Michael Buble, You’re a Class Act

It’s Friday!!! And that means you get some internet happies to start off the weekend.

Holy Shitballs, Mom!

16 thoughts on “Michael Buble, You’re a Class Act”

  1. Michael Buble is one of those celebrities I’ve heard of, but can’t ever really place. I always think, “Oh! He’s a singer! That’s right!”

    I might remember him better after this video. So great. I love his face after the boy sings the first line. Hahaha!

    Plus the “don’t be nervous, it’s ok” line. Don’t be nervous! Your mom just sent you up on stage in front of thousands of people! No sweat!

  2. You know Ive never been a big fan of Michael Boobies, I always saw him as kind of cocky and “i can sing like Frank Sinatra so Im basically God” like. But that show happened to be on when i was doing stuff around the house and I was actually enjoying it! He made me laugh. I think I might change my mind about that Michael guy 😉

  3. Man, can you imagine having a mom who is so damn determined that she manages to get you ON STAGE with michael boobies? Seriously, a force to be reckoned with.

    and i’ve been watching this all week to get my out of my working doldrums:

  4. Omigosh!!! I kinda had the same impression as Amanda, in terms of him being cocky (and he let emily blunt get away, so minus points) – but I FREAKING LOVED this and smiled and giggled WOW – he’s funny and sweet and I’m loving the friday happies 🙂

    ps: holy shit mom, he can sing!

  5. Lauren,
    This is great. What a great way to end the week. Can you believe the voice on this kid???? I love it. Wow, I only wish that I could sing like that. Ha. Perfect end to a long week. Thanks Sweetie. Love you tons. DB

  6. This… THIS was soooo happy making! I was so nervous and it turned out so well… thanks goodness! Whew. Awwwws. So sweet! (And yes… I totally think she seemed drunk, right?)

  7. Ok, now that’s cute. I too had very little interest in him up til now but his reaction to the first line sung was hilarious. Even though he was giving the kid a shot but I guess he didn’t have any real expectations.

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