That Kind of Lazy – Water Slide Edition

One of my favorite parts of marriage is having a buddy and a playmate. Kamel and I are excellent at play. It’s pretty much our default setting. Lazy play is my favorite kind.

Yes, my posture is absurd. Also I squeel like a smurf. And watching this makes me ache with how much I want to play on a water slide without even the slightest shiver. Sigh. One day, tropical paradise. One day we will meet again.


  1. Video looks great, underwater and all, fun!

  2. Ahhh this is so much fun! Matt and I are going back to Disney World in January to celebrate our one year anniversary (just a few months later, haha) and I totally plan on going on the water slide at the resort we’re staying at. The pool there is known for being one of the best at all of the Disney resorts and has an epic slide, lazy river and sand-bottom areas in the pool.

    We’re kind of big kids who love to run around and play, if you couldn’t tell. ;)

    • that pool sounds AMAZING!!

  3. Oh wow, this looks like all kind of fun. It-s cute at the same time. What kind of supercool underwater camera do you have???
    Now I want lazy vacation in a faraway place (to bad the boy hates the water, the swimming pools and just generally sitting doing nothing at the beach.) I know. He is all about city trips. I like both. We did a lot of this kind of lazy growing up it was your typical mexican vacation…. hope he will start loving it a bit.

    • It was the Kodak Playsport Zx3. We love it! They replaced it with a snazzier version, the Kodak Playsport Zx5. Small, waterproof, HD, easy to use and around 100 bucks. Not bad. =)

      I sound like a Kodak Spokesperson. hehe

      • Thanks for the info, and wow 100 bucks… not bad :) And hey fellow mexican !

  4. this is AMAZING!! i want to go on a water slide!! you two are so cute…but you already knew that! :)

  5. I love it. Also, how awesome that you guys had that slide and pool all to yourselves?! *jealous*

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