Lust List Holiday Edition: Lauren’s 2011 Massive Gift Guide

The time has finally come! The Better In Real Life 2011 Gift Guide is here! I’ve scoured my favorite independent designer/artist/craftsman shops (etsy, supermarket, and A+R) for a well rounded gift giving-palooza that supports real artists, rocking it out in their homes as their day job and despite their day job.
I’m sure there are other sites that put you in the shops of amazing jewelers, knitters, wood carvers, etc. but these are my personal favorites, and where I went when I needed gifts for my bridal party, gifts for professors, gifts for co-workers, and gifts for… well… myself.

So! Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for that person you never know what to get, or you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your sister/best friend/mom or even husband (how about a sa-weet belt buckle?), I’ve got it. And of course, in true Lust List style, this is 100% NOT sponsored. These are items I think are pretty awesome and I think you will too. If for any reason you order something and they turn out to be lamesauce or difficult to work with, please please let me know.

Now, on to the good stuff!

These amazing Wooden Ornaments are the perfect stocking stuffer, office gift, or house warming present. They’re made from scrap hardwood so you won’t be chopping down anymore trees with your purchase and are beautifully made. ($25.00)

Perfect for your fashionable friend who has everything… I will guarantee you she don’t have this. Check out these awesome (and brightly colored) rings made from recycled birch! ($22.50 each)

For your friends who have babies (or for your babies) because no one can resist BABY LEGGINGS ZOMG! ($28.38)

For the people in our lives who are obsessed with top 40 and being little monsters, you know who you are – secretly or otherwise, check out this bad ass iPhone cover. ($54.99)

For those who can’t get enough of big earrings or all things gold (Claire, I’m looking at you), be prepared for an ear-gasm courtesy of AyalaDesigns. ($66.00)

For the kid at heart…thank god for them. ($25.00)

These two owls need a home. I would give them one for… myself… but really, what’s the fun in that? There is a kitchen counter, a bathroom sink, or a windowsill begging for two yellow, ceramic hooters owl buddies. ($45.00)

For a man who rocks jewelery. I love a good masculine ring. ($77.00)

For the artist, or the person who likes drinking their warm beverages in brightly colored, properly titled mugs. Either way, we’re not judging. Everything tastes better in Pantone. ($78.00 for 6!)

The chef who’s never dull… badumbum! ($125 – $235, depending on knife)

Did someone you know just move? *ahem* Are they lacking sufficient lighting? Or maybe they need a little stylish pop and they are too poor for interior fashion? (Yes I realize magic people go thrifting and come back with amazing doo-dads that just need a coat of paint or whatever… but I have never been one of them.) They need this lamp! ($500.00)

For the environmentalist
… who also can’t kick that diet coke addiction. ($10.00 each)

Organize your lady friends with this MOD! and fabulous (but really you already knew that because I was recommending it) jewelery tree. ($50.00)

Beautifully simple initials necklace for those of us who need a great every day accessory. I struggle with incorporating jewelery that I have to constantly think about, but this customizable pendant is a no fuss no muss elegance. ($72.00)

I don’t know one person who doesn’t need more cozy in their bookbag. ($70.00)

For cat lovers… who are also awesome, and maybe a little bit space impaired. ($199.99)

Hello reclaimed wood indoor bike rack that makes me want to buy a BIKE just to use you! (And if you already have a bike you’re going to have to mop up the drool on your desk… don’t say I didn’t warn you! ($85.00)

For the fashionable tech-y, or anyone who uses a USB … which is ALL of us. ($55.00)

Do you or someone you know (cough cough Kamel cough cough) keep losing their keys? Have you known anyone who gets the panic when they scrounge around at the bottom of their purse for god knows how long and they come up empty? This will change their life. ($30.00)

I saw a home-made version of this at Meghan’s house, on her wall, all awesome-like. But for the rest of us who lack tools or skill or motivation, (or you know, for that FRIEND who MIGHT also lack all of those things… what a coincidence, really) you can buy your very own! ($250.00)

You’ll be a dining savior with these vintage, quirky glasses someone you know has been hunting for all along. ($48.00)

I know you know that person who has too much jewelery and too much empty wall space and desperately needs some organization. We all know who those people are and they would all love this. (And when you see this if you don’t exclaim “Shut the front door!!” you have a heartless, unimaginative soul.) ($117.00)

A completely affordable and lovingly antique-y play tea set for display or use. ($38.00)

For every party ever thrown
. ($150.00)

These amazing white pearl earrings make me crinkle my eyes shut and go OOooooo in the best way. ($48.00)

A fabulous print for whale enthusiasts, naturally. ($40.00)

For all of your booze-y friends. Or! As a great holiday party host(ess) gift! ($20.00)

Do you know someone who could use a little whimsy? This Orange Owl print by Juri Romanov is the perfect addition to a home office, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere a little inspiration is needed. ($35.00)

