Fooding: Zucchini, Radishes, And Other Truths

While I have you mesmerized by the delicious Radish/Zucchini/Lime quesadillas we made the other week, I’m going to come clean about something.


Eating vegetables and fruits on a regular basis is still really hard for me. Or maybe, harder than I think it should be. Have we upped the amount of produce in our house? Yes. On a weekly and almost daily basis do we put fruits and veggies into our maw? Yes. But Kamel is doing so much better at this than I am. Partly because it’s so much easier for me to take care of him instead of take care of me. And also because he will eat way more things than I will.

Like bananas. He eats bananas and I don’t eat, or touch, or want to smell bananas. I eat avocado and he doesn’t, but I don’t want (nor should I) eat an entire avocado in one sitting, and they so quickly turn brown and icky. He can gobble down broccoli, and IĀ  can stomach it on a good day. He is not so bothered by textures, the idea of blueberries mixed with plain yogurt makes me want to barf. Thankfully, we both understand each other’s hatred for tomatoes that aren’t involved in a sauce or a soup, and we both know that if we liked tomatoes our lives would be so much easier.

I like beets, kamel doesn’t. He likes grapes, they aren’t my first choice. I love cantaloupe, but those suckers are heavy and buying them by the pound is expensive. And the truth is, I make sure there are foods in the house that Kamel will eat, and I make that a priority. I feel bad buying stuff that only I eat. Beets? The last time I had them was when I roasted them in the oven. But food that Kamel will eat, and i don’t, makes me feel relieved. At least he’s taken care of, at least he’s getting all the fruits and veggies he needs. I figure if they are in the house, and they aren’t being thrown away, then we’re absorbing the nutrients. But me? Is it by osmosis?

Is this one of those “woman” things I hear tell of? The thing where women put other people above ourselves to our own detriment? Or is it that I just don’t like, nor will I ever like bananas, and they just so happen to be a very convenient fruit? And that I find a lovely pizza to be more satisfying than lettuce wraps? I’m a vegetable work in progress.

*Zucchini/Radish/Lime quesadilla inspired from Smitten Kitchen’s Slaw. I marinated the veggies in lime juice and Tapatio because I didn’t have chili powder and I thought I did. Spoon them liberally into a quesadilla, some salsa on top and bam. Crunchy, zesty, cheesy, num num.

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  1. You and me both, lady. I am NOT a veggie person. Part of it is the texture thing, part of it is just taste. I’m working on it.

    But YES to the take-care-of-him-and-not-myself thing. I make sure we have the stuff Jon needs to keep him full and healthy, but for myself? Notsomuch. What is it with that? It’s not like I do it conciously.

  2. No, you’re the sane one. Bananas are the devil’s food – but I also wish I liked them because they are so good for you and easy to transport!

    Ditto on the making sure he’s alright before me – WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?!

  3. I must not be a very good wife because when it comes to feeding the two of us, I come first. Mostly it’s because he’s not very picky so if I want vegan lasagna or crispy tofu with veggies, I know he’ll eat it. The only ammendment I do is maybe making a little extra (since he eats more than I do) or adding rice/ some other grain for him.
    I figure that since I do all of the cooking (aside from the occasional spaghetti night) I should be allowed to choose what I want to eat. šŸ™‚
    Also, you may end up surprising yourself with veggies! I used to HATE onions, yellow squash, and tomatoes but I knew that Fred liked them so I would buy them and be grossed out. Once I started heating them up with my pasta sauces I LOVED onions!

    1. I’m def giving it my best effort. But I often get about 1/2 way through and have to call it quits. But i’m trying! which is why i have them in the house… but I just feel like I’m failing at it when kamel eats bananas, blueberries, and a v8 in a day and I only get to the v8. šŸ™

      1. oh ICK, I can’t even do the V8 thing. Fred does it and I just can’t stomach lukewarm tomato soup from a can! I love the Superfood juice from Odwalla, it’s packed with fruits, veggies and greens but it does taste a little banana-ish so you might not like it.
        As far as bananas go, you’re not missing out on TOO much. They are full of vitamin B and C but they also have a lot of sugar that burns off a lot quicker than other fruits.
        You’re making an effort which is more than most people can say! Keep it up you two!

