Last Year In His 20s

Kamel turned 29 this weekend! And we did a lot of running around on his birthday but made sure to take time to celebrate him being an old old man.

This is the third birthday that I’ve spent with you and every year it just gets better and better. I hope you never lose your curiosity, your willingness to have an adventure, and your contagious joy.

When you were 28 you married me, went on your first real vacation as a grown up (honeymoon!), switched jobs, and learned to like broccoli.

I call that a success! Loving you into your 30s, 4os, 50s… and beyond!

16 thoughts on “Last Year In His 20s”

  1. happy belated Kamel! I agree about the contagious joy, as another person who’s never met either of you in real life, you both seem like joy incarnate.

    AND I’m also going to need some cake today.

  2. Kamel, congratulations, may you always be this happy 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your day !
    And Lauren… you’re mean , celebrate being an old man ? Haha Save that for next year.
    .And on learning to eat broccoli, I will send you a recipe I just tried this weekend, I am also trying with it it is not that I don’t like it, it is more that I don’t know what to do with it. But I made goat cheese broccoli quiche and it was super super good, I am sure you will both love it because it is super cheesy and creamy and you still can think it is healthy.

  3. That cake is so Safeway lemon/white and all the best frosting. You did it right, my dear. Kamel is so lucky to have you as his partner. Happy Birthday my new son-in-law….. or is that son-in-love.


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