I Never Win Anything

I’m pimping out my blog to probably not win a giveaway of a Year In Review Card from Amanda Jane Jones. I found it via Love Your Way, who is probably doing the exact same thing! (Ok I just checked and I don’t think she is… which means I may be a loser and pimping myself out for free stuff BUT I CARE NOT!) But don’t worry – no matter what happens I’m still buying the bulk of my Christmas cards from Besty Ann Paper.

I’m spreading the love this morning aren’t I?

Ok so the title is a little bit of a lie. One time, when I was in 8th grade I called a radio station and won tickets to their Christmas concert. I went with my best friend, Emma, and we went to a smallish room with a smallish stage and I felt like we were AWESOME. We had to leave at 10pm and missed most of Smashmouth, which I was pretty bummed about. But I still won. Ha ha!

Ok that’s all. I’m done now.

6 thoughts on “I Never Win Anything”

  1. Heeey I have a giveaway open, if you win Kamel can make you authentic mexican hot chocolate 🙂 I am telling you it’s gooood !
    Who knows, maybe you will get lucky ?

  2. I entered Amanda Jane’s contest and then felt super lame because I don’t feel like we have anything “big” or “cool” to share in our YIR.

    I’m sending my positive vibes to you and Kamel!

  3. Ohhhh I loovvveee thaattt!! I hope you win! But if not, we can totally make our own!!! Although I do have the same fear as Liz…would i have enough cool stuff to put on it?! Lol! Id have to go back over my FB status updates over the last year!

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