Small Joys

Having a window in the shower and having the sunlight wash in with the water.

An evening walk while the heat of the day still lingers, paired with a diet coke and push pops.

Cream colored nail polish on my toes.

New, fabulous red wedges that I want to wear every single day.

Finishing season 2 of Mad Men (Don! Get out of CA!) and a bottle of champagne at the same time. Luxury.

Long flow-y white skirt wrapped up in my legs while writing on the couch.

Having all of the windows open, every single one, and feeling perfectly comfortable.

Jamming to the neighbors top 40 from over the fence on a breezy afternoon.

Finally putting the table in its place.

Having a hallway.

19 thoughts on “Small Joys”

  1. Hells YES!!! Try pairing your evening walk in the heat with a chilled glass of wine or champagne πŸ™‚ If youre just walking around the complex, no one will mind! We loooove those walks! And you should TOTALLY wear the sexy red wedges everyday while wrapped up in your flowy white skirt on the couch! HAWT! =)

  2. I also have a window in my shower, and I LOVE it! People often ask if it makes me uncomfortable, but I’m on the fourth floor and don’t stand directly in front of it when showering, so of course it doesn’t! I just love having the light and — when the weather permits — the breeze!

  3. I love natural light while showering. My friends in Seattle had tons of windows in their bathroom, but also a skylight above the shower. I could have lived IN THAT TUB.

  4. Small joy today: sitting outside the cafe eating a salad for twenty minutes, and I knew every single person that walked by, and I chatted with all of them. I realized, I have a bit of a small community in a big city. That makes me happy πŸ™‚

  5. Love this!! (I used to make lists like ths and email them to myself, as reminders πŸ™‚

    Here’s mine for today

    -Getting important documents in the mail or fax (at work) that I’ve been pestering people about for weeks!

    -Never getting tired of a song, putting it on repeat, and rocking out to it AT WORK: Today = this one! its amazing!

    -last night – waking up laughing hysterically to myself THREE TIMES and falling back asleep still with the overwhelming happy urge to laugh and feeling silly happy all day because of it….

    -wearing a dress that allows for no tummy sucking-in all day long

    -the smell of rain on warm pavement while its really bright outside and I’m running down the street


  6. i’m feeling down today, so a list like this is probably just what i need:

    -a hot mug of ovaltine on a chilly night

    -re-reading my favorite book

    -the perfect pillow

    -that feeling right after i finish a run

    -just like claire, that one song that i listen to on repeat and LOVE

    -caffiene in any form

    -your little smily face at the bottom of this page

  7. – Editing a paper in bed with a red pencil.
    – Finding a cat in the sock drawer.
    – On a lonely day, being surprised for lunch by the significant other.
    – Wearing green jeans.

  8. Pics of the hot red wedges please! (I need to live vicariously through other people’s shoe purchases atm)

    My small joys for today:

    – coffee & a chocolate croissant for breakfast
    – sunshine
    – warm weather

  9. Oh Lauren I am so glad you are this happy. And you made me smile. Nail polish! Red shoes !
    You are so right it is all about the small things. Or maybe it is the small things that are huge. Happiness plays hide and seek, it seems.
    Baking makes me happy, and a sunny morning like today, can you believe, the temperature outside is 24ΒΊ C. In The Netherlands. In September !! Also, I am waiting for this :
    to come out of the oven and it’s making the whole kitchen smell like heaven.
    Other things that bring me joy… a good book, spending a whole morning at a library or book shop, tea with friends, ICE CREAM, a late walk like you said, light in the house as well (yeah yeah ), oh and wearing a dress on a warm day. Sending you hugs, I would invite you over now. I hope you have a nice weekend.

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