Be Grateful: My Health

For the next few days I’m going to start a mini series about being grateful in honor of Thanksgiving. But instead of a big ‘ol list of happy things, I’m going to tell you a story with each day of thank yous. Here we go!

Setting aside my mental health… funsies… I’ve been blessed (I just spelled blessed like this: “blest” … cue acute brain failure) with some pretty excellent physical health. I’ve never broken anything (knock on wood), been in any terrible accident (as long as you don’t count me slicing the webbing between my thumb and my hand with a freaking butter knife that one time), I’ve never had an extended stay in a hospital, and I haven’t had any major illnesses (knock on wood… again).

My great grandparents lived to be like … a million years old or something, and I still have 3 out of 4 of my grandparents. My genetic pool is made up of rock stars… who also don’t fall off cliffs or get into car accidents. Obviously, my neurosis tells me it’s my turn to end in a fiery fiery demise. I’m of course half way kidding.

So for this totally out of my control blessing, I am super super grateful. I don’t know what it’s like to have a chronic physical illness, I don’t know what it’s like to be achey all of the time or struggle through a normal day due to your body being a complete bitch. I’m still young and healthy and when I wake up and it’s hard to move it usually means I’ve done some ridiculous physical activity to work my glutes (rump) or waved my arms around with too much vigor during full body fruit ninja.

There’s just this one thing that I’m having to slog through, and it’s not even that big of a deal, but to a total ween like me, it’s become a pain.

My teeth!! They used to be perfect and now apparently they are full of holes. I had filling #2 and #3 (as in, my whole life) where Kamel was there to hold my hand and I only panicked a little when they put the rubber over my face so I was forced to breath through my nose only and my mouth was forced open to its widest point.

And then on Monday I went all by myself to filling #4, but filling number 4 was waaaaay back on the top in my last molar. The most difficult filling to fill. The hardest to reach and the even harder to see. And I had to be tipped waaay back in the chair, complete with Saw IXXVIIXIVV rubber suffocation mouth thingy and told to open, “wider…. a little wider… can you open wider?” Until my jaw began to literally shake from exertion (how many ladies can ever attest to that? Am I right? nudgenudge…).  After many moons and many counting-to-tens it was finally done, but now guess what? Now it fucking hurts! I’m sensitive to hot and cold and my gums are all effed up. And when I poke at it with my tongue it feels like 75% of my tooth is gone and it’s just a giant gum ball of filling. I’m hoping it heals and stops being a pain (in my mouth) but if it doesn’t, I’ll have to get a root canal, which is just total BS after getting a filling.

But don’t worry, I go back next week for the same molar on the other side… so if anything interesting happens with the first one the Dentist will be all clued in.

So yes. I am grateful that I am able to climb tall buildings in a single leap if I wanted to, and that my only complaint is that my teeth are needing a little maintenance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  1. the “nudgenudge” comment totally cracked me up!! you’re too funny! (: good luck with your next filling; i hope it goes much better!

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