Real Life Emails

From: Kamel
Subject: Your Husband

Your husband will never be cool.

He walked to the train station, hopped on a shuttle, arrived to work walked to the kitchen. Said hi to several folks. Walked to his desk. Then as he took off his raincoat he noticed a black sock had been dangling the entire time.

I wonder if anyone noticed.


I was on my way out when I got this on my phone and I almost peed in the parking lot. Ah life. You so crazy.

Oh, and there’s this… just in case you needed further proof.

18 thoughts on “Real Life Emails”

  1. Bwaaaahahahahah!!! That is amazing. I was really hoping you were gonna post the video from last night…that was so awesome.

  2. Hahaha I just told this to my manager and she had the same thing happen to her, except that it was her sister’s neon pink thong stuck to the velcro part of her jacket. Thankfully she noticed as she was putting it on at the bus stop. I told her I would’ve died if she’d showed up to work with a pink thong stuck to her jacket.

  3. BWAH.

    I totally once had a pair of underwear fall out my pant leg while trying on shoes at a store. Best timing EVER to abort a potentially horrifying moment.

    And also, I have now spent an embarrassing amount of time watching the Lauren & Kamel YouTube channel. The new apartment is adorable, and we totally had one of those awesome 50’s hampers in our bathroom until we remodeled last year. (Well we still have it, but now it’s leaning against a wall until I reinstall it somewhere else.)

  4. haha this is awesome. It happened to me once, sort of. I realized as I was laying out my yoga towel on top of the mat that the bumpy non-skid side had a piece of underwear attached to it from the laundry. So I quickly threw it down so nobody else saw and left it under there for class, hoping nobody else realized a part of my towel was really “clumpy” looking.

  5. Hahahaha so funny. I say we start a Kamel fan club. Oh and that sock thing could totally have happened to me. Toilet paper stuck in your tickts or skirt is even worse…

  6. O.K. Lauren. Your job. should you choose to accept it, is to make sure that your MAN, never leaves the house with a sock or other item clinging to a coat, pant, jacket or other item. Have you not heard your mother say….” Is that what your going to wear to work today?” The response I have learned to use is, “Apparently not, what would you like me to wear?” To which I am told that she bought the shirt and tie as an outfit. I then have to remind your mother that men don’t wear outfits, we just wear clothes. So, remember that it is your job to make sure that Kamel leaves for work looking the best he can. No socks on jackets ever. Oh. This is the funniest thing that I have seen in a long time. Still laughing.


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