Back on Monday

Ok this week is a bust. A teary, messy bust.

Nothing to see here, look away from my boring and kitkat eating shamed filled life.

I promise next week things will be better. And I will have stories and tales (BOTH!) and photos of fun things and … something to say beyond “Wahhhh!!!” which just get so old after a while.

Now then. Off to handle my shiz.

Back on Monday.

14 thoughts on “Back on Monday”

  1. Thanks for these comments! I wasn’t expecting any at all. I’m boring myself to tears… literally. But today is better and I cleaned and vacuumed and am trying to bust out a bunch of assignments I have to finish up today.

    I hate hate hate reading vague-y sobs on the internet, but if i say nothing at all I worry people will think I’m dead. So. THANK YOU! 🙂

  2. I think you’re rad, and would totally sit around being bored to tears with you.

    True story. I’ll bring the cabernet. Trust me, it goes with kitkats.

  3. Did EVERYONE have a shitty week? I have been referring to this week as “probably actually the worst week of my life so far.” It’s been bad all around. But here’s knowing we’ll all get through it and are in this stupid life-thing together, right? Tomorrow is always a new day. <3

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