A Pligrimmage of Panty Proportions

You guys. I have been living in silent frustration, mourning a secret loss, and putting off the most important of tasks… Well, that is until this weekend…

The thing is, I’ve been rocking these Old Navy mesh hipster panties for years now. they are the freaking Jesus of underwear. I don’t actually know what the Jesus of underwear means, or even if that’s a thing. But they 1) covered my butt 2) were totally seamless and 3) cute. I’m pretty sure that if Jesus came to earth as underpants, he would be aiming for those 3 things too, I’m just saying.

But then… Old Navy, without anyone warning me so that I could stock up like a freak hoarder, decided to discontinue my underpants. Discontinue them. I even searched on ebay to no avail. So, I just put off buying underwear even though sometimes I don’t have enough of them to get through the week, even though some of the mesh is now starting to break and ball up, even though I would love to throw some away but don’t have enough spares.

I don’t think that my 3 men readers really grasp how important underwear is to a lady. No, our underpants can not just be any old pair of shorts lying around the bedroom floor. They are snug, they have to fit close to the body – but not too close!! – they have to be INVISIBLE, but comfortable, they have to not shift or get sucked into the vortex, they have to be attractive looking because we like to feel pretty in our underpinnings, or feel a tad stylish while wandering around the house in a tank top and underwear, as I am known to do on a regular and prolonged basis. It’s complicated is what I’m saying.

So, obviously, in a moment of desperation and total underwear abandonment, I took to the twitters.

When I have a need, I don’t mess around. And the internet? The internet always comes through. Suggestions came pouring in and the final two winners were Aerie by American Eagle (Can someone who knows this brand link me to their favorite styles in comments so that I can buy a variety… or just one if there is a consensus… online?) and Victoria Secret Lacies! I got the hipsters, but now I’m thinking that maybe I should have got the brief?

The only Victoria Secrets underwear that’s ever really worked were these low rise, thin-banned little cotton ones, but once they started marketing to pre-teens all of that stuff went out the window and now they sell mostly underpants with words on the ass. But I was excited for so many recommendations for VS that I wanted to give them another shot. (Thank you to Sarah, Liz, Christy, Meghan, Maris, Ellie, and Rachelle for your hilarious and informative messages.)

So, I traipsed in there, on a mission, got lost in their many rooms, was transported back to high school with the way it smelled, and then finally, finally found the lacie hipsters.

I bought 3/$30. One in grey, bright pink, and this blue here. And then of course I raced home to try them on. The verdict – they leave 1/2 my ass hanging out, but! They are seamless and look great around my hips which is a weird cutting-in zone for me, so points for that. The ass halfway hanging out does make me feel like they are on the verge of being sucked into the vortex, but I’m hoping that’s a sensation I’ll just have to get over? Maybe? I’ve worn two of the pairs and so far so good… there was some adjustment needed… and I probably won’t by another pair of these, but I will wear them. But so far, they aren’t as comfy as the Old Navy ones.

Oh, and because I promised the internet in a fit of hysteria and poor judgement that I would show you a picture of me wearing them. I give you this…

… Because at some point I would like someone to hire me in some professional capacity that doesn’t involve my boot-ay on the internet.

So now I turn it over to the comments. Where do you ladies go for your pitch-perfect-panties? I need rockstar underpants and I won’t stop the hunt until they are found.

167 thoughts on “A Pligrimmage of Panty Proportions”

  1. Friend. I work for American Eagle, and used to run an Aerie store back east. As soon as I finish my epic iOS 5 update, I’m linking your ass like never before. I can honestly say I LOVE these undies and am psyched to share them with you. ๐Ÿ™‚ ok. It’s update time. I’ll be back.

  2. this made my whole day!! specifically the multiple mentions of the vortex ๐Ÿ™‚ THE VORTEX – cause sistah, I feel ya!

    And unfortunately, I dont have any suggestions that are worthwhile. My favorite pair is the mesh ones we all got for gifts that one year (score!) and a random brown boycut thin with no cutting in, that I THINK i got at target in my college days. So yeah. I fail. Mostly I just buy underwear like I buy socks, grab some at target with my mom ๐Ÿ™‚ Its rather sad. Plus, I am a no underwear sometimes kinda gal ๐Ÿ™‚ VORTEX

    1. OMG… loving The VORTEX. That term is now part of my lexicon (which sounds a little dirty, when I whisper it like that!)

      Girl: Hanky Pankies. Not Cheap. Worth it.

      1. Yes! I am with @Manya on this one. Hanky Pankies all the way. They have regular & hipster (lower cut) and are by and far the most comfortable underpants I own. I have cleared out all others for these stretchy lacy things. They are pretty and have converted me to the daily thong when I was wholly against this at one point in life. I do not get that awful uncomfortable riding feeling with these and have nothing but good things to say. Bonus, the husband digs them too…

      2. Agree on the Hanky Pankies. A friend got them for me for my bridal shower–I owe her a debt of eternal gratitude, because I would have NEVER shelled out for them myself but now I know that they are worth. it.

    1. I’ve heard some good things about target underwear… I think it would take some trial and error though to find the perfect bunch. Sarah had luck there though!

    2. The cotton hipsters at Target (always on their own stand with mutiple bins of every color imaginable … 5 for $15 I think?) are decent. I wear them often … but as their cotton they DO stretch out, so they don’t last as long as others.

      Worth a shot, though!

      1. I’ll keep looking, but I can’t do the hipster shape. It gets ‘sucked into the vortex’ as Lauren put it. The half coverage doesn’t do me right! But then if you don’t do the hipster shape, you’re left with g-strings or granny panties and I’m not a fan of either. Sigh.
        Talking underwear on the internet with ladies DOES bring me joy though ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So … I like these from aerie: http://www.ae.com/aerie/browse/product.jsp?productId=9445_8705_615&catId=cat4850014

    That being said, the print is horrendous to me, so I dind’t get those. BUT! They’re the right style! Very similar to the Lacie hipsters, though … so if you’re not liking the half coverage, you may want to go for something a little different.

