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Apparently all I can think about is hair. I’ve tried to mix it up with some cooking posts, and social awareness discussions, but can we all just be honest with ourselves for a moment? Hair is just where it’s at. Especially after you do something drastic. And, since most of the suggestions from the other day were all “VOLUME! And put something pretty in it!!” I figured a little roundup was in order. And I may run out before Saturday and pick something up. I wanted to get some options from target for a one-time-use (or 3 times, whatever) cheaper option, but they didn’t have any that weren’t for little kids on their website. Boo. But let’s get started anyway.

Try not to over focus on the model’s insanely beautiful skin and check out her adorable present head! It looks like those funny stick-um bows you slap on gifts, right? But it’s so festive. Unfortunately, for the price of this hair accessory from Kamilla Antonio, you could buy an entire outfit. Let me repeat: stupid expensive. Which is really disappointing because I don’t think it has to be $115.00, I mean, what? I just… present head, festive, too pricey.

I love these types of headbands with the flat feather patch because they look like little caps, smart little vintage lady hats. I have a lot of hair flowers and sometimes they can get out of hand. I love that this piece by RubyPearls is bright and fun, but also not floppy, and can be tucked right on top of your hair with needing a mass of curls to combat the fluffy flower bit. It can be day time – shopping downtown, or night time – classy cocktail party, or even night time – dancedanceshakeshake, and it’s still a little unexpected.

Turbans. I have to be honest, I am not cool enough to rock this look. I’m just not. Also, I’m not 100% sure it works with short hair (how amazing is this lady’s hair btw), and is probably not appropriate for a fancy event, but to mix it up on a daily basis I think yes. This twisted lace turban by JustLive is adorable. And she has a bunch of others that are extra cute as well. It’s one of those things I need a little bit of bravery to try out, but it might be way worth it and way simple for a big pop in a boring jeans and sweater day.

Ok. When I was looking for ideas for this post, I braced myself for the onslaught of bridal-only hair stuff. I mean, realistically, as much as I would love to, I can’t run around with a birdcage on my head and peeking up and over my eyes on a daily basis. People would think I had a complex. But this? I think this is just fabulous, forget the labeling as bridal. And you know what? Eff the long hair on this model, I want it. I want to wear it with my short hair and I want it to swallow it all up and completely take over my entire head. DO IT.Β  But, um, there is a problem. Remember how I talked about the price of the first present-head hair accessory? Yeah. This blows that right out of the water. And really, I have to ask mryakim who can afford to buy this beauty at $415 smacks?! WHO myrakim, WHO??!

This is all I have to say, in a breathy whisper. (Yes. yes. yes. yes) Oh yes, BeSomethingNew.

So apparently Justliv and I have a special relationship that I’m just now finding out about, because hotdamn. You know what I love about the Hello Dolly Doily? Besides the name? (tee hee) The fact that it looks home made but … I didn’t have to! No DIY here, just DIY style … without the glue burns. For the win. But seriously, these are sooo well styled and unique, and lovely, and I want one because I’m positive it will make me smarter, and more talented, and very very rich. They have tons of different styles so def go check out this shop.

This headband is from Anthropologie and is beautiful. I am ecstatic that there are so many options that aren’t just flowers. As much as I love a good flower in my hair, they aren’t always appropriate. I also very much appreciate the beading and the great combination of colors, so it’s much more wearable, regardless of the color of your shirt. Three cheers for flexibility!

This reminds me of a starfish. And I am loving the whole “lays flat on your head” look, versus the big poofy look. And for only $15 dollars at Anthropologie. When has Anth ever been the cheaper option? I know, right?

Doing this search really brought to light the many, many options in fancy-ing up your ‘do. (Or my ‘do for that matter.) Flowers can be tired, but turbans, sparkly headbands, DIY inspired beauty, can keep it all fresh. And there is so much of it out there! Who knew! If you have any favorite tips/tricks or styling techniques, I know I got some yesterday, but feel free to share in comments today as well. Yay accessories!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of this. Swallow it all up IS RIGHT!!! My favorite is the multicolored, swirly beaded one from anthro, its very african-inpsired without being AFRICAN IN YOUR FACE πŸ™‚ Also, I like to take my bulky clip on earings from the costume jewelry collection we all inherited from great grandma henrietta (that name!) and clip it on to a headband, like the sport, really tight, I want to put up my hair for today and not think about it type headband. I clip it on, on the side, and its like a AUTOMATIC pretty headband peice. It takes the right kind of earing, mine are blue and silver and have leaves and flower motif, so it adds just the right amount of sparkle. Hows that for DIY πŸ™‚ But now that my hair is shorter too (im in no more pony tail land with you), I’m in desperate need of ideas like this! thank you thank you!

  2. For a fancy NYE night last year, just after I had done the chop too, I went out to haight street and picked out a ton of these kinds of things. I made a deeper than usual part to the side, so there was a lot of bang hanging over the eyes, and I put a flat-on-the-head peacock doo dad on the other side of the head. I have no idea if I explained that right…. but point is, there are a lot of cheap options on haight street!

  3. Yes yes yes. Especially that Etsy one. OH MY GAWD. I want it for myself!

    Also … Anthro beaded headbands are WONDERFUL. I have one I wear all the time (same one Ellie wore at her wedding) … to work, out to play, for a fancy night … it’s crazy versatile. I vote go find an Anthro and play with the options. =)

  4. I’m all for flowers. But I like the sparkly bridal number, and the feathery thing from Etsy. The one that looks like patchwork is cool, but not for a wedding. I think if you wear something like the Etsy umber, with your hair flat and smooth it can also be very pretty .
    Have you checked out the Accesorize? They often have headbands, clips and pretty things that you can mix and match for cheap or reasonable prices. And they are in San Francisco too yay .

  5. note: I went to anthropologie this afternoon to scout out some hair goodness, and they didn’t have either of the items I highlighted here in the SF store. BUMMER. So I went home with nothing because spending 32 bucks on a headband is stupid. Carry on with the lusting!

  6. I just added all of the etsy shops to my favorites. JustLiv is my favorite of the ones you highlighted. I am especially intrigued by the turbans. I must get one and try it out.

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