Adventure-ing: My Little Ram

Yesterday I got another tattoo. I’veΒ  been wanting to get another one for a long time, but the one I wanted was kind of intense (a tree on my ribcage, about the size of my hand) and inconvenient and expensive. So, I’ve continually put it off.

And then there is the wrist tattoo. I’ve wanted one since college. It’s like an accessory you always have, somehow it makes you look more… dressed, put together, I don’t know. But I thought I was definitely NOT cool enough for a wrist tattoo. Plus I have veins and little bones and ew.

When I was in grad school my on again off again on again off again (oh just kill me already, will you?!) boyfriend suggested we get “epic” tattooed across our wrists to express the state of our relationship. How very dramatic of him. And then that relationship fell apart for the last time – bullet dodged. But the awesomeness of a wrist tattoo stayed planted in my brain.

Every time I get one of those bar entrance stamps… or the kind you get at the zoo or the fair, or pretty much anywhere you can leave and come back all day as many times as you want to – I always want to leave mine on, never wash it off and feel like a badass! But then, you know, I take a shower and continue on with my old lady life. Sigh.

But then on Friday I just got a bur in my bonnet and had to have it. A little ram with oversized horns. I wanted it. It’s me. The little aeries, always busting in to places, fiercely protective, passionate, creative. I feel everything and push it right back in your face. The little dog with the big bark. The little ram, my buddy.

Standing guard, my little accessory. So mighty and armored, ready to defend.

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  1. Wow, badass, yeah. I like the little ram , it is cute, and protective. I also have a tattoo, maybe I will write the story sometime. I love how the boy noticed it through pantyhose on a pic I once sent him… he must have been really zooming in. Mine is dark brown, made to look like henna and it is a bracelet going around my ankle, with the silhouette of a whale’s tail.

        1. Um first I think that’s AWESOME. Second, I need to know in what sense? A silhouette of a famous person’s head? A book cover? A quote? A title? I NEED MORE DETAILS.

          1. Quotes. I can never find images that I like, but I have a few quotes I think would be cool…
            BUT, I guess it would depend on how it’s done too…DAMMIT, why didn’t I get that graphic design degree? DAMN YOU THEATRE!!

          2. Oooo for literary quotes I always love me some good scrolly script. So pretty especially on skin. πŸ™‚ DO IT!!! And then I will lust after it!

          3. Um, the silhouette of a famous writer’s head would be pretty badass!
            I always wanted Burn, Burn, Burn from “On the Road” on the top of my left foot but I’m too chicken to endure the pain. You’d think that with how many tattoos I have this wouldn’t be an issue but I’m terrified.
            Way to go getting an inner-wrist piece, that scares me as well!

  2. Gah, now I’m going to have to go get another one. Also on my ribcage, but small. Or on my foot.

    I love, love yours. I am sending it to another Lauren, also an Aries, who has been wanting a wrist tattoo for years and years. She’s going to poop herself when she sees this.

  3. Very cool! My friend and I are planning to get wrist tattoos while I’m here, since I’ve been getting a new one with pretty much every leg of travel thus far. I have one on my right wrist already and LOVE it – like you said, it’s an accessory!

  4. it’s such a cool mix of adorable and badass! (and my wrist tattoo healed way faster than all my other ones – hopefully that’ll happen for you too!)

  5. Love. It.

    So, have to ask–how DID it work with all the veins and little bones?? I’ve always wanted an ampersand tattoo on my wrist, but the veins (THE VEINS) freak me out.

    1. So my left wrist has big ‘ol blue veins sticking out. But my right wrist (say that 10 x fast) is more subdued. And the tattoo starts about an inch from my palm, so it’s not at the bendy bit.

      Tattoos hurt. So this did too, but I also have on on the top of my foot and that made me sweat more than this one did. When they were filling in it was the worst part, and the picture of my squeezing my face up like a lemon? That was when it was going over the center of my wrist, where most of the little bones are, but it passed. It’s the kind of pain that hurts in the moment but doesn’t last once you stop, so that’s helpful. Totally doable and I didn’t bleed.

