Suburban Living + Losing My GD TGIF Mind

This weekend Kamel and I decided to explore more of the peninsula and the little cities that are all around the new apartment. Our first stop was Cupertino, the world of Steve Jobs and Apple. I was expecting something hip and fresh. Ya know, edgy with smooth lines, a place that’s just a touch more into the future than the rest of the world, technologically advanced.

Let me debunk any myths for you. That is not an accurate image of Cupertino by any stretch of the imagination. We headed to a mall where there was a movie theater (to see the new Twilight movie, yes we did). We thought we’d go check out the theater and then scope out a lunch spot around the area. First, because I have a love of mall food courts, we walked around the mall to see what delicious eateries they had to offer. You guys, there is nothing like a half empty mall that really screams of the total destruction of America’s hopes and dreams. It was extra depressing. The entire first floor was pretty much dark with empty shops. And the once bustling food court (mmmm!) was now 50% boarded up. A Subway, Burger King, Burrito place, and generic asian food stop were all that was left.

So! As my hunger kept pace with my growing desperation, we hoped to find a restaurant within walking distance. And guess where we ended up? A TGIFridays. And this is how that moment happened:


Kamel: Really?

Me: Yes! Mmmm Can you smell the fried food? Can you SMELL IT?

Kamel: You’re on a suburban high, aren’t you?

Me: Ahhhhh!!!! (Lauren’s head explodes into confetti)

And then, just as my suburban excitement has begun to wain, my mind started to clear, the fog of godknowswhat began to lift.

Me: [while flipping through the menu] Why did I think I liked this place?

Kamel: I have no idea.

Me: [while realizing how dark and old and used up this particular TGIF was] I don’t even know what to eat here. Why was I so excited??

Kamel: I was just riding the wave, Lauren.

This is all to tell you that the first reason I married Kamel was because he felt like home. And the second reason is because he makes me laugh like a crazy person, and makes weird or disappointing situations hilarious. I haven’t laughed as hard as I did on Saturday in a long loooong time. Like when we are walking back to the movie theater and Kamel is walking directly behind me saying, “You know what I’m doing, Lauren? You know what I’m doing?? I’m being a Lauren! Where you look, I look, where you walk, I walk. It’s QUITE educational.”

What?! Who is this man? I have no idea, but I love it.

And thank god. In a world of frustration, and disappointing suburban meccas, at least I have this one following me around like a crazy person. Aw, love.

10 thoughts on “Suburban Living + Losing My GD TGIF Mind”

  1. OMG TGIFRIDAYS!!! Thats one of my fave restaurants….which happens to be the ONLY restaurant Sacramento does NOT have. Sigh. But…Jack Daniels chicken strips! Fried Green Beans!! Thats what you order from Fridays next time!! 😉 The Star Wars pic is SO Kamel, i love it! I literally started giggling out loud at my desk. Hilar.

  2. just laughed throughout this entire post…

    and i can just feel the disappointment that there wasn’t a Panda at the mall! seriously, there is no bigger letdown.

  3. YAY. = this basically sums up my reaction to everything you and Kamel related, and I don’t even know you.

    Hooray for love, in its silliest and most serious!

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