Moving makes you a crazy person. Even though we downsized immensely when we moved last time, and kept our possessions down to a minimum (with one closet, it’s not really a choice), there seemed to be stuff coming out of my ears. Spilling everywhere. But isn’t that always how it goes? You throw away all of the random junk you didn’t even know was there and you don’t need, or you give it away, and still – mountains of stuff.

We hired movers and I have never seen men move so fast and carry so many things before in my life. I marveled at them. What took them 4.5 hours would have taken us 2 weeks of tedious lugging up and down stairs and hating our lives and each other. Movers – worth every penny.

And I’m amazed how much we’ve unpacked. Instead of living among boxes and telling ourselves, “we really need to unpack … we really need to unpack,” we only have this room of stuff left to sort and put together.

Monday evening

And then on Monday morning, after lifting and pushing and hanging and organizing and bubble wrapping all weekend, I had an early morning dentist appointment in the city. Where I found out I had 4-5 cavities. WHAT?! I’ve had 1 cavity my whole life and it was because I was wearing an expander and had metal bands wrapped around my back moalers that I couldn’t reach since I was 9!! And then he said that one cavity was so bad I might have to have a root canal eventually. WHAT!! I was crushed. My teeth! They’re fucking with me. I managed to not cry or freak out while in the dentist chair, even though the panic was mounting. Even when I was scheduling 4 different dentist appointments. I waited until I was walking back to the car and called Kamel. At first I couldn’t speak because I was too busy crying and he thought someone had died or the car had been stolen. Nope, just my chompers. Just a long weekend, and a long week ahead with teeth that have gone rogue.

Wackadoo. Everything has gone topsy turvy. Being in a new place is a bit disorienting. Things are not where I thought they would be. I haven’t got my groove in the kitchen yet, having to look in multiple drawers and cupboards to find things. I’m no longer sure about commute times, and there’s lots of exploring around the neighborhood to do.

Last night I was woken at 1030 (while Kamel was reading next to me) to police pounding on our neighbors door. What did I do next? Well, scramble out of bed and spy through the peep hole of course! Turns out one group of neighbors had called the cops on another group of neighbors because of noise. Noise that hadn’t caused us any complaints. I didn’t even hear it. Kamel said that dude was playing classical a little loud? He could hear it but only faintly. He did hear the other neighbors complaining about it though.

We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto. A week ago we would lie awake while our neighbors played Yahtzee at 11:00 pm clack-clack-clacking and talking loudly with their windows open, making it sound like they were shaking a rattler right in my face. But did we cause a fuss, ask them to be quiet, or god forbid call the cops?! I wouldn’t even think about it. It’s part of apartment living. Or maybe we’ve just put up with too much? But what I know for certain is that the cops woke me up and the music didn’t.

So. We’ve decided two things.

1) my teeth need to be slapped around. I’ve started swishing with ACT per the dentist’s suggestion and I’m going to very much reduce my candy (ahem) consumption (womp womp).

2) I think we like the music loving neighbors better than the cop calling ones.

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    and also, yes, classical-music playing over cop-calling any day. it’s totally part of apartment living. and I’m sorry about your teeth! do you have a sonicare? that saved my husband (who had his first dental visit in 20 years last year – it was traumatic for all of us)

    1. Oh my GOD. He hadn’t gone to the dentist in 20 YEARS? That would cause me SO much anxiety. I would be certain my teeth were going to FALL OUT. How did it go??

      1. Sounds like my husband, he hasn’t been in 20 years either. I want him to go to the dentist SO BAD, especially since apparently the small town dentist he went to originally is a crackpot, according to Jethro’s sister… He won’t go and I am so ready to set him on fire right now….

        How’d you get him to go Nikki?!?

        1. I really hate the dentist, and hadn’t been in four years when I started going to mine about three years ago. I went on the recommendation of a coworker (so I knew he took our insurance), and saw him on a list of “Dentists for People Afraid of Dentists.” If you can find a similar list for your area, I think it would be a good resource.

        2. he’d only ever gone once as a little kid (his parents were, erm, negligent people with too many children), so he had this “meh, whatever” thing going on. once we moved in together I got him using a sonicare because I was terrified his mouth was full of cavities, and then I told him he should go to the dentist because those cavities would eat into his gums soon if he didn’t get them taken care of right away (root canal scare tactics, you know). so he went to the dentist and had NINE cavities, which wasn’t all that surprising, actually, but they filled them in two visits and now he’s okay with going to cleanings so he doesn’t have to do THAT again.

          1. I have a question…have you guys heard of anyone who uses the same Sonicare but with different “heads(?)”. Like each person has their own brushing part, and you just put yours on to brush and then take it off for the Hubs? Is that totally crazy or something people do? Lets be frugal, right?!

          2. we had an electric tooth brush that we shared the base of for a long time. But I hated switching them cuz it grossed me out. But I think it’s totally doable.

            I’m not a fan of the sonicare. Even though I’m probably the only one in the world. I like normal tooth brushes better.

          3. My fiance and I do that- I just make sure i’m the first one to the toothbrush every night 🙂 In all seriousness though, it works just fine, plus it saves space on the countertop. The only difficulty is when one of us goes out of town- someone has to rustle up an old-fashioned toothbrush to use in the interim.

          4. oh sweet lauren, you really gotta make friends with an electric toothbrush, it doesn’t sound like your regular one is doing the trick!

            and Amanda – we totally shared a Sonicare base for like two years. we juuuust got new ones at Costco simply because it came in a two-pack (you know how Costco is)

  2. We hired movers for the first time when we moved into our current apt and the best thing about it (imo) was that we actually had energy to start unpacking right away. It still took us a few months to really settle in but that’s partly because we moved 2 weeks before our wedding and then were gone for 2 weeks for our honeymoon….