An absolutely stunning bone white cuff. ($75.00)

The perfect party shrug that won’t look like everyone else’s. They’ll be asking again and again where they got it. It’s dainty, ruffled, and won’t overshadow any dress/top/outfit. ($178.00)

A beautifully twisted pendant
. ($170.00)

There’s something about fun cloth napkins that are so easy and so overlooked, but they brighten my day, and make any kitchen just seemed that much more pulled together. ($22.00 for a set of 4)

You guys are not going to believe this: a totally chic… skull fashioned…. beer bottle opening… belt buckle. And I know you know someone who needs this RIGHT NOW. ($35.00)

A beautiful leather wrap cuff, for all of your cool friends (So very cool). ($69.00)

Stay warm … and look so incredibly fabulous in this chic grey and yellow and flower hat. ($45.00)

This swirled felt head band is to DIE. You know that friend who loves headbands? She is going to flip her mother effing shiz when she sees this with the card that reads to: her from: you. I promise. ($40.00)

For those who lack closets, or dressers, or maybe you just know someone who is super chic and needs chic storage? Or something? Whatever this is amazing, and someone must have it so I can come over and put all my scarves in it, Mmmkay? ($315.00)

I am currently fascinated by wooden statement necklaces. Someone you know (or yourself) needs one immediately. ($58.00)

Please tell me someone’s grandmother won’t freaking LOVE this doily wall clock. It’s fabulous. ($34.00)

An amazing, amazing fashion print in water color. You’ve got to check this out because you’ll want to take credit for finding this gem. ($25.00)

Best money clip I’ve ever seen

Genius thank you stickers. Everyone could use these. And wouldn’t it be awesome to get one of these in the mail stuck to a package or something fun? ($8.00)

I’m a total freak for designer magnets. One time I passed out on a Southwest Airlines flight and they sent me an “I’m sorry” gift of little magnets. Totally made up for the utter humilation. Totally. Or, you could get them for people in the office and maybe just give that girl who passes out frequently a hug… or a bottle of wine… or something.

Um, Hi. Ab-so-freaking-lutely. Just turn the computer to your husband/boyfriend/best friend/mom/dad/whatever and grunt. They’ll know. ($188.00)

Alright, that sums it all up. I had a few more items on the list, but they SOLD OUT before I could slap this bad boy up here. Anyhoos, I really really hope you’ll be able to find some good stuff from this list! For yourself or others, of course. πŸ™‚ Have a really great holiday season, and happy shopping! <3

23 thoughts on “Lust List Holiday Edition: Lauren’s 2011 Massive Gift Guide”

  1. I’m halfway through and have 4 tabs open to things i want SO BAD SOOOOO BADDDDD (i.e. swizzle sticks, white cuff, that key hanger thingy, and the wrap bracelet). i can hear the siren call of online shopping now- maaarrrisssssss, maaaaarrrisssss.

  2. Yes, please. I love how many natural materials and inspiration people are incorporating into their work! Thanks for doing my shopping for me πŸ™‚

  3. Oh man, so good.

    Now I have a list of wants. The bracelets, the bike rack (even though I have nowhere to put it), the shrug, the fascinator, and THE BUBBLE. Holy crap, the bubble. Now I have to figure out how to make it, for less than $300.

    Well done, lady!

  4. My cousin gave me Pantone mugs in gray and yellow when I went full-time! LOVE THEM! Clearly – she rocks. πŸ™‚ Love this list! I want to buy all the things!!!

  5. LOVE the turquoise vintage drawer as jewellery display. Is it wrong that I probably need two? Also digging the octopus moneyclip, in no way do I need it but I want it.

  6. love love love!! and the earings – you speak my language πŸ™‚ for reals!

    ps: top 5
    bubbles for scarves (duh)
    Tea Set!
    dress – grunting!
    jewelry rack!
    owl on bike – print – umm OMG

  7. ZOMG, those gold earrings are A-FRICKIN-MAZING!! Thank you, I may now be able to check my sister off my list…

    Also–I LOVE THOSE FRICKIN CAT BEDS! And if that makes me a crazy cat lady, so be it.

  8. So, I was just mooning over the owl on bicycle print and Donnie comes up behind me so I show it to him. And he’s like, “See, that’s the kind of thing we need to surround ourselves with, that our money needs to support. Independent artists doing incredible work, inspiring on our walls.”

    That’s why I love him. And you, for making this real good list. Yay Lauren!

    1. Yes yes yes yes!!!! That’s one of my major goals for the blog in general – supporting people doing amazing work who are unique and not mass produced. And I also love being a small part in making this uniqueness and talent just as accessible as the gap.

  9. i finally got a quiet moment to sit and look through all of these. HOLY FRIKKEN YES. what a great collection. such awesome ideas. forwarding to the boy now so he can start checking off christmas/birthday pressies for me, and re-thinking what to do for my sisters/mom/friends. thank you lauren!

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