    ALSO! I found (while searching for the hipsters) that the Lacie line has a boyshort version … so maybe that’s what you’re looking for, if you like the hip shape of the hipsters?

  4. Ooh, I love me some VS Lacie! But I was not blessed with quite enough bum to have a vortex issue, so, there’s that. And this might be judgement-inducing, but I did happen upon some pretty things at Forever21 (yes, I was there with my teenage sister, so what?) that are pretty identical to the Lacie for some absurd Forever21-esque price of like $2/pair or so. But maybe they were made by small children in sweatshops. Who knows.

  5. Girlfriend, I feel your pain. So, it’s hard to say, right? because we all have different preferences? But I am obsessed with the Hanes Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini with ComfortSoftยฎ Waistband. And, 3 for $9? Are you kidding me?? Second coming, for sure. I was lost and now I’m found. But that’s just my HO.

  6. Underwear shouldn’t be this complicated. But OMG IT IS!

    I love the Hanky Panky thongs. Yes, there IS ass hanging out, BUT they are so comfortable and don’t go all rogue vortex. Plus, I like the way they sit/fit on my hips. And invisible wheeee!

    I also love my DKNY cotton briefs (so ridiculously comfy), but they are solely jeans underwear for me since they do have seams and on occasion decide to make their presence known ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I second Hanky Panky thongs – and also note that Target often has pretty identical lace thongs that are basically the same but cheaper.

      Also – can we get some underwear printed that says “I am the Jesus of Underwear” on it? Because I’m totally ok with it saying that across my ass.

  7. YES. This is so hard, right? Here are the ones I used to love 10000%: http://www.ae.com/aerie/browse/category.jsp?catId=cat2640007

    But then they went and started making them differently WITHOUT WARNING ME FIRST, just like Old Navy did to you. They’re probably in some sort of panty conspiracy. They’re still pretty good, but not as perfect as they used to be. Therefore, I’m still hanging on to all those pairs I’ve accumulated over the last 5 years, even as some of them are starting to fall apart a little. It’s kind of embarrasing. Le sigh.

  8. Whoever first suggested Aerie — and I see a couple more suggestions upthread are dead right. My favorites are the Lace Boybriefs, although I do own several pairs of the Vintage Lace Tanga. Oh, and if you find a store near you, they have a lot more options when it comes to prints and things. Oh, AND if you sign up for their mailing list, you’ll get coupons in the mail all the time. Fancy and comfy at the same time? Hell yes. Not breaking the bank? HELL yes. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about them.

    (No, I don’t work for the company or have any family members who do.)

    1. kimberly! i fell so in love with aerie when it first arrived in my mall that i actually started working for them. ๐Ÿ™‚ you are spot on with the print options and the coupons and the tons of good stuff there is to say about them. i often find myself rambling about aerie to friends and family, and having to remind myself “k, not everyone loves their job as much as you do. PIPE DOWN!” and now that i’ve moved and don’t work in an aerie store, i STILL have to give myself that reminder. which is why i’m going to stop trolling lauren’s site and obsessing over the undie convo. (well, at least for a few hours.)

    1. I third Gap body. I have a few lacy pairs that are similar to the ones above with more ass coverage. I would link to them if I wasn’t at work where panty browsing is probably not wise.

      1. OK. I looked them up on my phone: Sexy lace girl shorts for “full back coverage” or sexy lace tanga for “moderate back coverage” Certain colors are on sale for $5 a pop online.

  9. And to further prove you should go to GAP BODY is that it is the SAME company as OLD NAVY. Therefore – their underwear are probably basically the same!!! So you should go. And buy. And wear. AND LOVE. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. My thoughts exactly! I considered not commenting (first comment on underwear day=potentially creepy), but these are so fantastic. I have the opposite underwear problem and could probably not do laundry for 3 months and still have clean pairs of Gap underwear in my drawer.

      Check out these: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=68444&vid=0&pid=364118

      They do come in better colors and fun prints in the store (sometimes on sale for crazy low prices–$2, yes please), but don’t underestimate the invisiblility power of a nude pair.

    2. I am a Gap body convert as well. I bought a few pairs of the ultra low stretch cotton teeny bikini once to get my cart up to $50 or whatever I needed and have not looked back (from VS- and their ridic prices now). I also love the lace trim bikini and the girl shorts are the best in the entire world. Seriously. They are thin in the waistband and all over so they are not bulky and they stay in place.They cover my rear and make me feel pretty sassy when I am lounging around the house in a T and cute little boy shorts. I haven’t tried the Sexy lace teeny bikini but I am confident that it is awesome if you want all over lace.

      Don’t pay full price for them, they have 30-40% sales all the time and free shipping over $50. The color selection online is sparse at times but my local store doesn’t carry them.

  10. (First time commenter) You should try ordering online from La Senza, I think stores are only in Canada but they have tons of different styles, most of which are very comfortable and don’t give wedgies ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. 2nd the rec for La Senza! We have them here in Australia and I LOVE their underwear. I also love the Jockey Parisienne range but I can’t seem to find a US link for them ๐Ÿ™

  11. I love my VS ones, they are the regular cotton the the bottom with thicker lace like the ones you bought on the top (which means no funky lines but ultimate comfort!!) If I wasn’t at work I would totally send you a link but to no avail…VS is blocked here….happy hunting!

    1. I think those are the latest ones I purchased. I used to swear by the mesh hipsters from Old Navy and decided to try the VS ones when I couldn’t get them anymore. I like them pretty well. I’ve lost a little weight since I got them which has resulted in them fitting a bit better now. They cover most of my butt and don’t enter the vortex!!

  12. I LOOOOOVE the VS lacie briefs! They are so comfy, and I’ve been wearing them for years. Also, the lacie hipsters cause me vortex issues… so beware.

    Gap used to carry something similar in the past, but I can’t find it anymore.