  4. Maybe it is a woman thing… but I definitely don’t have it, LOL.

    I cook what I like (including sweet potatoes, which B used to hate, but I’m bringing him around ;)). We’ll both eat pretty much anything, though–which is good and bad.

  5. whoa, you have some strong food-related opinions! i feel you with the taking better care of your partner than yourself, but i don’t think it’s a woman-thing. i think it depends on who is in charge of the relevant domain. for instance, my husband does all the grocery shopping and cooking, and he goes way out of his way to make sure we have things that i like. i get my favorite foods before he gets his. he also buys foods he dislikes for me, though neither of us dislike much. on the other hand, when he’s sick, i make sure that he stops working, drinks tons of juice, and make him soup, when it would take near-death for me to do the same for myself.

    i’m sorry your veggie progress is slow, but i bet your palate will adjust over time, and at least you have pretty radish pictures in the meantime.

  6. Love your blog! I decide to de-lurk today to offer a suggestion. I’m not a fan of avocados but the boyfriend loves them! When he doesn’t want to eat a whole one, I take the other half and squeeze lime juice on it. Place a lime half where the pit used to be and then wrap it in plastic wrap. It should last you till the next day!

    It sounds like you’re really making an effort which, to me, is the biggest thing!

  7. I’m pretty much in love with this ( recipe right now. If Sir Kamel doesn’t like the taste/smell of beets….. then ok, he just doesn’t, that’s pretty reasonable. But maybe he’s never had beets with GOAT CHEESE! And even if he’s is never going to consume more than one polite spoonful, you should DEFINITELY make this for yourself and then have the leftovers for delicious lunches. Because this dish is so awesome that I think I’m going to go home and make it tonight.

  8. I must have literally been born in a cabbage patch, because I love veg with the passion some reserve for steak and lobster. I’m wracking my brain to think of dishes to appease your anti-veggie neurosis, but I can’t get past “don’t… like… veggies…? wha?” But I definitely hear you on the price factor. Food is so darn expensive! That’s why I treasured all the free pounds of food that came out of my tiny community garden plot this summer. BTW, it isn’t a fail to only eat half of what you think you should. That’s progress, right? Celebrate!

  9. Baby steps, baby steps!

    As far as putting others first…yeah, that might just be you. Or maybe I’m just selfish, because I always make sure I buy the things I like! But then again, about the only thing he asks me for is bananas. LOTS of bananas.

  10. I hear ya on the tomato front. I used to detest them thoroughly and have worked up to being able to eat them cooked. I still cannot stand them raw. I also don’t like mushrooms or olives, which sucks for me because nearly every veg option includes tomatoes, mushrooms, and olives.

    It takes time to acquire a taste for new foods. The fact that you are putting forth the effort is awesome. You will get to where you want to be food wise eventually. It also doesn’t hurt that you have a supportive partner who will ensure that you are taken care of just as you do the same for him. šŸ˜‰

  11. i can’t tell you how many times i said, “me too” while reading this post. especially on the bananas. i despise bananas. i try to eat them since my husband buys them and i do the same thing you do, thinking taking care of my husband is the key to success. for me after one whiff/bite i gag. it is embarassing.

    luckily for me however, my husband will eat almost everything under the sun.

  12. Well I am late to this party, but, yay for doing all that effort. And, I do not thing it is a woman thing to try to take care of Kamel… if you are anything like me you are trying to prevent having to throw away rotten uneaten food, and therefore make sure food will be eaten by getting what he likes, plus sneakily not getting some of the stuff you don’t like. About the bananas don’t be so hard on yourself. Or maybe you can stand them in milkshakes , for example combined with strawberries (plenty) and lots of ice? Otherwise don’t force yourself, I don’t like beet and that’s how it is (though I will try it with goat cheese, just because everyone here proclaims it’s glorious). I think it is about the recipes you use, we have learned to cook leek, and paksoi (chinese vegetable) and endives and now I like all these things that before a priori I wouldn’t really spontaneously choose.
    Also I am a big fan of zucchini, and those quesadillas look delicious.

  13. Hint for avocados: don’t peel the whole thing at once. Instead, cut off only the amount you want and tightly wrap the rest. Only the exposed cut part will get brown, and when you go to cut off your second serving later, you can just excise the thin layer of brownness. The rest will be protected by the skin that’s left on! I have eaten from one avocado for the better part of a week with this method. šŸ™‚

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