Real Life Conversations: Watermelons

Me: I am having the worst PMS of the entire …. year. Seriously. Physical symptoms, they are killing me. I’m bloated. My boobs feel like they are swollen to the size of watermelons, it’s awful.

Kamel: ….can I see?…

Me: ….

Kamel: I mean for … medical reasons… obviously.

[pulls his shirt open like a porn star]

Kamel: Like this.

Me: Hold on! I have to document this on the internets right now!

Kamel: What?! No! You know whatever you say I’m going to blame on the wine! IS NOTHING SACRED?

Me: Shh… I’m typing. And I need content.

11 thoughts on “Real Life Conversations: Watermelons”

  1. whatever you say I’m going to blame on the wine! hahahahaha LOVE IT 🙂 this made me seriously burst out laughing all red in the face 🙂 mainly HIM pulling his shirt open to demonstrate the incredible skill it must take to properly display the ladies….

  2. My husband says he wants to help, for medical reasons. (his excuse: “It’s the internet! There’s supposed to be topless women all over the place!)

    I am so very sorry.

    1. hahahahahhaaha boys are silly. When I went to Mardi Gras at 19 my mom warned me that if she found my boobs on the internet she would KNOW and RECOGNIZE THEM. eeps.

  3. I love you. And Kamel. Is that creepy? It probably is because I don’t comment often, but oh well. I’d tweet you but my account is locked and you wouldn’t see it so I’d just be the crazy person who talks to herself 😉 (follow me if you like, @clarisse83)

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