Things, The End of Summer

Just in case you thought I had forgotten, I’m still working on getting my little chap book up and running. Since not having to show up to an office has been giving me more time to do things, sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the things I could be doing. And you know what? Writing is still just as tough when you have time to do it than when you don’t. I guess, when you don’t it’s almost easier because you excuses instead of just whining, “but i don’t waaaant to.” But, as a taste, here is a bit of what I’ve been working on:

He ran his hand along the seal between the window and the door; smooth, not a crack in it. Yesterday the car had sparkled on the corner of a residential street, had hissed at him so loud, Jackson spun around to face it full on, and this morning he had taken it. When was the last time he had worked something out this big for himself? He couldn’t remember. Pride, he thought, and mouthed the word.

Jackson didn’t even want to roll down the windows, though the inside of the car was already filled with smoke. He just wanted to sit and feel the kind of luxury a man didn’t need great food or a great bottle to enjoy. The luxury was knowing all of this was his.

Bruce was quick to grab, quick to pocket, quick to do most things and when he saw the wad of twenties in the glove box, Jackson barely saw him reach for it before it was gone. Then Bruce ran his thumb over the edges of the bundle, and Jackson heard it purr, seeing it clearly in his mind.

“Gas money,” said Bruce, and gave a chuckle.

Bruce had the skill to jimmy the door of the Mercedes open, the skill to hotwire the car, and the seamless confidence to get away with it. Jackson had only found it and wanted it. Wanted it enough to ask Bruce for help, for a favor he may not be able to repay. But now, with the money, maybe it would all be even-steven. Even-steven was a Bruce phrase.

Still working on the ending bits, but it’s coming along nicely. Oh the end bits, they are always the worst.

We’re trying to move. Trying means oogling craigslist and biding our time until we can afford the stupid deposit. Deposits are the devil! So much money upfront that even if you can afford the monthly rent, it’s a bitch to get that big wad of cash to convince the landlord you deserve to live there. And trust me, that’s how it is here. It’s a scramble to get any good apartment, you have to fight off the competition with flattery and bribes. Also, the idea of packing makes me break out into a sweat. I start looking around and have the urge to immediately start buying boxes from Home Depot. Oh the things I could pack! Books and DVDs and the crap I won’t even know we have until it’s noon on the last day we can stay in the apartment and I’m out of packing tape!

I’m trying to figure out ways to handle the short hair. The question is: How do I sass it up? Because every day looks, I got. But we’re going to a wedding this weekend – a wedding that ISN’T OURS! (HOOORAY!) And I want to look good, not disheveled. I’m thinking this can be achieved with the hair accessories? I also bought the hot rollers but have yet to try them. I keep meaning to, but you have to do it with dry hair? And I wake up all wack-a-doo in the hair department and i don’t think curlers will tame my poofy head (or maybe it would?) so then I have to shower and then I have to blow dry and by then I don’t really want to put in curlers to sit in front of my computer and write words all day. Am I thinking about this the wrong way? Hair, man… it’s complicated.

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  1. hehe wack-a-doo hair department. lets see. for fancy hair, im thinking beautiful gold headband with sparkly embelishment or flower peice on the side, curls on top and behind, easy peasy sweet and chic type look!?

  2. Oooooh! I’m really good at sassing short-ish, bob length hair! I can actually comment on this!
    First option that will sound complicated, but actually isn’t: after washing, put a little gel in it and grab a bunch of bobby pins. Take the front “would-be-bangs” section (about three inches wide) and twist it back and bobby pin the twist. Do the same thing on the sides. Then do the back (the back is a little tricky because you’ll need to twist up instead of back). You might need to redo a few of the twists a couple of times to get it to the point that it looks right to you, but once you do, it’ll stay all night. It’s like a sort-of undone updo for short hair. If that makes any sense at all…
    You could also just gel it back, but that could be a little severe, so it definitely depends on what you’re wearing.
    OR you could blow dry it and then use a small flat iron if you have one or blow dry it using a paddle brush to get it as smooth as possible.
    And now I just looked back at the post where you show your haircut and I think that unless it’s a super formal wedding, the best thing about the cut you got is that it always looks chic and done. That’s seriously my favorite thing about short hair (and why I CANNOT WAIT to cut mine off again after my wedding next weekend!). I remember after I donated my hair the last time, I totally fell in love with my closet because my new ‘do made even an old black turtleneck seem super stylish.
    YAY for short hair!

