An Animal Kind of Weekend

Friday night we watched The Lion King on blueray. Weee! And then because I write a lot of things involving kid activities (pirate party anyone?) I had an itch to go to the zoo. So, saturday morning we headed to Oakland.

Turns out, the Oakland Zoo is a lot sadder than I thought it would be. Tiny enclosures and disgruntled monkeys.

Which I found pretty disturbing and a little scary. When Chimps are screaming and banging on the glass in aggression it’s very “WTF ARE WE DOING?!” Planet of the apes anyone?

But they had a chair lift thing where you got to fly over a lot of the animal areas and see the behind the scenes. The behind the scenes weren’t all that great – also kind of sad, but I got to see lions napping under trees, and fly so close to giraffes I felt like I could reach out and touch them. I totally couldn’t, but a girl can dream.

Ah! Why didn’t anyone tell me there was a monkey next to me in the chair lift ride?! Oh wait, that’s just Kamel.

A Camel and a Kamel! Priceless.

I never did get to see an otter.

Corn dog. (Not zoo animal related.)

The great petting zoo stand off.

The giraffes were the bestest. They rub on trees, they try to sit down as if it’s the most complicated maneuver possible, they cuddle each other and they even position themsleves for a little booty call.

And if I had gotten to see one giraffe having sex with another giraffe I would have died a happy woman. One day… one day…

Bottom Line: I think the SF zoo is better, and the Seattle zoo is even BETTER. Because they have lots of grass and space for monkeys. Zoos should be animal sanctuaries, not carnivals.

16 thoughts on “An Animal Kind of Weekend”

  1. You look pretty adorable in those photos.

    Also, someday you need to check out the San Diego zoo. It’s huge, but it’s one of the best zoos in the country.

    As is the Minnesota Zoo. Where I have never actually been. But maybe someday! With you! When you visit!

    1. Yes. The MN zoo is a must. Hopefully they have Churros. I also like it when you walk into the tropical zones and it’s all humid. I love that. AND the nighttime place and it’s all dark EEEEEEEEEE I’m getting myself excited.

      1. Oh yes, I came here to say San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo, it really is one of the best zoos in the world, in terms of researach, conservation, animal welfare, facilities.

  2. What a great weekend . I love zoos. And yes, it is heartbreaking to see a bad zoo, that is, one when you can tell animals are not doing well. Still I think they fulfill a very important role, zoos can really inspire children in a way that will change their ideas, put little seeds of change. Or maybe it’s because I spent too much time in the zoo education department, but I believe a lot can be done.

  3. Do you remember when we went to the zoo and we asked if you wanted to see a monkey and then told you to look into the mirror? Too funny. Sick humor and all. You never seemed to catch on to that one. HE HE HE.

  4. Zoos always remind me of how I squandered field trips as a kid. I was one of those horse-obsessed kids who would skip the panthers and owls and elephant shrews so I could see the zebras. Or the Przewalski’s horse. You know what equids do at the zoo? They graze. Or snooze. Or swat flies. BO-ring. The most fun I had at a zoo was as a grown-up at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, making friends with a beaver through the underwater window. He was hilarious. Because of that, I’m making my future kids pick cooler favorite animals.
    (But sometimes zoos make me sad too.)

  5. I am so conflicted about the Seattle zoo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it to pieces (their ape exhibits are particularly great, don’t you think?), but I keep reading how unsanitary the elephant area is and how all the elephants are sick :/ Which makes me sad, because elephants are smart and the shit!

    I think basically I’m turning into one of those crazy hippie ladies who holds up signs that say shit like “FREE THE ELEPHANTS!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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