Fumbly Bumbly

This week I am struggling. I was about to put a Real Conversations post up about how Kamel likes our hugs. Adorbs, yes. Interesting for a wednesday, no! So, because I have been drained of all things interesting, here is what’s going on in Lauren-Land.

1) Still plugging away at a kick ass gift guide, set to launch the first week of December! I’m stupid excited about it. And I “waste” a lot of time searching the internets for awesome.

2) Claire! comes tomorrow! I’m sure a lot of our days will involve watching marathons of ridiculous shows on netflix and roasting vegetables. Also we may go to the zoo, and we’ll definitely drink wine. Yay!!

3) Kamel and I have a lunch date at In N Out today. My mouth just involuntarily watered.

4) I got my hair cut yesterday. Hair cuts are both the bestest thing and the most stressful thing, as I’ve woken up this morning with wackadoo hair and no idea what to do with it. It’s shorter than I had the first chop around, but I think that just means sassier! I’m sure you’ll see the updated look sometime in my review of all the sitting around Claire an I do.

5) Everyone who wanted the biscotti recipe, I’ll be sending that out today! I said I would send it out on Friday but then my world got scattered and I was a recipe sending failure. Today though. I promise.

6) I haven’t been traveling since our honeymoon in July, and November begins an awesome series of flights. Seattle for Thanksgiving, Mexico City for Christmas time, possibly Arizona in Feb, Seattle again for March (wedding shower) + hopefully a trip to Spain (Barcelona!), Seattle again for April (bachelorette), and Seattle again for May (wedding)!

It feels like there’s tons to look forward to, and tons right on the horizon, but for this moment I’m in a bit of a holding pattern. What’s going on with your future plans? Traveling anywhere I should go next? I need inspiration.

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  1. I understand that “holding pattern”. I myself call it limbo. It’s always the worst. But then again, I guess it’s good to just embrace it and enjoy the moment? Cuz, you know, SO easy to do πŸ˜‰

    1) I am *hoping* (SO HOPING) to go to Budapest in March, and possibly Prague, too. It’s mostly just fingers crossed at this point, but man, I’d be SO stoked if that happened.

    2) I am *trying* (SO TRYING) to get my NaNoWriMo novel going. HAHAHAHA. Yeah…slow going so far.

    3) A co-worker of mine just traveled here:
    Talk about inspiring…

    1. Yes!! Oh my goodness budapest and prague sound amazing. We’re just doing our best to get over seas to SOMEWHERE. And Cappadocia?? I MEAN WHAT THE !!! That’s beyond my scope of travel at the moment.

    2. Yeah, I tried to do NaNo this year; then realized that I was bored even thinking about my novel and characters, so it was probably a bad choice. It was a good start to get me writing anything at all though, and I’ve gotten a lot of random things done.

  2. I take a solo vacation every spring, and I am trying to decide where to go this year. Maybe New York City? Seattle? I don’t know yet, but I’m feeling like a domestic vacation.

    Also? Barcelona? 2nd fav city in the world, second only to Mexico City so I have to say your travel itinerary sounds amazing to me!! You’re so lucky that your holiday family time takes you somewhere so awesome.

  3. You are visiting Seattle a LOT! Woohoo!

    It’s funny because I was just thinking this morning about how much I have to look forward to in the next few months, and I was thinking about writing a blog post about how this is my favorite time of year!

    I love Thanksgiving, doing Black Friday with my friend, short work day on Friday and then decorating our whole house for Christmas, Saturday of that weekend we are having a birthday party for me (aka play board games, eating cake, drinking booze and having a fun and relaxing evening), December 22nd we are seeing Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker (EASILY the best Nutcracker ever, it’s designed by Maurice Sendak!), then celebrating Christmas together and enjoying a few days off from work, short work week then New Years, then a few weeks later we are off for a 10-day vacation to Disney World.

    So much fun in the near-future I’m having a hard time containing myself over here.

  4. Oh we will also be in Mexico soon yeah. Mexico lindo y querido .
    But if I could go anywhere right now I think that would be Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Cambodge, Thailand….
    Or, I want to see the Northern Lights,
    Or swim with dinoflagellates
    And Prague… I have to go to Prague.
    Sounds like fun things you will be doing , time with friends, date with Kamel and Christmas coming… so just hang in there, I think what you have been feeling might just be readjusting to all the recent changes. Just focus on the happy, focus on the happy, focus on the happy.

  5. We’re going to South America for two months at the start of the year. Woot woot. The downside is that the holiday celebrations are already pale in comparison.

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