… And Then We Lost Our Minds

This was our first weekend officially in the new place, as opposed to moving into the new place, and we were both really looking forward to the sitting around time. The weekend was really uneventful. The apartment was quiet, we walked to the store, I worked in the living room while Kamel played new video games that he never ever can get enough of (for the love of god), we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to use a gift card and finish getting random stuff for the bathroom, I had plans to make bread sticks from my grandmother’s recipe on sunday so I bought a rolling pin.

This weekend was just not noteworthy. There really wasn’t any stories. We laughed at each other a lot, Kamel made fun of me hitting on the Trader Joes bagger guy (“Oh my, Mr. Bagger Man, you use the paper bags for your recycling TOO?!”), I accidentally dropped my glasses into a garbage can we were looking at in the store and made Kamel laugh so loud we literally frightened a man shopping next to us (who then scurried away) and that made me laugh harder than I was and also turn into a tomato, which made Kamel exclaim “You’re SO red!” between gulps of air, which then made me double over.

And then Sunday rolled around, lazily, and opened with cereal and cuddles. Oh, and our wedding photos.

[cue the screech of the record]

And that’s when our plans went straight out the window. There was the initial screening of all 960 photos, more laughing at all of my millions of double chins when I pull my head back and laugh, laughing at Kamel’s loss of neck, laughing at unsuspecting guests in the background in weird poses or staring off into the distance or being silly, and marveling at how much we don’t remember. Then there was the tagging and sorting. What do we send to our parents? What do we put in the vault to never show anyone ever again? What photos do we want? What are our favorites?

By the time we were done it was 5pm, I had a headache, hadn’t showered, and was wearing a dress from the dirty clothes and a sports bra. Plans like getting tires for the car, or making those bread sticks went right out the window. This morning Kamel asked me, “Why didn’t we do that?! Why didn’t we take care of things? AH!” And I said, “Because we got our wedding photos …. AND WE LOST OUR MINDS.”

I’ll be sharing photos after the post goes live on A Practical Wedding (this week!), but I can’t resist giving you a sneak peak.

29 thoughts on “… And Then We Lost Our Minds”

  1. Wow cool picture, and you look so beautiful. I am wondering now, did Kamel came with you to the boutique or something?
    Also, when our photos first came the first thing I noticed was my 3rd chins all over the place, oh and that in some photos my face looked oily. Took a while to get used to them and to be able to sort them. When I printed some for our album, I still ended up printing way too many pics, and now I have a stack of them in a box.
    It was a weird experience though, the first look at our pictures, it was like my memories were nicer than the pictures. On the contrary when we saw the videos made by my sister with a small portable camera, all the memories and the floaty feeling came back. I think it was Kundera who said that our memory takes video… maybe that explains it.

  2. this may be creepy to say, but your cheekbones look amazing in that photo!

    we’re still waiting for our pics, and it might be killing me. Brandon laughs at me every time he sees me checking for them…

  3. Gorgeous photo! And you’re right, that unsuspecting guest in the background is in a weird pose and staring off into the distance. Well, she’s faceless, but I bet she’s staring. And, um, she’s kinda wearing your dress.

  4. You guys look GREAT! Dropping everything to drool over your own wedding photos is absolutely appropriate. Can’t wait to read the wrap-up on on APW!

  5. I just squealed aloud in excitement, haha. Wonderful picture; can’t wait to see the rest!

    (And I agree that dropping everything to view wedding pics is a MUST. We got our slideshow/web gallery on a day when I was in class for hours. The anticipation nearly killed me.)

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