  13. okay. so i’m cheating and probably slowing the update by being on here, but i am an undie-whore so this convo is MAKING MY MORNING. here’s the aerie deal from an aerie expert (no really, that’s what i am. there was training and everything. i’m queen of the underpinnings.)

    there are six different cuts depending on how much you like your bum hanging out:
    *thong (ugh. this makes me shudder…vortex-suckage to the max.)
    *tanga (cheeky, much like your VS lacies)
    *girly brief (more coverage than tanga, but not full coverage)
    *brief/lowkini (super basic, lowrise bikini)
    *boybrief (these are almost like little kid underoos for grownups)
    *boyshorts (booty shorts, great for running around the house)

    my ABSOLUTE favorite cut is the tanga – coverage, but not too much; no lines; make me look sexy. like i said i’m an undie whore, and i love them all, but the VINTAGE LACE is my underwear Jesus. they have THE PRETTIEST COLORS. they make them in thongs too, and they make coordinating ‘bralettes’ which would never actually offer me support, but are cute sexy-time pieces…or as a layering piece with a nude strapless bra. i could talk about them all day. obsession doesn’t even begin to describe it. anyway. here’s the vintage lace link: http://www.ae.com/aerie/browse/category.jsp?catId=cat4890002

    okay, my final word on the undie front. the best part about aerie undies is that the quality, comfort, and definitely decent price. normally they are 5/$25.50 (some of the silky, fancy, ‘flirties’ are 3/$25.50), but if you can strike at the right time you can score them for 7/$25.50. which is like $3.65 a pair.

    i think i’ve inundated you with enough of my obsession for now. i’m off to look at the new holiday collection that was just put on the interwebs, and cry over the fact that there isn’t an aerie store closer than 7-8 hrs away. so sad. but thank god for online shopping!

    1. Kasaro, you seem to be the resident expert on aerie underwear! I am thinking of ordering some from Australia but am worried about sizing. When it says “measure around the fullest part of your hip”, does it mean where your hipbones are, or, well, your butt?? (Big difference for me! If it helps I’m normally a 10-12 Australian, which is like a 6-8 American sizing.) Based on everyone’s love of these undies I was thinking of ordering a range of different types in the 5 for $25.50, but I don’t want to order them all in the wrong size… thankyou in advance for any help! (Or anyone else reading this who might have tips for me!)

  14. Even I feel your pain. Years ago Patagonia changed their boxers and now I am stuck with the new style. The old ones didn’t hang down to the knees, had a short rise, they had enough material to stay out of the vortex but not so much they filled up my jeans. the new ones I can pull up to my nipples without a problem to the boys and I have material to spare if anyone wants to cut them up and make half a pair out of the excess. but with all those problems they still are the best i’ve found. I’m just glad they last forever, over 10 years with no holes and still stretchy elastic, Jesus boxers.

  15. man i’m sorry I missed out on this twitter convo! I have strong feelings about undies!!

    my favorites are the VS hip huggers, I’m pretty sure, though looking at the site now I’m not completely sure they’re the same as what I have – basically what you picked out but instead of lace all over, it’s cotton with a lace band at the top: http://www.victoriassecret.com/ss/Satellite?ProductID=1265602610926&c=Page&cid=1314948168165&pagename=vsdWrapper they are the most comfortable and don’t get sucked into the vortex (most of the time).

    I also like my aerie boyshorts! http://www.ae.com/aerie/browse/category.jsp?catId=cat2640009 their girly brief styles are pretty good too, but DO NOT get the tangas. you probably already knew that. but. hate.

    1. I used to wear VS, but I can vouch that both hanky pankies and hanes stretch cotton have a MUCH better cotton/stretch ratio that does not go all limp and terrible after 10 washes… at least that is my experience.

    2. One of my fave pair of chonies are hanes!! They are seamless hipster/boyshort style and i got them at the L’eggs Hanes Bali Playtex Outlet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Wooowww…not that you dont have enough awesome suggestions already, but my faves are the CHEEKY’S from VS..and NOT the ones that are all lace, but the smooth material ones…like this: http://www.victoriassecret.com/ss/Satellite?ProductID=1265613968473&c=Page&cid=1314948168422&pagename=vsdWrapper

    Similar to the hipsters i think, but with a little less, which for me means less feeling like you need to adjust. And even though they look like they could get lost in the vortex, they dont! And i HATE thongs for that exact reason so these are a great substitute AND good for everyday wear ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Well my favorite underwear is basically the same… kind of like shorts, but tight, and seamless. I also prefer cotton because it breathes, but it is hard to find pretty stuff in cotton that does not look like it was made for 5 year olds (I have those too with daffy duck and all). Anyway, I specially like Women’s Secret, very girly and cute and soft, and Intimissimi sometimes has nice stuff but you have to search, and Sloggi is good for practical daily stuff (though the publicity is famous they make contests and stuf… . ).




    Oh and by the way, the boy is here and he is also super specific haha he understands, they have to be soft cotton , seamless and in a certain form . But basically he has the same 15 times, he just buys packs and packs.

  18. I know those Old Navy ones well. Generally I felt love for them until! A panty disaster. I wore them with a business suit pencil skirt while wearing my laptop messenger bag slung over my back. With each step, the messenger bag pushed my underwear down until I was waddling to keep them from dropping to my ankles. Something about the limited elastic in the waist, which is what makes them ideal for not cutting into your hips, was a real problem. Pencil skirt+messenger+Old Navy mesh hipsters=perfect panty-dropping storm.

  19. Nooooo! The ON mesh hipsters are my FAVORITES of all my underwear!!! I haven’t had to buy any lately, so I had NO idea they were discontinued.

    We must have similar body types – the VS lacies hipsters fit awesome around my hips and are pretty seamless, but do NOT cover my butt enough. The lace-waist hiphuggers linked in the comments cover my butt and fit well around the hips, but are thicker so not so seamless. Sigh.

    I’ve had good luck w/ the GapBody hipsters, but they are more expensive.

  20. I’m in the same boat – abandoned by Old Navy, who stopped selling underwear of any kind! I like the cotton thongs with the lace band. But they are gone and all of mine have threads hanging out!

  21. ok clearly I’m going to look like a freak commenting for the first time on a post about underwear, but oh well!