  3. I feel silly for asking this, but I tried google and it wasn’t much help… but what is a chap book? Or is that shorthand for chapter book??

    1. Oh, sorry. It’s a little book that’s generally stapled together at the center with a few stories in it. Writers make them themselves and sell them. I’m hoping to make mine more of a little peice of art with stories in it so that it’s pretty and awesome and something you’d want to hand off to a friend or have on your table. 🙂 fingers crossed it turns out!

      1. Ah, cool. Makes a lot more sense than the religious tracts google was telling me about. 😉 Don’t think I’ve come across one before, but it sounds really neat!

  4. Oh, moving. Yes so stressful. Always want to cry. Always need to throw away stuff and I don’t want to. But the worse part is not putting everything in boxes… it is getting it back out and hoping it will fit in the new place. Oh books why do I love you so much.

  5. ooooh awesome preview of the chap book! I’m excited to buy the finished book.

    moving sucks.

    I have no advice for short hair! when mine’s that short I never know what to do with it except let it do its thing – but I like the suggestions so far!

  6. For me, the awesome and annoying thing about short hair has always been the same–there’s not much to do with it 😉

    When I want it to look a wee bit better, I add some volumizer to the roots and just blow dry the shit out of it (starting with my head upside down for more volume). Then when it’s dry, I add in some texture paste stuff. Not sure if the texture paste actually DOES anything, but eh, I figure I tried.

    And love that little snippet! Good luck on the ending bit, those are the worst!

  7. “Since not having to show up to an office has been giving me more time to do things, sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the things I could be doing.” Oohhhhhh the things I could be doing. Thinking about them keeps me from doing the things I get paid to be doing. Whooops.

  8. Ohhh the rental cycle: hand over enormous wad of cash to landlord so they can put it in THEIR bank account and let it just sit there (and often have to give MORE to assure them that my dog will not destroy their rental) and then furiously clean to get my deposit back. Repeat. Ew.

  9. Hah. I’m having the same sorts of problems with my new short hair. When I wake up in the morning, I look like and INSANE PERSON. So far in the mornings, I usually straighten the parts that are especially crazy and leave the rest of it alone and it looks pretty good. Today I clipped part of it back, and that’s nice, too. I second the idea for a pretty sparkly headband or clip, or bobby-pinning it back in twists. Yay for experiments!

  10. Headband OR

    Blow dry it forward and towards the side of your part, then part it deeper than usual. Extra volume. May need to do a little straightening and mousseing on top. Makes short hair look more dramatic.

  11. Hot rollers ALWAYS take the wack-a-doo out of my hair in the morning. Pretty easily, too. You can always try it tomorrow to make sure it works. =)

    But yes, I vote lose waves/curls with a pretty headband or clip. Polished and soft, all at the same time!

  12. I love looking for apartments, it is sort of a sickness. I don’t know where/what you are looking for but if you want help looking let me know. We just moved into our apt on nob hill and I love it so much I have for the first time stopped looking. We didn’t actually find it too painful but we did look at over 20 places in two days, so we had a fair amount of choice. And I would also check craigslist hourly for new updates, so there is that. I think moving is fun if expensive; new places, a reason to purge old things, a chance to reinvent your living space, fun!!

    1. My favorite part about moving is when you are setting up the new place and everything is CLEAN and put AWAY and you’ve thrown away all of the shit that you didn’t actually need that was sitting around and slowly killing you. Sigh. The reason I don’t like moving is that packing stresses me the fuck out. Plus I’ve moved a million times in the last 5 years. But maybe we should meet for a drink and you can tell me all of your packing tips. Plus nob hill. I fucking love nob hill.

      1. Would love to meet for a drink sometime! Packing tips basically involve paying someone else to do it – when we moved from london that is what we did, so worth the money as we didn’t fight it was done in literally an HOUR and they also unpacked and took all the stuff away. Amazing. You can email me at katherine dot nichols at the gmails.

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