A Hard Act To Follow

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how to follow yesterday. I’m craving something light and fun after yesterday’s intensity, but I also don’t want to act like, “Phew! Now that that’s over let’s focus on other things!” because that’s the opposite of the point.  So, I’m going to keep the issue of living a life with less fear and standing up to violence (both passive and aggressive) at the forefront of my life and therefore this blog. Hopefully as I report back it inspires you to stand tall and no longer grit your teeth to just get through it.

In other news, I also want to focus on the good things. So please, please, please fill me in on your own happy things list in comments. Making mine is fabulous but reading yours is the best.

This week I am loving:

Continuing to work on my big shopping guide for the holidays! (I love presents and making a big list that supports independent artists and crafters is the BEST)

Feeling soreness in my legs from working out.

My new pink scarf!

Enjoying the sunshine in the evenings before Day Light Savings takes it away.

Golden Grahams. They had a sale last weekend and Golden Grahams were my victory!

Being able to successfully air dry my hair. This short hair thing has some major perks and being sassy with low effort is the best part.

The space in our apartment. Not stumbling over each other or squeezing in between furniture is the bestest.

Your turn!

39 thoughts on “A Hard Act To Follow”

  1. I’m loving:

    -my bumble bee rainboots
    -finally being brave enough to wear my patent leather bow headband to work (and getting compliments!)
    -finishing Caitlin Moran’s book for APW book club this week and LOVING IT
    -that I seem to have dodged this cold
    -feeling like my workouts are getting me somewhere, muscle definition!
    -sharing old grade school photos on facebook and reconnecting with my old classmates
    -plotting how to get the most out of my three day Veterans’ Day weekend!

  2. – That the two Christmas presents I’ve purchased so far have been from Etsy vendors. Hooray supporting small business/local artists!

    – That I can FINALLY walk without pain after that silly race.

    – Catching up with one of my best friends for 3 hours last night.

    – Honeycrip apples! Still available at my Costco!

    – That the trees are finally changing color … I thought the early freeze would have killed them, but no, they’re rebelling with bright oranges and reds!


        1. My Husband just discovered those fancy apples! We went shopping together and ended up spending like $12 JUST on apples!! Lol.

          1. Have you all been watching Once Upon a Time? If so do you think this was a ploy by Honeycrisp growers?

            Also, I am super loving that show…

  3. Ok, I’ll play.
    I am loving:
    – short grain brown rice. Chewy, healthy, yummy!
    – the massage I’m going to get this afternoon. That I’ve been waiting for for a while!
    – that the hubs’ week of crazy school work is over and I can see him again
    – experimenting with food – like my slow cooker lentil soup that has apple cider in it
    – days of warmth and sunshine telling me winter is not here yet
    – amazing friends who are fascinating
    – a world to explore!

  4. – Having the best most tasty lunches everyday this week
    – My new job which means I can walk to work and do not want to kill someone on a daily basis
    – Looking forward to seeing my best friend this weekend
    – My new leopard print belt. It makes me feel fashion-forward!
    – Helping my husband paint our new desk

    1. The horror of commuting is terrifyingly underrated. Everybody is like “oh it’s only seven miles away” and forgets what a TOTAL HORROR MOVIE VILLAIN you feel like becoming when having to deal with traffic.

  5. – My sister’s wedding was everything that she wanted it to be, AND I didn’t screw up doing her hair.
    – My funky Vibram Five Fingers (aka Monkey Feet Shoes) are awesome for running AND kickboxing
    – Thoughtful compliments out of the blue that inspire me to pay it forward
    – GORGEOUS fall weather that ALMOST makes up for daylight savings time
    – Date planned for sunset on the beach tonight

      1. Here’s my take on the VFFs: I got them as a gift, and I really really like them. I like that they protect my feet, but let the muscles in my feet and all the stabilizers in my legs work hard on balance and spring. But what I like even more is how they helped me change my stride, and now I can run betterfasterwithouthurtinglonger. And that you can get without the expensive price tag. Just find the thinnest soled athletic shoes you can find — they’ll probably be the cheapest — and start running with a midfoot strike instead of a heel strike. You’ll get all the benefits without paying for it. If you’re interested, Christopher McDougall wrote the book Born to Run, and his website (http://www.chrismcdougall.com/) has all kinds of good info and resources to help you learn to run barefoot style. Amateur tip: making the switch HURTS, so take it slow! Hope this helps!

  6. – Having a loving future husband who fully supports my exploration into a career that has nothing to do with what I’m doing now or what I trained for
    – Delicious lentils leftovers for lunch (must be a lentils week?)
    – Looking forward to the APW meetup this weekend and hanging out with all the awesome ladies (woo-hoo!)
    – Hanging out with my future in-laws this weekend. Yes, I like my future in-laws, I’m lucky like that!

