Fooding With Flo, And The Blueberry Ahh Yeaahs

Did you know that Blueberries are super foods? And that you can buy a bag of frozen blueberries, unsweetened, at target for 1.99? Yeah. The only other reason you need for making blueberry muffins is this blog post on Truffle Honey. I am loving this blog because Nicole is my kind of people, just better and more adventurous at cooking than I am. She struggles with space in her apartment, she tackles recipes and tells her readers they are easy! do it! you can! And she loves the nums. Meaning this and this and this. Come ON. How are you not making sweet sweet food love to your computer screen right now?

So when I saw her post on blueberry muffins that she gleaned from Cooks Illustrated via Smitten Kitchen (And now I’m gleaning from Truffle Honey), I thought YES. I can do that. I can make those. And I so did.

Two things you need to know right up front. 1) I’m terrible at leaving butter on the counter before baking so that it can warm to room temp. So I always end up with cold, hard butter (much like my heart) that I need to beat to a pulp before it loosens up a bit. This doesn’t seems to hurt anything, everything so far has come out tasty. But I always give myself a little scolding when I realize Lauren! You haven’t thought ahead… again.

And the other thing you need to know is that we did not have a zester at the time of this post. Thankfully, our fairy godmother, Sarah, found out about this and remedied this travesty immediately. But at the time of this baking – drastic measures were used. Forking.

I used more zest than what was in the recipe because goddamnit I was going to zest the shit out of that lemon and I was going to use every ounce I could scrape off. Plus the smell of lemon zest filling my apartment is worth every ounce of effort. Yum.

Kamel is very proud of these egg cracking pictures. The first time around while baking cupcakes, when there were way more eggs to crack, we couldn’t ever get a good shot because it just moves too fast. So Bravo Kamely! Nice work.

The one thing I did mess up on was combining the sugar with all of my dry ingredients instead of combining it with the (hard and cold) butter. I worried this would mess up the chemistry of baking but I pushed through anyway, not wanting to throw out the flour etc that I had contaminated.

Frozen blueberries from target! Super lovely and plump. I didn’t use all of them (obviously) so I made Kamel blueberry yogurt to take to lunch with the rest. Plain Yogurt + tupperware + frozen blueberries = blue yogurt. It’s magic. And! More fruits and veggies in your life. Bam.

I liked handling the muffin batter much more than cupcake batter. It’s much more dense and sticky, so I can control the flow into the muffin tins much better. I was a little worried with over filling the tin, since with cupcakes I fill to about 1/2 way, maybe 3/4 and with the muffins I filled them nearly full. I wasn’t sure how much they would grow and I worried that I would have an overflowing mess once they baked. But again, trust my gut and chug along.

And look!! Perfect little muffins! All polite in their tins, not bugging their neighbors at all. And look at those blueberries bleeding and bubbling forth. Mm. I added a bit of sugar on top and then stuck them back in the oven to have them get that yummy crispy top. It didn’t really work, and the sugar kind of all fell off. But I tried!

Adorbs muffin. Little bundle of joy. I couldn’t wait to dive in. Kamel kept yelling at me to let them cool, but I didn’t care. Isn’t the best part of baked goods the just-out-of-the-oven-ness of it all? (The answer is yes.)

This is me, thumbing my nose at Kamel’s, “Wait! Wait! Wait!” cries.

In this photo it looks kind of burnt, but I assure you… They were perfect. We ate two right away and then Kamel took the rest to work because the worst part about baking? Knowing that I really can’t eat all of what I’ve made but having it stare at me from the kitchen counter for days (like… 2 because that’s how long it would take me to eat ALL OF THEM).

Verdict? Amazing, perfectly portioned, perfectly textured and perfect for bringing over to someone’s house for holidays, housewarmings, and brunch dates. Easy, tasty, and I don’t feel overly sugared or like I ate a house after having one (or two). Thank you Nicole for having a beautiful and accessible food blog! I would have never thought to bake these if it wasn’t for your post!

Next time we’ll be baking from the new kitchen! Sigh… all of that buttery light is going to look a little different, a little more stainless steal and dark wood. A sneak peak of all that tomorrow!

27 thoughts on “Fooding With Flo, And The Blueberry Ahh Yeaahs”

  1. To get that yummy crunchy top on the muffins, use a fork to mix together a little butter (it can totally be hard, straight out of the fridge butter! In fact, for this it’s actually better to use hard butter! Spontaneity, FTW!) with a little flour and a little white sugar until it’s just crumbly. Then put it on the muffins right after you put them into the muffin pans, before putting them into the oven. Mmm… Super easy streusel-y goodness…

  2. So … for the crusty sweet top (if you’re not doing streusel crumble like Dutch suggested) put the sugar on top BEFORE you bake them. This is what I do, and it melts and cracks and gets nice and done.

    Plus, if you over sugar them (as I always accidentally do), the extra just falls right off when you take them out. Perfectly sugared muffins EVERY TIME! Whee!

  3. My secret for the butter is to melt it in the microwave. For every baking recipe. There are some recipes where you really should keep it hard, where it needs to be crumbly, and serious bakers think for some recipes you need the pockets of butter you get with soft rather than melty. But in my experience, if it’s supposed to be soft, melted works just as well and is way faster. Takes about 30 – 60 seconds usually. And if you insist on soft, it gets that way faster if you put it on top of the preheating oven – at least if it is like my oven which makes the stovetop hot when it’s on.

  4. Lauren, what is this about your heart bring hard and cold? I love it as an analogy and it immediately made me think of Kay from The Snow Queen,one of my favorite stories ever, but surely, you are heart warmed?

    Your muffins look so perfect. I love this posts you and Sarah are putting over because they are helping convince the boy of the benefits of a kitchenaid. Here is a recipe for crunchy muffins. I know you hate banana so subsitute it with some other fruit puree, maybe peach ?

    And your shirt is very pretty.

  5. I’ve had these muffins and they are like little crack muffins. Except with blueberries……they’re like tiny little delicious blueberry crack muffins. So….SO good.

  6. And now I need blueberry muffins. Like, now. Damn it those look good.

    When you get more into baking (which how could you not with Flo?), another thing that should be at room temperature for the more finicky recipes is eggs. Annoying, I know. I often forget, too.

    Also, your forking is adorable.

  7. Am I the only one who always thinks of that time of the month when I see the flo title? Yes? Ok I will go chuckle to myself in the corner.

    The muffins look awesome though and I am super jealous of your kitchen aid. First thing going on my registry list when I make one!

  8. “(…) goddamnit I was going to zest the shit out of that lemon and I was going to use every ounce I could scrape off.”

    I love this because it’s totally my approach as well. I made a big batch of margaritas with the juice of fresh limes recently, and I saved the zest from every last one of them. Well, I had my husband zest them. All 24 of them. And put the zest in a plastic bag in the freezer.


  9. Please keep up with the Fooding with Flo! I have yet to name my mixer, but I love the inspiration to use it every chance I can. Perhaps we need a Fooding with Flo on Fridays regular? I could Food on Fridays, too, though it might necessitate an F-name for my mixer. šŸ™‚

    1. Aww Thanks Melanie!! As long as people seem to be diggin’ it, I’ll def keep sharing! I’ll be rockin’ some bread up next. šŸ™‚ Or cookies. All depending on when my bread pan gets here!! šŸ˜‰

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