Be Grateful: Humor

For the next few days I’m going to start a mini series about being grateful in honor of Thanksgiving. But instead of a big ‘ol list of happy things, I’m going to tell you a story with each day of thank yous.

Thank god my parents made fun of me throughout my childhood and ruthlessly as a grown up. Thank god they made fun of themselves, made fun of each other, made fun of serious and tragic things, laughed at inappropriate moments, etc etc etc.

My mom is incredibly quick. She is witty and smart and has a sharp tongue. You have to be fast to keep up with her so I had good training. She also is quick to laugh and think odd things are comical. When I get her to crack up, really crack up, it’s like I’ve won a prize.

My dad is the goofy comedian. He’s the one who does imitations of Julia Child while cooking. When I said, “Dad I’m thirsty,” while grocery shopping he would say, “Hi Thirsty! Nice to meet you! I’m Dad!” This aggravated me then, but now it makes me laugh. He tells silly jokes and laughs at himself, he makes it ok to be nerdy and a goofball. We all need that permission.

Humor is the best. I take life seriously, but I also laugh a lot. Things that might seem sad on the surface can actually be really funny. When things aren’t going my way, when a string of unfortunate events occur, making them ridiculous is the best medicine. Cruelty is not the same as humor, but helping others laugh at misfortunes, at themselves, at the general ridiculousness of the world (wedgies on strangers, goofy names, bad haircuts) one of the best feelings in the world.

10 thoughts on “Be Grateful: Humor”

  1. my dad always did the “hi hungry, I’m dad!” thing too and it drove me bonkers! (my husband does it to me now) that and, when we were in the car and I’d ask where we were going, Dad always said “CRAZY, man. we’re going crazy.”

    that we are.

  2. I love this. I will freely admit that as an only child with a really quiet dad and a mom who was kind but didn’t tease much, it took me a few years with the in-laws to get used to joking. Didn’t take me long to catch up though. 🙂

  3. “When I said, “Dad I’m thirsty,” while grocery shopping he would say, “Hi Thirsty! Nice to meet you! I’m Dad!” This aggravated me then, but now it makes me laugh.”

    Oh man. Isn’t it amazing, the stuff we look back at and just laugh over? And at the time–so irritating!! And now I just think, as a parent, how much fun it must be to pull stuff like this with your kids 😉

  4. Ha ha. When I tell my Fiance that “I’m going to take a shower” or “Run to the store” or anything to that nature his response is always “Where you taking it?” or “Well I’d drive to the store but whatever”. Love him 🙂

  5. I LOVE this!
    I owe so much laughter in my life to my two brothers. Even moments when they were nowhere to be found, if I was able to laugh at myself, it was because of them. And there are so many times that the smallest giggle will grow into full on, fall over laughter because I imagine their reaction.

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