    1. Also, going to the dentist is like paying someone to punch you in the face repeatedly. Sorry about your teeth. Mine started tanking in my mid 20’s. I don’t have any root canals (yet) but have 3 crowns and need 5 more. ouch

  3. I have cried in the dentist’s chair. More than once. Anything bad? Nope. Just really, really pissed at getting cavities after 26 years being cavity free. Added flouride rinses and daily flossing to the routine. I’m determined every time I go back. (Go on, TELL me I have another cavity. Go on. I DARE you.)

    Oh, and no dental insurance. Did I mention that?

    It helps that my dentist is pretty darn cute.

    Still haven’t had any broken bones, though. (*knock on wood*)

  4. As someone who has had bad teeth her entire life, here are a few tips:

    1) swish with that Act stuff like it is your JOB. Don’t skimp, don’t skip. I stopped swishing for like… a month, and an “almost cavity” popped up. That stuff is the bomb.com.

    2) glide floss is the best. just my humble opinion.

    3) if you don’t have an electric toothbrush like a sonicare, get one. get one now. they do all of the work for you!

    i hate teeth. and i love unpacking. and everytime i hear the word “wackadoo” i immediately think it is a new breed of one of those hybrid dogs, and i wonder to myself “hmmm… i wonder if a wackadoo is hypoallergenic.”

  5. Ick. Sorry about the teeth troubles. Those are the worst!

    Hopefully as you get more settled over the next couple weeks things will settle down and start feeling home-y. And we’ll get some photos of the finished, put-together rooms. 🙂

  6. So do you know which apartment the cop callers live in? Because they might be excellent candidates for a kill-em-with-kindness preemptive strike approach. The classical folks, though, sound like plain old good peeps.

  7. Your cop calling neighbors would hate us! We sing opera at home all the time….during reasonable hours, of course 🙂

    Ahhh the dentist!! I guess it’s good you went now instead of having the problem escalate and then finding out about it years later. But still…boo. 🙁

  8. Oh honey, I KNOW that phone call. Teeth are awful. I’m so sorry! They’re the intersection of all kinds of anxiety– money, physical pain… yuck. I have to take care of some of my teeth things and I am dreading it, but going through it because I’m scared of being toothless. You can do it! The dust will literally and figuratively settle soon. xoxo.

  9. My teeth feel your pain. I went to the dentist and after a ridiculous amount of x-rays scheduled a lovely pain-filled day to prep my teeth for 3 crowns & to fill a few cavities. Uggg. I’m the one who brushes and flosses. I don’t drink soda or regularly eat candy. My husband hadn’t been to the dentist in years and walked out with a clean x-ray and probably a sticker. That sucked. Paying for it sucked even more.

  10. Oh I am so sorry for your cavities.. but you will be fine. If anything, demand anesthesia and painkillers to the max, oh yes.
    And hurray but not procrastinating and working right away. You know… we moved in February and because we were living before with Mark-s brother at a house that has storage… we still have there something like 8 boxes and I am dreading the moment where it will all come to our apartment because I dont know where stuff will fit.
    And about your neighbours… I dont like people who complain to other people instead of to you directly…

    1. This actually happens? This is a thing? I feel better that this is a thing… I thought root canals were for people who never did anything to there teeth. Now Kamel is scheduling one, Maris had one, Sarah is getting two… seriously. WTF. I feel like it’s a big secret no one tells you.

  11. I got a cavity when I was nine. I have been cavity-free my entire life. Except I haven’t been to the dentist in over four years when I used to go twice a year before that. The longer I put it off the more I am afraid I am going to get bad news, which means I procrastinate more. Doesn’t make sense, I know, waiting will only make it worse, but I am afraid of what the dentist will find. 🙁

  12. I gotta admit, I have lost my mind and called the cops on the neighbors once for having a ridiculous way into the middle of the night party.

    The music wasn’t INCREDIBLY loud but it was obnoxiously thumpy, late into the night, actually early into the next morning, on a weeknight and the way our condos are built, we’re soundproofed sideways between neighbors but not between up and downstairs neighbors so it sounds like we live underneath a herd of elephants though I’m sure they’re perfectly normal, lovely people. The percussive sounds just carry like a mofo. Anyway, the downstairs folks, well. They have this dog that has, since the day we moved in, barked – I kid you not – around the clock, Every Single Day. It never freaking stops. I’ve lived above that for nearly 2 years. And they wouldn’t do a damn thing about it, no matter what anyone said to them.

    And if you complained to the HOA, they’d have to debark the dog, or get rid of it. I’m not that heartless, I love dogs and don’t support debarking. So we live with that.

    But the party. Oh. The party. And the cigar smoke. And the raucous laughter and gaiety in the middle of week when I had a ridic-early morning in 3 hours.

    So I lost my mind and called the cops on them.

    I’ve never done that before and maybe your new neighbors are way too sensitive but … maybe … there’s history? I dunno. The copcalling thing was way weird and I felt squicky but I was way angrier at the downstairs neighbors and the 2 amness of it all.

    1. We all have our boiling pints. And there have been times where I probably SHOULD have called the cops and didn’t…

      At least I found peeking through the peep hole at them to be the most exciting activity of the week!!

  13. Oh but for cavity thing? YAR ON CAVITIES! I never had them until long after my braces came off. And then it was like the worst sin of my life because NO ONE in my family gets cavities. NO ONE.

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