Honeymooning: I Want Some Mores

You guys. Before a few weeks ago, Kamel had never (ever!) made a s’more. Never. He didn’t even know how to roast a marshmallow!! Thankfully, the hotel had a s’more evening and I was there to guide him to s’more success.

Obviously this is some serious business



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  1. ahhh I’m still not over the fact that my sisters and dad vetoed s’mores at our camping trip recently. we got marshmallows but nothing else. RAWR. haha. I’m glad Kamel finally got to try it!

    also is that your turtle love committee ring?? GAWgeous.

  2. this is SO WEIRD that you would write about this, bc I heard another persont eh other day talk about NEVER having had one!! WHY PEOPLE!? Maybe its a camp thing? I dont know. but WOOOOOHOOOOO for smores! and smore chocolate money 🙂 yes please!

  3. Ummm….are those PINK marshmallows?!!! How awesome is that?! I was at the store the other day..and we just happen to be in the baking section…not sure why, we dont bake..but anyway, i glanced down at the marshmallows, and HOLY CRAP!! The most ginormous marshmallows ive ever seen! They were literally the size of a small apple! Never in my life have i seen such a thing. This post makes me want to go back and get them and make a ginormous s’more with them!! 😉

        1. Were they FLAVORED pink marshmallows?

          (Also – I’ve been known to make s’mores over a burner on our gas stove on rainy/wintery nights. It’s very cozy. I totally recommend it if you’re wanting a nice honeymooney reminder at any point.)

    1. I noticed the PINK right away too. When I lived in Germany, the marshmallows were also pink (or often pink and white twists). I used the buy them and roast them over a candle in my room. Ah, homesickness.

      Also, your honeymoon looks awesome! Hooray, hooray!

  4. Dude, I love s’mores so much that i used to light a fire in our fireplace and make them at home. I’d actually have mini-camping nights when my parents went out for the night.

    16 year old me: “I have the house to myself! What should i do? I think i’m going to build a fire, chuck some potatoes in there, make s’mores and watch buffy.” Ahhhh the good ole days.

    1. hahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAH bahahahahah AHAHAHAHAH. My 16 year old self would watch dawson creek reruns and not to my homework and then sneak into my godbrothers hottub with my boxers on and then fall asleep watching 007 movies. OH MAN WE WERE SO COOL.

  5. Can someone please explain the hot pink marshmallow?

    Jon’s had them … but rarely. I’m not sure he knows how to properly make them. He’ll have to be taught. ::winks::

    I, on the other hand, used to regularly make them, using the flame from the gas stove at home. Now we live in a land of electric stoves and that’s out. ::sadface:: I’m going to have to find other options…

    OH! There’s a restaurant in Fullerton (Commonwealth Lounge) that does a smores tower for dessert! They bring you a tower thingy of chocolate, marshmallows, grahams, peanut butter (what?) and various other things (I think we got bananas once) … along with skewers and one of those catering flame thingies. And you building your smores while you are sitting at your table.

    I. LOVE. IT.

  6. So Kamel had his first taste of this American treat whilst in Mexico? Hmm. Incidentally my British Husband had his first s’more about the same time!

  7. In the UK we usually just eat toasted marshmallows on their own, which I always thought were pretty exciting in themselves. Trust you Americans to take it one step further!

    I too had my first ever s’more on holiday in the US about a month ago, and I’ve got to tell you… they were kind of overrated. So sweet and sickly. I think it’s the weird chocolate (sorry, but it just is) you guys have over there – give me a bar of Cadbury’s and a digestive biscuit and then maybe we can talk…

    (Also, do you guys have flumps? Because if pink marshmallows are getting people excited, I think flumps might blow your mind.)

    1. I actually don’t love s’mores for the same reason, Hershey’s chocolate is kinda gross to me. However! S’mores made with reese’s peanut butter cups instead of chocolate squares are insanely good.

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