Couple Time

There is an actress that Kamel and I are obsessed with. We first saw her on a few car commercials, and then on a Walmart ad and then we found her on the internet like true creepos! Weee! Her name is Allyn Rachel and she totally cracks me up. She also has this series called Couple Time on vimeo and I can’t get enough of it because it’s like someone took Kamel and I, made is even more attractive and then video taped our lives with interesting camera angles and good word choice. I think you should check her and the videos out. It’s a great TGIF activity, I promise.

couple time – movies from patrick carlyle on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Couple Time”

  1. Baahahaha! I Love her, totally know the puppy commercial. And is she the one that says “yaaaay cloud” in the windows commercial?? I always find a way to throw that in the middle of a random conversation…”whats up with the weather today, its kind of overcast..”…Me:” yaaay cloud”…Lol, im such a goober.

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