This is happening between James and I right now! We each got the other something we picked out ourselves… but I live in constant paranoia that he is going to surprise me with more gifts. I constantly ask him if he has. He says no. Then asks me if I got him a surprise gift. It happens at least 5 times A DAY.

  3. My husband is all about surprises, I have a small stack of gifts under the tree and have absolutely no idea what is in nary a box. He however, is the worst to shop for and I wish surprises weren’t his thing. He buys himself what he needs, and has what he wants, so shopping for him is difficult. His reasoning for surprising me is that I never buy things for myself and tend to go without.

    I admit that he’s right, I’ve been out of my regular shampoo for about a month. First, I raided my travel supply and then, when I traveled I stocked up on hotel goodies. Have I bought more shampoo? Nope. Maybe I’m just lazy. I don’t think though, that one of my gifts is shampoo.

    1. Kamel is so very similar. He gets himself what he wants as he wants it, for the most part, or I make sure he is stocked up on what he needs before myself. I am 100% ok going without and then suddenly I find myself without any shirts without holes, or any shoes without holes!

      If you get Shampoo I expect a report back!! 🙂 That would be fabulous.

  4. You both sound like an old married couple. Don’t you just love the surprize that isn’t a surprize. Makes me laugh. At least he has the ability to possibly surprize you. You know me, I can’t present a surprize to your mother ever. She knows before I can get home with the gift.

  5. Pfft. Kamel, if you’re going to do a surprise thing for anyone, then you shouldn’t tell them. Or you can tell them but it won’t be a surprise thing. It’ll be a nice thing. A fun thing, perhaps. But not a surprise thing. Dig?

    I rock surprises. Himself does not. He’ll be all ‘mum’s the word’ until the last minute, and then he’ll let some little hint and then I’ll guess what it is right away. Amateur. Heh.

  6. it is hard to get surprises for people you are the closest too, don’t you think??? my husband and i can’t keep any secrets from each other. i was lusting after a new lens for our camera and told him so quite a few times this fall. he kept saying, “why don’t you wait and see what christmas brings.” knowing i would likely buy it myself if i didn’t get it soon he let me open it early last weekend so we could take some great pictures….i knew it was coming!

  7. i immediately thought — OH! M got me shoes for christmas too! then i kept reading and realized — WOAH…M is doing the exact same thing as Kamel! he totally was planning a surprise gift, couldn’t keep it a secret, told me about it, and i ‘handled’ it by saying “WHAAAA? no! no extra surprise gifts! i mean, i’d love it, but nooooooo. no extras for me.” which is lame. because i love surprises. and i love-LOVE what he was going to get me. but i have a cray-cray guilt complex and can’t handle the extras when i don’t have an extra to reciprocate. lame. so so lame on my end. :-\

    but YAY for you and surprises and kamel and for yet another tally mark on the “how lauren/kamel & mike/i are somehow the same people in two locations” chart. internet friends ftw. as usual.

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