    I just wanted to say, I feel your pain! (being in Australia I really have no helpful suggestions for you at all) My most favouritest strapless bra was a calvin klein one, it was perfectly comfortable, a bit pretty with a lace back, and not ridiculously padded…but it’s been discontinued! and I find a good, comfy strapless bra one of the hardest things to find…I now have a new CK one, but it’s so not the same *sniff*

  22. Best post over. I am getting on those Hanky Pankies, rather they are gonna get on me. I must admit that I am a sucker for boyshorts (my favs are from Target and oddly, some $1 my crazy aunt got for me). Why didn’t I learn 5 years ago that they are just as cute (and why more comfy) that vortex sucking bikini undies- bleh.

  23. I found ON Jesus undies after I had my daughter. They were the only ones that were comfy, hid my c-section scar, didn’t squeeze me or get sucked in, and are invisible under clothes. I actually stumbled upon this page in another epic internet search for comparable underpants. Do you think if we all signed a petition Old Navy would bring them back!?. Anyway, I have tried VS and target undies but I will have to try Gap and Aerie! I’m so, so glad that I am not alone! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. here is a copy of an email i sent to ON… hopefully they will take heed.
      To Whom It May Concern,

      I and a lot of my friends would like to know why you stopped making the mesh lace hipsters. I am one of the fortunate ones that stocked up on a metric butt ton (๏Š ) before you stopped selling them. These were the best underwear ever made. Even if you sold them exclusively online or in the Gap we dedicated followers would buy them. I cannot explain the anguish and mourning period I will go through when my last pair is too old to wear anymore. Even if offered for a limited time only a few times a year, we would buy them as there are a lot of women who loved this underwear.

      I know it seems stupid to feel this way about a pair of underwear, but itโ€™s hard to find a pair no matter what the cost that doesnโ€™t ride up into areas they shouldnโ€™t be AND are super cute.

      So please, please, please consider even for a limited run exclusively online of these wonderful cute underwear.

      Have a great Day!!!

      1. I will gladly copy, paste, and resend this email. I know I am 16 months late to this conversation, but like you I was in love with ON’s mesh undies and had just happened to stock up before they stopped selling them. At this point though, mine are also balling up, and I am down to about 10 pairs…not in crisis mode yet, but as someone who doesn’t like to do laundry more than twice a month, 10 pairs = laundry more often than I’d like.

        I am so glad there are other people out there like me…I’m small across the front so underwear any bigger than a M bunches up too much, and anything else doesn’t cover enough in the back (and I have a lot to be covered) and/or gets sucked into the vortex. Totally the perfect way to say that. I bought some new pairs from Kohls last week and am wearing one of them now; cute, but too vortex-y for me to put up with very often. I have about 20 tabs open on my browser window to check out the undies that have been mentioned here; hopefully something works! If any of you big-bottomed ladies have found something that is comfy, invisible, and offers full coverage, please please please let me know!!

  24. Just stumbled onto this page from trying to find out if Old Navy discontinued their mesh hipsters. I was wondering because I shop at a Gap distribution center and purchased a ton of them to sell on ebay. Apparently my store received them after all of the Old Navy’s pulled them from the shelves. When 1 lot of 3 went over $50, I wondered what the big deal was! I never knew I held in my very hands the ‘Jesus of underwear’! Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that they ARE in fact available on ebay now! =D

  25. Oh my gosh! I totally agree. I love love loved these panties and then, out of nowhere, they quit making them. I talked to the lady in the store and she says more people were stealing them than buying them.
    I’m in the same crisis. Wearing these babies till they fall apart! I keep trying to find a workable replacement, but I swear there is none!
    If you come across anything that is comparable, please let me know!!!
    Sincerely feeling your pain!

  26. Those old navy mesh hipsters are my faves, too… I just emailed the company today, cuz mine are getting perilously close to being history. So far, NOTHING fits the same. NOTHING… So sad.

  27. Definitely in the same boat..wearing my ON undies til they fall apart! I second the petition idea! haha! On the hunt for similar pairs!

  28. I have only read your post and three comments because I DO have to work, you know, but wanted to THANK YOU for writing this because the Old Navy lacy hipsters were my HG for undies, too – and they lasted so long!!! I am also holding off reading comments so I can cherish the hope I now feel at the prospect that they may offer help.

  29. OMG I thought I was the only one who mourned the loss of these underwear. Good thing I have about a bajillion pairs since I seem to hoard bras and underwear. In fact I have a pair on right now. I even liked their thongs. I have NOT been able to find any that are remotely close that would stretch over my big butt without riding up in a weird way. They came in such cute color combinations that I didnt even care if my bra and underwear matched.

    1. Not to be awkward, but please let me know if you have found anything you liked that gives you full coverage in the back! I have a big butt as well and I’ve found that if the undies don’t stretch over everything, they are destined to end up in the vortex before the day is over. *sigh* Why are there not more manufacturers who are willing to help us out??

  30. My husband thought I was completely crazy, freaking out because I could not find ON mesh undies anywhere! So glad to see I wasn’t alone. They are the PERFECT panty!! I just ordered some of the Aerie with fingers crossed!! Lace top is a good sign, just hope it covers me bum!!!

  31. Ladies, the search is over. After searching and searching, indeed the Aerie Lace Boybriefs ARE IT!!! Good rear coverage, STRETCHY lace top and legs, so no bulging and are super flattering. I haven’t worn them under my work pants yet, but i am betting no panty lines! WOOOOO-HOOOOO!

  32. I was just online shopping for ON Mesh Hipsters today and I asked myself “WTF do they not SELL them anymore? Surely not”. So I Googled and found this. Thank you for the confirmation and allowing me to find a new underpant to try.

    Mesh Hipsters were, indeed, the Jesus of underpants.


  33. Just hopping in with an update. Just purchased 6 pairs of OLD NAVY MESH HIPSTERS at the Clackamas, Oregon store a few weeks back. They are NOT exactly the same as the old ones, but pretty dang close. The unfortunate part is that they don’t have that wide band of lace at the top (which helped them to not cut into me), but the rest of the panty is the same. In addition, they also have some cotton/spandex stretch hipsters. I got a pack of those too and they’re comfy. Need to go again and re-stock! Just wanted to share with you all!!!

