Well Hello Monday Morning

I realize it’s Wednesday, but yesterday was crazy and I didn’t get this post up in time. Sigh. Life happens, what are ya gonna do but roll with it?

But I have to share with you what happened, bright and early on Monday morning. Let me set the scene. I was sweaty, still in my sports bra and tank top from my workout doing full body fruit ninja. (Definitely click on that link, it goes to a video of me playing fruit ninja… thanks to Kamel and his own video ninja-ing skills.) I was walking from the kitchen where I was helping Kamel get out the door by making his lunch (a glass tupperware filled with yogurt, raspberries and an entire apple with a side of popcorn). I had just previously asked if he heard the noise that was coming from somewhere, he said it was the neighbors, I did not believe him.

When! Out of the blue! Our door bell buzzed, I froze, and Kamel called out, “Shit!!” And then I said, “Ah! The door people!”

We had forgotten that we’d been given a notice that they were replacing all of our front doors on Monday between a certain time. Though, I didn’t remember that certain time being so early. So we quickly opened the door for the very burly construction worker man who was waiting for us and who most definitely had heard our AH!!! from the hallway, and kicked aside the books and such we’ve yet to put away because we would rather just step over them. As you do.

And then I sort have had a mini private melt down in the kitchen because wow my morning just got totally flipped sideways, I hadn’t showered yet, and our door was now, as tears started to well up in the corners of my anxiety ridden eyes, being taken off its hinges. When Kamel found me in the kitchen I asked him if he could be a little late to work and I would take him, he said yes and then I quickly ran to the shower. When I got out of the shower our entry looked like this:

Whaaaaat?! For a door?! It was like we were suddenly transported into the movie ET. And then there was the noise, that we really couldn’t see due to the tent. The tent, that made leaving a little awkward. I mean, i can’t really tell if there is someone on the other side… and what if they are about to swing something heavy or pointy or drill-y or some other kind of description that ends in blood and tears and an ER visit? This was a lot to think about while scrambling to  get out the door and out of these big burly men’s way on a Monday morning, let me tell you.

And to demonstrate just how intense this “door exchange” (quotes because obviously they planted some sort of illegal camera device or hid Iraqi gold (a la 3 Kings) under the door frame or something… I mean, obviously.) really was, Kamel shot some video while I was running around like a mad woman trying to find clothes and remember not to traipse around the apartment in just my undies.

Right?! I mean… jeez! Monday mornings are supposed to be quiet so we can grumble to ourselves in the most effective way about how we have to go to work and how much we don’t want to and how the weekend is so very far away and how much we hate alarms, ooo we hate alarms so much! They are supposed to be gentle and unobtrusive because Mondays are going to suck no matter what, do I really need a jack hammer in my living room to drive that point home?

I certainly do not.

7 thoughts on “Well Hello Monday Morning”

  1. That’s nuts. Even the contractors building out FULL OFFICES in my building don’t make that much noise, or have to mask that much space.

    Also … I’m a little ashamed to admit that the guy leaning back into the masking (at the very begining, maybe 2 or 3 seconds in?) scared the crap out of me.

    The things we go through to have nice stuff, I tell ya…

  2. Oh the orange shrug. Sorry I am distracted.
    Have you tried waking up with the radio ? It is so much better, a). I don-t get scared and b). I dont want to break things as soon as I hear it.
    Sorry your morning was SO disrupted…. hopefully they will be over soon.

  3. The fruit ninja video is totally and completely hilarious!

    Also, I know it’s totally weird and scary but be thankful they put up the screen or there would be dust absolutely everywhere.

    1. hahahah that is one of those happy accidents with the video where i thought i was going to be mortified but it ended up being HILARIOUS. Also – a freaking crazy arm work out if you’re into it. I’m sore for days after playing. And it’s FUN! So much more fun than lifting stupid fucking weights.

  4. i like the et tent!

    we had a similar thing with the guys who fix our ceiling. except i didn’t schedule them. they just like to show up whenever they feel like it, and then my day goes splaaattt.

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