      1. No bleeding? Superwoman!

        And, ok, one more wacky question–how are you typing?? I was just looking at my wrists while typing, and was like…they’re touching the table!! How would I type?? πŸ˜‰

        1. SO MANY WACKY QUESTIONS! just kidding. My wrist doesn’t rest on anything when I type, just my palms. Is that bad form? I have no idea. But you know what does seriously fucking hurt a new tattoo? Taking a shower where the water could blast a nipple off. OW!!! Neosporin (Sp?) is my only reprieve.

          1. HAHAHA! Ummm, sadly, I know exactly the type of shower you’re talking about πŸ˜›

            And now, I think actually keeping-your-wrists-off-the-damn-table is proper typing form. So kudos to you πŸ˜‰ Maybe I should get a wrist tattoo solely to improve my typing, ha!

  6. I too believe wrist tattoos are badass. πŸ™‚ James has them on both wrists and when I met him – I remember immediately being drawn to them… HOT. πŸ™‚ haha

    Anyway – YAY for you and your badass ram tattoo!!! So fitting!

      1. It’s a string of Norse runes (dead language, obvs) – it spells “truth and justice” phonetically, but you can read a lot of different things into it when you read the symbols (think “Golden Compass” I guess).

        I got it about 8 years ago and I love it, but was dismayed to discover only recently that the new trend in tattoos is to have some kind of personal/meaningful text or script inscribed on one’s torso. Dammit, I knew that band before they were cool!

  7. It makes me feel better and less obsessive that you thought about your tattoo for so long before getting it. It took me about 5 years to finally get my first tattoo and now I’m itching for another. I think living in a warm climate where everyone is showing their skin has had it’s influence as well.

    Rib cage is super brave, I always picture the possible morphing of tattoos around the abdomen due to pregnancy and that, in my brain, makes the abdomen off limits.

    The bold graphic little ram is rad. Is it a he? (Or are we just using the male pronoun by habit?)

  8. love it!

    i’ll be getting my third in a few months when i finish residency. i know what i want, but can’t decide where to put it. most patients don’t really want to see tattoos on their doctor, so it limits my options somewhat. i have on on my front left hip and two on my right upper/inner arm..any suggestions??

    1. ooo… I’ve always really liked lower back tattoes, but on the side of the back – not anywhere near a tramp stamp. My next one will be a branch with little flowers up the side of my left inner forearm. Do you wear a white coat or scrubs? A white coat hides most everything. πŸ™‚

      1. white coat does hide many things. but as a surgeon i am very often in short sleeve scrubs and my two arm tats show. most people are cool about it, but sometimes i get some strange looks and even comments. it just isn’t worth the hassle. i’m thinking ribcage, but worried that as the years pass i’ll get flabby and it will look gross…

      2. I’ve seen a REALLY AWESOME branch/flower fore-arm tattoo in the books at laughing buddha here in seattle, when I’ve gone with people to look at options. YOU WOULD LOVE IT lauren – seriously!

  9. Speaking of ribcage – Sarah (my sarah) has one on her ribcage, basically a straight line starting about 2 inches under the side ofher boob, right where the ribcage starts to turn/curve. It was super easy, she said it wasnt that painful, and you get to lay down as they do it and hers is a really nice print of the word “breathe”, in a non-script type lettering, and it looks badass! and its definitely not on part of the abdomen/chest that will stretch during pergnancy or weight gain, its doable! Just some ribcage tattoo feedback….

    1. My friend Dharma is a teacher with a wrist tattoo – I think it just depends where you teach. Her tattoo is of a topless mermaid, which is usually covered, but still somewhat visible (kids can’t see the topless part). When I was teaching in Seattle, it really wasn’t that big of a deal for a teacher to have a tattoo, even a wrist tattoo. Now that I’m in TX, I can see your point – I had to take out my tiny nose stud for work because my principal freaked out.

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