  34. I am so thankful to find this support group! I thought I was the only one who loved the ON Hipster Mesh undies and was truly devastated when they disappeared.

    For the first time in my adult life, I actually liked wearing underwear because of these babies. No panty lines, no riding up in uncomfortable places, no digging in to my shapely hips and I often forget I am even wearing them… and best of all, they look good on me! Before these life-savers, I often went ‘commando’ for comfort reasons.

    In the search to start replacing some of my retired and beloved undies, I feel I have a better starting point (oodles of thanks to the suggestions above!). To date, I have searched high and low but nothing is worth mentioning here. I am curious about the Aerie ‘Vintage Lace’ boyshorts and the Gap ‘Sexy Lace Girl Shorts’. Although both are full-on lace (not the perfectly balanced mesh/lace combo of the ON undies), I am hopeful.

    If I am able to find a replacement (really truly), I will make sure to re-post and share. Until then, the search is still on for me!

  35. Hilarious. I’m just adding to the list of Googlers desperately seeking this Holy Grail of a panty. Thanks SO much for the recommendations and the moral support!

  36. Girrrrrl ……I feel your pain! These old navy mesh hipsters I’m wearing right now have seen better days. I, like you, have the vortex problem. Sigh….

  37. I am looking for these Old Navy mesh hipsters too. In desperation, I bought others that look similar and found them to be useless. I am thinking if Old Navy has enough requests…they would consider bringing it back. Or if anyone feels inspired to start a pantyline similar to this style or willing to custom make it…at this point, I am willing to pay quite a bit for several. Please keep me in the loop, if anyone found out anything.

  38. So, I love this post because I stumbled apon it with one last attempt to find my old navy underwear online. I could cry. My last 4 pairs are slowly wearing out…….. And there are NONE from anywhere else that even compare!!!!!!! I’m going underwear less forever!

  39. Hi Lauren, my name is Lara and you have read my mind. I have hoarded old navy panties for years and have recently had to go on the hunt for a different brand b/c the mesh has pulled and balled. I recently bought some mesh hipsters at target (jillian and o’malley) they get the job done. Good coverage, not as seamless, comfy but ride in the a$$ a bit. Yesterday I bought 5 pairs of mesh hipsters from aerie excited to get home to try on but they are truly made for Abercrombie teen models. Very low waisted and not enough material to cover my tookus! Sooooo I feel your panty dilemma pain and have not given up my search.

  40. wow. randomly came to this blog because I am searching high and low for these undies!!! I even contacted OldNavy and asked them to bring them back (and recently contacted them again-below)! These truly are the BEST underwear ever. Why won’t ON bring them back? Is it possible to write a petition? LOL but seriously…i think we should ๐Ÿ™‚

    My email to ON: custserv@oldnavy.com

    Dear ON,

    I have been a huge fan for a long time, thank you for all you do! I was saddened when you discontinued your intimates line because that meant you discontinued my favorite panties. Yes, I know it may sound silly but this is a serious issue! :-p

    These mesh panties are the PERFECT pair and nothing (and I mean NOTHING) has come close in the last 4 years. Being the naive consumer I only bought 2 sets (they came in a pack of 3) and was horrified when I came back for more and they were gone…gone I tell you!

    I have fruitlessly scoured the internet for years looking for a rogue shipment somewhere to no avail. Recently I came upon this blog that shares my feelings the frustration tons of women share with BAD underwear. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring these back! I’ve been a loyal ON customer for a long time and will continue to be but the cherry on top to my continuous relationship would be for you to bring these back! PLEASE I’M BEGGING!!!


    Sincerely and in serious need of underwear

    Maybe a tad on the dramatic side but wanted to share nonetheless.

  41. Thank you ladies! I too was devistated, DEVISTATED at the discontinuation of the Old Navy Hipsters. I’m sure the girls at the store thought I had lost my mind… Really, speaking to a manager about underwear???!!! You ladies have quite possibly saved my under-life!!!!

  42. I couldn’t possibly agree more! I found this blog in my search for the disontinued undies. I’m so sad. I have 4 pairs of them left and they are looking so rough. le sigh.

  43. I finally feel understood. Old Navy underwear was/is truly the best, and my few pairs left are also getting weirdly balled up but I don’t even care. Nothing compares. I sometimes stroll through the side wall of the women’s section, or the middle part of the store, hoping that maybe – just maybe – underwear is back. My dreams have yet to come true.

    I am writing Old Navy right now.

  44. Has anyone gotten a reply back from Old Navy??? I have 7 pairs of these and that is ALL I wear!! I haven’t found anything to compare or fit the same. And I have tried most that have been mentioned above. I am a fitness instructor so I live in tight yoga/running pants. They are the ONLY undies that stay in place and don’t show seam lines. Mine have been washed one million times and are not in great shape anymore. But I refuse to give them up.

    Just curious if Old Navy has taken into considerations how many women out there need these back in stock!

    I am writing to them as well!!

  45. have you found anything to replace them yet? i’m wearing them with holes in them because NOTHING compares :o(

  46. Yup! I’ve been on the same defeated search as well! The old navy panties were the best and if I had known I would have bought a LIFETIME supply! This is so sad bc they are the perfect panties! Just might have to write old navy! They’re cute, comfy and affordable!

  47. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who was obsessed with that Old Navy underwear. I had pairs that lasted almost 8 years, but I finally threw them all away a few weeks ago. Have you tried the DKNY signature lace panty? They have them at most department stores (3/$30 or $12 each) but I’ve been stocking up at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for $4.99 a pair. They’re the only thing I’ve been able to find that came remotely close to my ON favorites. R.I.P.

