Feedback Needed, Part 1

Going into the new year I want to understand more about why you come here every day and how to make your experience even better. With writing, feedback is always such a big part of it all – you send your work to friends, they write all over it, tell you how horrible you are and send it lovingly back. With blogs, comments are the best way to understand feedback, but that’s more on a discussion/conversation level, and not so much on a “how am I doing, you like this? how about this?” capacity.

There’s going to be two surveys, the first is ten questions (below) about your basic user experience. The second will be tomorrow, and it’s all about YOU! Because I want to understand who you are and who I’m talking to. 🙂

Thank you so much for participating in this, it’s really important for me going forward, so if you know anyone who reads even semi-regularly, please send this to them, post it on your Facebook, or how ever you do what you do. It’s greatly appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “Feedback Needed, Part 1”

  1. I have a comment about your survey — I read in a feed reader, and it didn’t show up there. It was somewhat confusing until I clicked through to the post.

    1. Sorry ladies, I tried to go back in and edit the post to let the people who use a reader know, but it will mess up the html if I do that. Hopefully people will click through!

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