Flashback Friday: The Holidaze

*Sometimes on Fridays I take a break from thinking up stories and interesting tidbits to share and delve into my currently unpublished blog that goes all the way back to November of 2006.

Today I’m not getting ready to go anywhere. I’m not packed, I don’t have a car waiting outside to drive me to the airport, I’m not worried about missing my flight. I’m still here, having my first married Christmas with just Kamel. Just us, in our apartment for the weekend (and then off to Mexico City on the 26th). Every tradition I’ve ever had for Christmas is about to be skipped. I’ve never missed a Christmas at home, ever. And in 2007, on this very day, I was also still in the Bay Area, but things were so, so different.

December 23, 2007

Christmas, 2007… 2 days after this post…

I spent a good portion of 4 years flying back and forth and back and forth from Seattle to Chicago during both thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and the spring and summer thunderstorm seasons. And the amount of times I was delayed? So few I’ve forgotten them. For reals. It was a rare day that I was ever delayed. I was more often than not stuck at the airport hours early thanks to the shuttle service, but my flights were always on time. Now that I have been living and traveling on a coast, I have been delayed to some extent nearly every single flight. My conclusion? Living in the middle rocks when it comes to flight times. Coasts? Get the shaft every time. I’m contemplating a law suit for discrimination. Just because we have an ocean and you don’t doesn’t mean you can shit on my travel plans. Foo.

I’m sitting on an overly used gum-stained carpet at the terminal. Currently on hour three of a four hour airport visit. My flight home, leaving at three thirty, was delayed for 3.5 hours. Where was it coming from? Palm Springs. Palm Fucking Springs. Why there would be anyone leaving Palm Springs at this time of year is beyond me. Stay put Palm Springs! Let your family COME TO YOU. In the meantime I’m still here in San Francisco, (hi!) sitting on the floor, surrounded by laptops, attractive men in old-man-hats, and army folk going home from wherever they have been stationed. There’s the typical lap-eating, which is always awkward and messy no matter what you do to prevent such things, and the gurgling cooing screaming babies who everyone hopes does NOT sit by them, DOES NOT kick their seat, and hopefully falls fast fast asleep right around takeoff. Me? I’ve filled myself up with too many peanut M&Ms and Diet Coke, my legs are falling asleep, and I’ve officially been at the airport for longer than the duration of my flight. Classic.

*Note: Arrived at the airport at 2pm, was walking to the car by 950pm. Gross.

Where were you on Christmas, 2007?

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  1. I have a couple of blogs that go back to 2003 or so through 2009 that I read from time to time – maybe check out each year’s post from the exact same day. It’s depressing though! I think I wrote much better back then, but I was not a very happy camper.

  2. This is really funny, because I think Christmas 2007 was the year my flight was delayed overnight from Philly to Chicago because of snow… But I made it in the end 🙂

  3. Oh you are just cutest thing ever in that crown, kill me!

    Flashbacks are really fun these days (ahem, timeline, facebook, ahem)!

    Winter 2007 was a weird one, bc I was living and working in portland (but not in school). Luckily it was much of the same – since i worked for UP and got yummy mucho days off 🙂 It was the typical Jesse bonanza, outfits, midnight mass, lots of people, etc etc

  4. 2007 was the first Christmas Scott and I spent together! (But I can regale you of 2001-2006 airport years. At least back then flying on Christmas Day was a big secret, unlike now when it’s a huge mistake.) Anyway, I have no specific recollection of what we did that year at all, probably because it immediately felt like that was how it had always been. Cue major awwww-ing. 🙂

  5. “Every tradition I’ve ever had for Christmas is about to be skipped. I’ve never missed a Christmas at home, ever.”

    The first year I missed a Christmas at home was HARD. And it still is hard to miss out on those things. BUT! How exciting that this year you and Kamel get to start making your own traditions?? I’m jealous!

    Christmas 2007…recently graduated college, had just started working at my first real grown-up job. So it was kind of weird feeling like an adult, but going back to traditions that made me feel like a child. The now-fiance and I had just started dating in September of that year, so we each went to our own respective family’s gatherings. But we were texting each other pretty much the entire time, and after that year, he declared he didn’t want to spend another Christmas away from me.

  6. Hmmm…2007. That was our second Christmas together, though C slept at his mom’s house on Christmas Eve and I slept at home, alone, in our apartment. I put an ix-nay to that after that year. That was also the year we started writing Christmas love letters to each other. It sounds sappy but it’s a nice pause to reflect on our year together.

    We were living in our shoebox of a studio and I was one year into my stint at UW. I remember the election was already a BIG topic and there was much debate amongst my mostly liberal family between Hilary and Obama. We didn’t even know Sarah Palin existed yet.

    Other than that, a nice quiet and uneventful Christmas.

    Merry Christmas, DuPrezes!

  7. I cannot remember what I was doing or where I was during December of 2007.

    So strange, I’ve looked through my computer and didn’t find any pictures for all of 2007. My facebook seemed to have skipped over that year as well. Odd.

    I just know I went to Knutsford that year from Aug-Oct and it was my first year at Lucas. The rest I’ll figure it out later today. =)

    1. Okay I figured out why I can’t find any details on what I did that year. Its because I didn’t do anything!

      It’s kinda sad really. I found old emails and it turns out I was in SF alone that year for Christmas. Just watching House and The Office and being bored out of my mind for 2 weeks while everyone else travelled away for the holidays.

      How sad that I apparently blocked it from my memory, haha.

  8. Christmas 2007? That was the last good old fashioned Lakin family Christmas. That was the last Christmas my dad tried to be cheery. The last Christmas I was on a true Christmas break. That was the last Christmas I was single. I don’t remember what I got but that the Christmas was the last that fit comfortably into the special set of traditions long established.

    1. Which all sounds super negative. It’s just that I’m in a period of serious holiday transition. Adding Forrest. Losing Dad (slowly and then finally). Sorting things out with Mom. Moving away. You know.

      1. Losing a parent and having traditions fall apart at the seams is a lot of hardness. Especially when you remember how they used to be compared with how they are. But, I am really impressed at how you’re building your little family and creating your own memories and all of that. The way you embrace community is impressive.

  9. Christmas 2007 I was in Mexico for the Holidays. It was an exciting time, I had just very recently realized that the boy would come to see me for the first time after we met (about 1 year after) the February after that (2008) and we were talking and chatting a lot. It was fun.

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