    1. Becky, thanks for your post. I will watch for these. I have been subscribed to this thread for months and months, hoping for a replacement suggestion! I still have four pairs of Old Navy hipsters, but they are starting to shred. I got them off an Ebay auction back in May 2012. I had to go through a tussle with the seller because after I won the auction she tried to rescind the listing! I guess she thought I got them too cheap. Anyway, I ended up getting them after some pointed back-and-forth. Thanks again.

  48. I am going to revisit this conversation some time this week or next, as I have yet to find a replacement as well. I am very much looking forward to a continued discussion of WHERE to find underwear that doesn’t suck!! Hopefully some of you will be back in the comments sharing anything you have found. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. I totally understand you :). I just came from the shower and look into my panties bag and saw the fancy comfortable underwear and I was about to put them until I saw my old navy ones and I just smiled. OMG last time I bought them at old navy was 2010 or 2011, and thanks god I don’t know I bought like 10. I think I wanted to give some to my friends, but again thanks god I didn’t do it :). Then I have been already 3 years wandering with my favorite underwear which is almost dying. There are some more wore than others :)… But I guess I cannot stop aging :). I have bought in the meanwhile many, many other hipster types, lace or just cotton especially for sports, and nothing fits better than the old navy ones… It’s funny I’m as desperate in love with these old navy hypsters as you. Right now I think the only solution will be to make them yourself or ask someone… Jut matter or finding the right material :). I think I’ll give it a try, although the little town where I am now I guess is not the best place for finding the right ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. I thought I was the only one devastated by the lose of my fav underwear. Also by reading this, I realize I have not bought new underwear in a long time haha. One by one they are slowly dying. Good thing I have 30 pairs. But I dread the day I have only one pair left. Maybe by then ON will have come to their senses and bring back the Jesus of underwears.

  51. Did you ever find the perfect underwear? Has there been a followup post to this?? I came here from google in desperation. The Old Navy mesh ones were literally perfect and I am devastated. I certainly hope you can help as it seems we have the same panty problems!

  52. I too am here out of desperation! I still have a few Old Navy pairs but they are getting pretty worn out. I’ve tried so many others, including Hanky Panky and still nothing compares. If anyone has found something comparable to ON, please post!

  53. I stumbled upon this blog in my search for the old navy mesh hipsters – I thought I was the only one who was crazy obsessed with them! They started selling new cotton hipsters but they don’t come close – I even posted a review on their site begging them to bring the mesh hipsters back!!! I’m trying the AE girly shorts, but they’re just not the same. Did anyone get a reply from ON?

  54. Oh my goodness! I love my old navy mesh panties!!! I am in your boat! And gosh has it been that long since I bought them ๐Ÿ™ I stumbled onto your blog after googling & combing the earth for these panties we love….nothing. I hate the thought of never being this comfy & cute again….when you find the perfect panty-hollar-I’m waiting on you sista ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I wish I had good news! But I am still at a loss. NOTHING is as good. But I am hoping to try and a bunch of different things some day soon – as mine all have holes and are so stretched out. Ahhhh! Will report as soon as I find something worth writing about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. I came across your blog while searching for my TWO discontinued “go to” underwear! First, the old navy mesh hipsters, then the American Eagle (aerie?) satin hipsters? I don’t remember the name but I fell in love with them after old navy discontinued the mesh hipsters and now my AE favorites are gone! Have you found anything to compare? ๐Ÿ™

    1. I am working on something about this topic now, but the short answer is no. I have not found anything to match the ON mesh hipster greatness. I just haven’t. But I have also grown tired of my stretched out sad, holy, underpants. It is time to move on let go. Check back in the next few weeks to see what I’ve come up with. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi again ladies – I noticed ON rolled out a pair of cotton undies which I tried and thought were no good. I even posted a review to their site asking them to bring them back and got something like 30 likes, so we’re definitely not alone!

        In the meantime, I found the closest replacement I can deal with. They of course aren’t as good (they’re cut a little less generously and have ruching in the back which i could do without) but they aren’t too bad – they’re the AE girly shorts. (I tried the boybriefs too but didn’t like those.)

        Here’s the link for those who are interested:


  56. I cannot believe there are more people out there obsessed with these undies! I have had mine for almost 8 years I think. I still have not found a replacement!! I will be checking aerie and gap- but will keep checking to see if anyone else finds something similar!!

  57. I found this post googling to see if I could buy more of these somewhere! I love that I’m not the only one!! 4 years later and i’m still trying to find something that’s as good without throwing out my original ON ones. They are starting to sell underwear again after a long break, no lace/mesh yet, but I keep checking!

  58. Okay, I’ve been hunting and hunting and this is the closest I’ve come.. Fruit of the Loom All Over Lace Bikini. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L66L5QK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I wore a size medium in the Old Navy Hipsters but I wear an 8 in these. They cover my butt, don’t ride up, and are fairly invisible when it comes to panty lines. Very comfy and beautiful colors. Really the best I’ve found since Old Navy. I still have three Old Navy left that I got off of eBay three years ago! Those are really falling apart.

  59. I couldn’t help but comment that I tried the lace fruit of the looms listed above and they are really great! But…the only places I can find them are Walmart and amazon. I checked the company’s website and these weren’t on there, so they too probably are discontinued. ๐Ÿ™ I went to Walmart today and cleared the shelf of my size (4 packs) so the old navy sneak attack won’t happen to me again. Wanted to share this info…if you want to try these they may not be around long either.

  60. Every now and then I google search “old navy mesh and lace hipster” and end up here on your page. I’ve tried so many different kinds of underwear I’m contemplating going commando! I message Old Navy on their facebook page and leave reviews begging for them to bring the undies back…one day it will happen! lol…I too have found the fruit of the loom ones. They are ok show lines like a mofo though! Closest thing I’ve found so far!

  61. I searched for ON mesh hipsters and here I landed. I have in my possesion about 2 dozen remaining pairs that are in various levels of sadness. Some only have a tiny bit of lace attached here and there and yet they are still the best fitting underwear I have ever found…EVER. Why, oh why, won’t ON do the humane and right thing and bring these back. My tush will be forever grateful.

