We had a whirlwind of a weekend. We spent, literally, 24 hours in Portland. Landed at 8am and took off at 8am. Bam! Jet setters in yo face!

In reality, when we got home we were vegetables. But at the same time we felt pretty awesome. What a great way to spend our weekend – at someone else’s wedding! How unbelievably refreshing.

Not My Wedding

After a month of being legally bound, this was my first wedding as a married person and I was surprised that it felt a little like a renewal. I wonder if that will be how it feels in 5, 10, 15 years. I wonder if that’s how my parents felt? (They were there too.) It wasn’t just that I remembered how it felt to walk down the aisle, or that I recognized the blessing of the rings and how we had repeated those exact words not long ago. It was the message during the readings, it was the solid points made during the homily (not all points were solid, let me tell you), it was the incredibly endearing toasts that reminded the newlyweds to savor these moments, to remember that feeling on your first date when things are difficult or life gets in the way, it was the sweaty dancing and the gaggle of bridesmaids that were a glimpse into the future 20 years from now for my best friends and I. It was reaching for Kamel’s hand when people said things that reminded me of us.

And as much as I don’t get to see my extended family often, I love that we all gather when summoned, that we are the cousin of so and so and the daughter and the great niece and the wife or husband, that it’s one big “so how are you related to this big hullabaloo?” and then the connections unravel. And we all make the trek, we all cheer and toast and clap, and in that moment we are all in it together. It’s wonderful to be reminded you’re part of something so much bigger.

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    1. hmm… I don’t know if i took a good photo of it! things were kinda crizazy. But! I did two twists off the part. On the “bigger” side I gathered as I twisted so it had that french braid look, and then i used some hair texturing stuff to make the bottom not look like a mushroom head. haha. I really wanted to add a good hair accessory but didn’t have time to search one out! I think I’m going to do some fancy short hair posts where I try out different things and take photos. Because I SUCK at hair and have had to self-teach my whole life. So some things are just TOO hard for me, and maybe I have some tips from trial and error….

  1. You just summed up why weddings are important: “And we all make the trek, we all cheer and toast and clap, and in that moment we are all in it together. It’s wonderful to be reminded you’re part of something so much bigger.”

    Oh, and I love the bit about reaching for Kamel’s hand when you hear something that reminds you of your relationship. Lovely.

  2. Yes, there is something about attending another wedding after your own. You are right in that it is like reliving it. This might sound ridiculous, but when I watched the the royal wedding I was thinking about our own vows, remembering walking towards him. Also because the boy has a brother about the same age, seeing Harry and William together was something. This is kind of lame I guess… but it is about the emotions that were shining through.
    And we had it again at a friends’ wedding this summer . It is like you are extra sensitive and you feel it, like you are reminded of it all and by remembering it is there again…

  3. I love going to other people’s weddings as a married person. For all the reasons you mentioned here, but also because I really, really like welcoming couples to the “other side”, because I’m having a blast, and I hope and wish and pray they do too. And because I like the cake.

  4. You and Kamel were so cute at the wedding reception. Dancing, talking and being in love with each other. It does my heart good to see young love, and expecially with a person that care about. See you soon. DB

      1. Hi my sweet girl. You looke fabulous at the wedding this weekend. Loved the dress and hair. You and Kamel are so perfect together.

  5. For no discernible reason I looked at that photo of you two and thought, “This is one of those photos your kids are going to look at and think OMG, MY PARENTS LOOK SO YOUNG.”

    Also: cute dress!

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