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I love commercials. I mean, I like the good ones. The ones that make me laugh and are really like short films, or the ones that make me go Awwww!!! I’ve… cried at commercials before. Remember that google commercial from the Superbowl last year? Anyway… It just… GOT ME.

So yes, commercials.

And this one is SO GOOD. Not because I don’t think Apple products are nice, but because I freaking HATE that fanaticalness of it all! I hate that something is AMAZING just because it’s Apple and I hate that even if a product is silly or ridiculously overpriced, or even just not THAT exciting – the media claws at it like it’s going to make you live forever.

So if you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the dude camping out for the new iPhone, or will rock a PC because 1) they aren’t a million dollars and 2) really all you need is the internet and Office… then I give you a little piece of happiness.

Happy Friday!!

48 thoughts on “Think Different”

      1. Yes. And because I’m apparently a total masochist…I watched it again after reading your comment.

        Actual Tears.

        But then again…I’m a sap and I tear up when I read comments from people’s parents on their blogs. I just think it’s so.damn.sweet.

      2. This commercial! I bawl every time it comes on. And then alex goes: “are you crying at the google commercial again? Do i need to change the channel? Do you want a tissue you weirdo?”

        I want to do that for my children.

    1. Cannot cry at work. Cannot cry at work. Cannot cry at work.

      Whoa, had to take a quick jump over to Suri’s Burn Blog ( to regain composure.

    1. I clicked over to watch that video, but as soon as I saw “active duty” i clicked away immediately. Nothing on this earth makes me cry faster than military families. Seriously, show me a video of a deployed mother surprising her child at school? hysterics. I may or may not be tearing up as I write this…

      1. Me, too. Which is totally why I started sobbing during a commercial break for “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” the other night. This one is totally uplifting, though … which is hard to do when talking about military families.

      1. Hahahaha yes I love it! And I love the robot carrying the kid at the end chasing the little girl. What I think is kind of funny is you can totally tell that little girl in the commercial did NOT expect to have the juice box explode on her.

  1. Hahaha yeah I saw a few of those… but why do you want an iphone. x can do this and that and has more battery. I want an iphone. Etc,
    But, my absolute all time favorite commercial (and completely unrelated) is this, from Axe, (I know) . It is so so sweet.

  2. My favorite part = “oooooooh she totaly just caught me checking out her phone”

    ps: there is a Nintendo DS commercial that is on Hulu a lot right now, about fourt dudes trying to out-cool eachother and I CRACK MY SHIT UP everytime, but I cant find it on youtube right now. but seriously – its freaking hilarious

  3. This isn’t sad, but I think it’s one of the best commercials in awhile. The other day I didn’t know the words to a song and said to Eric, “I guess we need to get a Volkswagen.” It’s actually selling the product’s strengths! Seems rare these days. Also, it seems to play SO often on the channels I watch and I am still not tired of it.

    I feel like Don Draper would be proud of these folks.

  4. This is an ad in favour of marriage equality by the Australian progressive activist group GetUp…makes me cry with how lovely it is!

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