  62. Here I am, for the same reason! My ON mesh hipsters are in seriously tough shape — I’ve written messages on Facebook, on their customer service reviews — how can they refuse to bring them back? I haven’t found anything that compares.

  63. I’ve been following this thread for some time and have tried some of the suggestions that have been posted but still haven’t found anything that works quite as well as the amazing ON underwear. I recently bought a pack of underwear at Costco (yeah I know… who wants to buy bulk underwear… but clearly I’m desperate) and am pleasantly surprised with the comparability to the ON underwear I miss so much. They don’t show lines, they’re versatile (have worked out in them and worn them with a nice dress), they cover everything I need them to cover, and of course they’re cheap since they’re from Costco. I would definitely recommend giving them a try! Here’s a link for anyone interested: http://www.costco.com/Karen-Neuburger%C2%AE-Ladies%E2%80%99-Pointelle-Hi-Cut-Panty-4-pack-Nude-Assortment.product.100231778.html

    1. Thank you so much for this rec! I have been in some crap underpants from fruit of the loom that I got while pregnant and are too big and have just felt too LOST to search for more. But this I can do!

    2. Julie – How are they for sizing? True to size? Do you know what you wore in the Old Navy and what you now wear in the Costco Neuberger undies? Thank you!!

      1. Hi Nancy – they are true to size for me. I wore a large in ON and I wear a large in the Costco Neuberger. Hope they work for you!

        1. Thank you for the feedback and for the prompt reply, as well, especially since I’m going to Costco tomorrow! Will leave my opinion once I have one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. I will check out Costco undies, too, thanks! I have two pairs left of Old Navy, purchased from eBay in 2012! The crotch is almost threadbare and they sometimes fall down under my leggings while jumping rope at the gym but GAWD they are the best!!! They accommodate my derriere so well and don’t show lines!! Arghh, why can’t other people make these???

  65. I’m in my second week or so of wearing the Costco panties and they are okay, not bad but not HG (Holy Grail). They are high cut as opposed to hipsters, so they are higher in the waist. The don’t quite cover my bum as well, but better than most. They are comfy, but still show the slightest panty line under my workout leggings. I tried both the Med and Large. The medium is best (I wored a medium in the Old Navy hipsters).

    They are not shrinking in the wash (yet!). Thanks, Julie, for the suggestion. They are the best so far, but still… has anybody taken their old Old Navy’s to a seamstress and had a copy made? I wish I had done that before the two, ancient, pairs I have left got stretched out of shape!

  66. Hey Lauren! – and Fellow Panty Sisters! I came across this post ISO my beloved underpants of gold and can’t say how hysterical (and strangely reassuring) it is to discover I am part of a panty cult! HAHAHAH! Like many of you, I have been wearing and cherishing my underpants for roughly the past decade. Unfortunately after 10 years they’re starting to show their age though amazingly they are mostly intact (!) – which, to me at least, just further underscores their awesomeness. Anyway, I’ve been contemplating their eventual demise and wondering where the hell I could find some more, when I found this post and all of your wonderful comments and suggestions. I did some research of my own this weekend and have discovered – I KID YOU NOT – a worthy replacement that is 1) cheap, 2) readily available, and MOST IMPORTANTLY 3) almost identical to the ON mesh hipster! I am SERIOUS. It’s the closest thing I have found in 10 years to my most precious panty. They look a little more feminine – a little more froo-froo – but they are still sexy and cute, SUPER comfy, and almost the identical style and cut of the ON ones. I bought them several days ago – I wanted to test drive them, wash and wear before posting – and so far they are AWESOME. Just like the ON ones!! I am so so sooooooo happy to be able to share this w you all!! GO OUT AND GET SOME. I wear a M in the ON hipsters and I sized up to a L in these – and they are PERFECT. I can’t say enough about them, except STOCK UP. XO

    From Target – the Gilligan & O’Malley Mesh Hipster Panty – LOVE!


    1. I will check these out! Was seriously considering donating my last, paper thin pair of ON hipsters to “science’… Amazon is coming out with their own line of panties and for a split-second I thought they would appreciate my contribution/request, haha!

      1. Hah! I had seriously given thought to deconstructing a pair and having a seamstress friend manufacture of bunch of new ones for me. They really are THAT GOOD. But having found these new Target guys, I’m feeling flush! PS: PLEASE post a link to the new Amazon ones, if/when they come out and you try! THANKS!!

        1. Haha, I thought about taking mine to a seamstress, too! But didn’t. Didn’t have faith in the process. Guess I’m a pessimist. Am going to Target in an hour specifically to buy your recs! Will keep you posted!

          1. I don’t blame you – the material is just so thin, I’m not sure they’d hold up well to being taken apart. Perhaps if I’m ever trapped inside (we do have very long winters here in Maine) I will use a seam ripper and just do it. Maybe.. I am torn (no pun intended) bc each remaining pair is just SO precious! LOL

            Best of luck w the new guys (gals!) from Target!! I’m on my 4th pair – I wanted to test not just the style but the various colors (some manufacturers vary the size across colors, even a little bit – I trust no one!) — and seriously they’ve all been great and been wearing/washing well. I bought all the colors I could find and so far all identical size, shape, wear. The L in these Target ones is a perfect match for the ON size M. GOOD LUCK! ๐Ÿ˜€

          2. It gets better–they are 20% off on cartwheel through April 29! I went today and bought 5 pairs, eager to try them!!!

          3. Haha I just bought 5 pairs too and downloaded cartwheel to my phone! Will take home one pair wash and try on if it doesn’t work I will take the rest back. I am trying the large since I wore a medium in the Old Navy. They look a lot alike so I am a little optimistic!

          4. Okay, so, I like the Gilligan and O’Malley Mesh Hipsters enough that I will keep them. They don’t fit as well as the ON ones – they don’t cover my butt cheeks as well, and yet they bunch up a little in my crack when I’m wearing a dress. However, they stay in place and don’t show a panty line with workout leggings so that is a major score. I’m curious to see if they will fit better when I get back in shape. I’ve been sick for three months and my cakes have definitely fallen. These hipsters are the best match to ON that I’ve found over the past six years!! Thank you, Daily Dish, for taking the time to post!!