  7. Delurking to say that I have been reading for months and that yesterday’s post was brilliant.
    -Crisp morning air on my way to work
    -Menu planning…which prevents me from being frazzled and famished when I return home after a long day
    -My students’ responses to their creative writing prompts this week
    -Conscious holiday shopping!

  8. -Finally meeting another APW girl in real life this weekend.
    -In Antwerp, which is a city that I love
    -Recently learning that my contract got renewed
    -Imagining outfits and things for my sister’s upcoming wedding
    -Finding an international shop that sells authentic mexican products, including Mole 🙂

    1. Hurray for Antwerp! I am going for the first time in December (my husband grew up there but I’ve never been) and I can’t wait!

  9. At this moment in time I am loving:

    *Hot apple cider and cider donuts.

    *Successfully booking all the appointments I needed to on the days I wanted with the people I like in a perfect schedule.

    But mostly…

    *Booking an anniversary trip with my husband for the first time since our honeymoon. I’m so excited I’m wiggling!

  10. This week I am loving:
    – a spontaneous catch up with a good friend I haven’t seen for years (living in different countries will do that!)
    – feeling like I’m good at my job
    – making a start on my Christmas shopping
    – Bones being back on tv

    Happy weekend! 🙂

  11. Like some other commenters, I also got to catch up with an old friend this week. She lives an hour away but we ran into each other in my city and were able to have lunch together. It was great. 🙂

  12. Picture of the pink scarf please!!!

    – my job. I worked so hard and long to become a nurse and I can’t believe I get to live my nurse-y dream every day now!

    – pumpkin. pumpkin latte. pumpkin cheesecake. pumpkin muffins. pumpkin cookies. pumpkin.

    – salted carmel chocolates from costco!!

    – getting my coffee made for me every morning despite the fact that I’m not a human being before indulging in it…

    – reading a fabulous, passionate blog on the regular from a lady I admire very much (really- I look forward to reading your blog every night when I get home!!)

  13. This week I am loving:

    – Being married!!! I am in the process of changing my name, and even THAT can’t bring me down.
    – Having my landlord completely remodel our teeny tiny awful bathroom into an awesome bathroom with a real shower!
    – That we didn’t lose power in that horrible snow storm last weekend (while some people are going on day 6 now, ouch)
    – My fur babies! But, I love them every day all the time anyway 🙂

  14. This week I’m loving:
    -super delicious food that is not healthy for you. Hello, Chipotle.
    -pumpkin pie sitting in my fridge
    -watching Teen Mom 2 on mtv.com (don’t judge) and feeling like I’ve got my life together.
    -Date Night tonight with my hubby.
    -awesome hugs that the hubby has been giving me lately. Also, his response to anything I say is to tell me how beautiful I look.
    -No Shave November. God, I love that lumberjack look.

  15. This week I am loving:

    – The smell of autumn in the air
    – Stepping on all the crunchy leaves!
    – Going out for the birthday of one of my best friends
    – Driving past the Lincoln Memorial at night
    – Having ALL my laundry done so I can make it through November (and NaNoWriMo) without having to do it again
    – Having my bedroom completely clean (same reason!)
    – Meeting three awesome friendly writers in my little town at the Starbucks for several-hour write-ins in the evenings (I LOVE meeting other writers!!)
    – Starbucks bringing out the eggnog, peppermint mocha, and gingerbread lattes
    – Taking an awesome photography seminar last weekend (and editing lots of creepy Halloween pictures)
    – Doing a crash-course in how amateur radio works in order to pound out a article draft by yesterday (It is SUPER COOL!)

    Wow I had better slow down. I could list a lot more, I think. It’s been a fun week despite being sick.

    My overall list of AWESOME STUFF THAT HAPPENS: http://callieleuck.blogspot.com/p/happiness.html

  16. My love and gratitude list: (a day late but whatevs!)

    -a job where I can kind of relax and online shop and be a receptionist – if only for the week 🙂

    -my coat that instantly makes me feel warm and classy at the same time

    -national geographic before bed

    -getting a YES to a reference letter request from my most favorite (and the greatest beezknees) sociology professor from the college days – for my grad school apps!

    -endless Coffee and free creamer. right!?

    -People able to fight for their rights, and that people are actually starting to listen to the occupy movement! And remembering that people are fighting for this country – bc they love it and want it to do well – and being able to hold on to that instead of getting swallowed up in the anger

    -my love of books – and how Im positive that I’m a smarter person bc of it

    -tomatoes and vegatables and my newfound love for everything green!

    -my temp agency lady who is personally walking over my check to the bank bc i am a space cadet and turned in my timecard a day later bc of my mass calendar confusion this week 🙂

    Theres more, but i wont bore people!


  17. I got a head start on my gift shopping in October. I am loving that ninety percent of what I’ve purchased is from small business owners and independent artists.

    This week I am loving the cooler temps (yay no more 100+ in october!), sunshine, good friends, aha moments, and simple pleasures.

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