I’ve been plugging away behind the scenes over here, updating, tweaking, rethinking. So I thought I would point out a few things.

First – heyo! finally updated the side bar photos and got hooked up with a sweet Esopus badge. So whenever you need a little artistry in your life you can pop on over and buy an issue, or subscribe! Even better!

I had to ditch the Amazon book suggestions because a new law passed in CA that made the benefits non-existent. Womp. But, never fear. I’m going to be better about doing books-I’ve-read-roundups every month or so. The Hunger Game’s discussion was pretty sweet.

Also! I’ve updated my Blogrolling list with some new favorites! It takes me a while to remember to do this, so if you know I read you and I haven’t plugged you yet, I will. I’ve just forgotten. But there are some pretty fabulous, funny, smart people up there, so go check them out if you’re in the need for some online literature. Literature.

The biggest change is the doing-away-with my Life List Tab. I’m working with a new idea, a new way of going about the every day. Adventure-ing. Instead of goals that you cross of, Adventure-ing is all about ongoing challenges in different facets of your life. They don’t take gobs of money or sponsorships. Adventure-ing is about reminding yourself not to sit around when you could be out there, doing stuff. Giving to people, doing things that scare you, making our relationships stronger, more loving, taking risks and being open to opportunities. Adventure-ing is all about the things I’ve been able to accomplish instead of all of the things I’ve yet to attempt. It’s a growing, involving page with links to the expanded experiences. I invite you to join me. Let’s have an adventure. Or seven.

I have more things planned for the future, a new sponsor (if they ever stop being trapped in the doom of home renovation!), some discounted goodies, the start of a visiting artist series, and you’ll get to come face to face with Flo and our journey together. Ahh yeahh. It’s going to be good!!

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  1. Hey Lauren!

    Just wanted to let you know that the image for the Esopus widget on your blog is breaking (link still works) on my browser, Chrome (latest version available).

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