          5. Wooohoooo!! You’re so welcome!! I’ve been wondering whether they were working (crickets chirping..). Hahahah! SO glad you find them an acceptable replacement too. They aren’t perfect – the beloved ON mesh hipsters are the gold standard for me – but they’re close enough (for me at least) that I bought (no shame) 17 pairs!!! I am NOT taking any chances this time. No being caught w my proverbial panties down! Yayyyyy! ๐Ÿ˜€

          6. Lol, totally agree about inconsistent sizing across colors or fabrics! We are just careful shoppers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. You guys are cracking me UP seeing these comments roll in. Always happy to be a panty message board. And ALSO will be going to scope out the Target options!! <3

  68. I’ve tried every Gilligan and Oโ€™Malley style at target in the past but I’ve never seen these… I’ll pick some up this weekend to try.

    On another note… are people still writing to Old Navy to express our concerns?! We should think about doing a change.org petition

  69. I seriously thought I was the only one who was obsessed with the ON mesh undies. I had so many pairs, they’ve carried me through all these years, but now they’re really starting to look pathetic.

    I’m buying some of the Gilligan and O’Malley pairs from target… they look promising! Thanks so much for the recommendation. Glad I’m not the only one still clinging on to this after all these years!

  70. I… I thought it was just me. I have some old navy underwear that I keep meaning to look up since mine are SOOOO old (bought them on clearance for a buck each, so they’re all winter themed), but they are the ONLY underwear that fit, no panty lines, no cutting into my waste or hips, full booty coverage. They’ve been washed so often, I couldn’t read the tags to do a search, so thanks to you, I now know they are Mesh Hipsters! Thank you!!

    Still reading your comments in case you ever find a replacement pair.

  71. Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one. I have about 6 or 7 pairs of this Old Navy mesh beauties and I actually bought them on clearance years ago when I fell in love but by then it was too late. I seriously have had them on ration and refuse to wear anything else. They just fit perfectly and are so comfortable and donโ€™t bulge, cut or anything. Why canโ€™t they bring them back?????

  72. My sisters…I love this thread as you all share my pain. I’m down to four tattered pairs and the desperation is mounting. I checked the ON website this week and see there is a new lace hipster! It’s not mesh, but looks promising. Has anyone tried them? Are they the real deal??? I don’t want to get my hopes up too much cause the cotton hipsters I ordered from ON last year are horrible.

      1. Okay- we surely must all be on the same wavelength bc I too saw the new ON lace panties 2 days ago and have been waiting for someone to really review before ordering. Do they fit the same?? Do we need to size up?? etc. Also, the sizes are selling out! So not sure what to do. I live in Maine and they don’t seem to carry them here so I can’t go and eyeball before purchase. My beloved hipsters are also wearing out.. my heart is aching…

        I’ve been wearing my Gilliam O’Malley’s too Nancy – and totally agree. They’re the best replacements I’ve found but fall short of our beloved ON mesh hipsters – and don’t wear nearly as well. Good thing I bought like 20 pairs of them. Though I’d gladly trade them ALL for just ONE PAIR of ON!!!!! Truth.

        Please please if anyone tries the new ON lace hipsters, report back!! THANK YOU!!! :))

        1. Iโ€™m excited to hear about these too! I have recently found Aerieโ€™s boybriefs to be the best alternative. I bought the Target ones suggested and threw them out. There are many varieties of the Aerie ones though. The ones that worked best for me are actually satiny with some lace at the top. There are mesh ones that are Ok but not quite as good for me. And make sure you donโ€™t get the cheeky ones. Not good coverage by design! Who wants that, Iโ€™ll never understand. Obviously not any of us on this site! I am size small in most clothes but hate tight underwear so I wear large in my mesh ON ones. I found medium was better for me in the Aerie ones.

          1. My friends, I’ve tried Old Navy’s new undies. I saw them last weekend when I was there and immediately had to try. I’m sorry to report that in my opinion, they aren’t anywhere near the mesh hipsters we all know and love. The panty line shows, they don’t cover my behind like the others did, and they feel like they’ll rip apart easily. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. ๐Ÿ™

  73. So I checked out the Gilligan and Oโ€™Malley after reading here and have had the page bookmarked until we cross the border to shop but they donโ€™t seem to have them anymore!! Has anyone tried the ON new ones? I honestly donโ€™t wear any others. I think we need to pull forces and send a petition…how can they not want to make money!!!

    1. Hey all! It appears that Target discontinued the Gilligan and O’Malley mesh hipsters, which were VERY similar to the Old Navy ones and got me by for awhile, but they still were not quite as great as ON. They didn’t hold up as well over time.

      But! These are my new favorites!! https://www.target.com/p/women-s-no-show-laser-cut-hipster-gilligan-o-malley-153/-/A-14919420 … super comfy, no lines, love them. I’m stocking up before these get discontinued too!

  74. I love that this thread is still going, but I hate that I’m still wearing ten-year-old underwear with no comparable replacement in sight! I tried a few pairs of the new ON undies, and they weren’t bad, but now they’re gone too! Sigh…

  75. It’s so so so many years later and I am still mourning the loss of these underwear. I admittedly still have some and they are STILL my only go-to underwear but they are quickly fading. What have you found these days???? I NEED new underwear!


  76. Still on the hunt. Any new finds…
    I don’t really care for the Target ones suggested. Thinking of trying the Arie boy short.
    Things I like about the Old Navy ones:
    1. Not too tight around the thighs
    2. Nice stretchy fabric that didn’t stretch out
    3. Full coverage
    4. Don’t ride up

  77. Has anyone found the perfect panties yet? Iโ€™m trying the Aerie boy short and they are okay but my ON panties are about ready to disintegrate. I canโ€™t believe I have had them this long and they are still wearable.

  78. Has anyone ever found the best panties? Iโ€™m trying the Aerie boy shorts but Iโ€™d rather have ON mesh. I still have some that are hanging in there but I donโ€™t know how much longer they can withstand being worn.

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