Esopus: Let’s Keep Art Alive

Remember when I did that write up about Esopus and how amazing the journal is, and how much I wanted to marry it?It’s still so true and I’ll be renewing my subscription in a few weeks when we get paid again, but I wanted to appeal to your holiday spirit a little bit before I do.

Last week I got an email from Tod Lippy of the Esopus foundation. It was a mass email and it was asking for donations to keep the magazine, with its current amazing quality, alive. He says:

Any donation you are able to make, however large or small, will directly aid in the production of two high-quality issues in 2012 filled with vital contributions from a diverse group of creative talents, many of whose extraordinary voices might otherwise go unheard.

Because we are committed to maintaining an advertising-free publication with a deeply subsidized cover price, we always struggle to close the gap between earned income and our modest operating costs, the vast majority of which go toward producing two issues of Esopus each year.

So! Even if you aren’t big into Lit magazines or art openings, please please please consider making a donation to Esopus (even $5 helps!). They are a fabulous organization that pumps out quality, artist promoting work. I really want to reward them for doing something actively good for American culture.


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