A Few Things

First, I’m so glad it’s Friday, you have no idea. I have a bajillion things to do and they will all be handled today because I just got my superwoman cape back from the  dry cleaners. Just in time, lemme tell ya. I will be a writing, posting, drafting, editing fiend that just won’t be stopped. Watch out computer! You may overheat today. I can’t guarantee protection. There are sentences to write, tweak, finalize. Photos to place. Links to hyper. You get the idea.

Last night I watched Obama’s speech and gah. Gah, I say.  Yes, we need jobs. Yes, we need to put teachers back in the classroom and stop cutting the education budget because, really? The education budget? That won’t effect our future as a country, no not at all. Except… gah. He said all the things that we need but with the same old approach. Tax cuts for small businesses, incentives for new construction that helps the economy, yadda yadda. I wish they would have let the banks fail. It would have been bad, but then it would have fixed itself eventually and made for a stronger economy. I wish that we would stop spending so much money abroad, creating a giant debt. I wish that it wasn’t so beneficial for US companies to send jobs – and not just manufacturing jobs, but office jobs, skilled worker’s jobs – everywhere else but here. I wish that the president hadn’t suspended environmental laws to help businesses – because as much as the economy is important, the planet is always most important. And I wish I knew who, for sure, I was going to vote for in the next election. But I don’t. Because everyone sucks.

The reason my schedule has been all wonky and my brain has been all spin-spin-spin is because I have an editorial internship and an office to actually show up to 3 days a week. I’m writing, and editing, and formatting and for those three days my brain is being put on a treadmill set to high. It’s amazing. I’m having the opportunity to write professional copy that I’ll use for clips when I apply for jobs, and learning how to write in a different way. That hasn’t happened since grad school and my brain is turning to noodles. The best kind noodles. Like Pad Thai or something. So, I guess that’s why posts this week have been a little weak. My brain has been occupied elsewhere. The things I’m fixated on are moving, sleep, and work. Those are not blog worthy discussions. Hi, how was your day? Yeah yeah yeah, that’s great. Let me tell you about my sleep cycle. Bor-ing. So, I promise to have more adventures this weekend and come up with a good story… or 5.

In the meantime, it’s Friday! And that means we are all almost done with the week and get to pretend we’re working starting at like 1 in the afternoon, but really we’re all just online window shopping, right? No one needs those stupid excel spreadsheets finished until Monday anyway.


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  1. Obama’s speech bummed me out, too, but I will say I was happy to see an aggressive side of him that I hadn’t seen before. He got a little nasty with Congress, and that was long overdue.

    1. But then I feel like it’s too late and I’ve stopped caring. This happens in my life too. I want and want and want something and then at a certain point it’s too little too late. Something major is going to have to happen to give me faith again.

      1. I know exactly how you feel… I was so ready for change in 2008- so pumped to have a candidate I believed in who believed in a lot of the same issues I did. And then? Yeah. Sigh.

  2. Holy. cow. Totally relating to this! The following is an actual excerpt from an earlier blog post of mine this week:

    “I’m telling you, when you switch to a job that has you on your toes non-stop, writing copy, you just kind of get home with a brain full of mush and want to do nothing but play video/board games or watch the boob tube until bed time. I actually have some free time this morning, and my brain hasn’t been turned into zombie guts quite yet, so I better get on it while I can…”

    It’s so hard to write posts, nevermind GOOD posts, when you’re working a job that involves a lot of writing, and especially when it’s copy.

    Just glad another fellow blogger actually has run into this problem (though MAJOR kudos to you for actually having the energy/motivation to post through it!), as I thought maybe it was just me being a big baby about it… I feel you on the brain mushiness/noodle-itis.

    1. Boob tube. And this is why you are SO AWESOME.

      And yes, it’s so hard! Especially when we DO have to watch what we write and I can’t just say anything I want all of the time. It’s really hard. It makes me go blank.

  3. Yes, blogging/writing noodle-itis! So glad yours is because of exciting new ventures. And ADventures this weekend. (I’m excited for this weekend too 🙂

  4. yay for internships! yay for jobs!

    i am a huge fan of obama’s…just…lately…in the last couple of months…it feels like he’s kind of whining. “But…MOOOOOOOOAHHHOAM…Congress keeps thwarting my plaaaaaaans.”

    yes, that’s what congress does. i still believe in his ability to change this country…but he has to stop flip-flopping between playing THEIR game and playing his own, you know?

  5. I didn’t watch the speech last night, as I was watching V try on wedding dresses instead. I’m going to try to read more about it, this afternoon, but at the moment I don’t have much to say about it. Except that, yes, we need jobs. And that while I’ll most likely vote for him, Obama hasn’t given me any reason to get out and work for him. Or donate money to his campaign. And if I vote for him it’ll be because I’m scared of the what a Republican president will do to the Supreme Court or gay rights, not so much because I believe in his particular leadership.

    Anyway- congrats on the internship! You’re brain might feel like noodles, but I know it’s in a good way. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on the internship 😉 and can´t wait to read about your weekend adventures. Also, even when you write “random” daily stuff it is funny and real, so don’t worry too much.

  7. Congrats on the internship! It’s always AMAZING how many brain-waves it takes to write in different ways… Good brain-waves! STRONG brain-waves!

  8. Nope, no one needs anything until Monday. Monday late morning. Actually, my boss has a philosophy that if important stuff isn’t sent by Thursday afternoon, it should wait until Monday lunchtime. No one wants to deal with it on Friday, and everyone hates their life on Monday morning. Is that awful? ’tis true.

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