Adventure-ing: Hair Today

I am still on my journey of random acts of kindness. Because giving is awesome. And since I’m also doing my best to take more fashion risks, I thought a combo post was in order. Yesterday I did something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year – but had to wait until after the wedding to do it.

I got the chop, and donated 12 inches of hair to Locks of Love. Then! I had my lovely hair lady keep on cuttin’ and got the shortest hair cut I’ve ever had in my life.

Short Hair Cut

I had been battling a fever all day, but I was going to get my hair cut goddamnit. And even though I kept reminding myself all day that I was chopping off all of my hair, I wasn’t nervous. Not even a little.

Short Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut

I had prepped my inspiration photos, I had brought my zip lock bag for my donation, I had filled out the donation paper work, I was ready set go. All day, I sat around, drinking fluids, trying not to feel like crap, and didn’t feel much excited or anything.

Short Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut

I wasn’t excited or nervous or anything until she, ya know, cut it all off. And then… And then I was extremely happy.

Short Hair CutI really hadn’t felt attractive with long hair for a while. It always felt messy, I couldn’t keep it untangled, and it never looked like the long hair I see on tv. Plus, I’ve always really admired people who donated to Locks of Love. I always thought that those people were extremely brave. And like so many other adventures I’ve had, it was remarkably easy once the appointment was made. So much easier than I could have ever imagined.

Short Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut

I thought that chopping off so much of myself would be hard or weird at the very least. I thought I would miss the pony tales and the ability to braid and I thought maybe I would feel a bit of panic once it was really gone. But the reality is, it’s just hair. It’s not me. But it will contribute to making a child who can’t grow their own hair feel a little better, and that’s a great feeling.

Short Hair Cut
Sending a pic to the girls!

Plus, as it turns out, chopping off all of my hair makes me feel the most attractive I’ve felt in a really long time.

Short Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut

And that’s really, really exciting.

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  1. SO. CUTE.

    Seriously, you look gorgeous. And I love that free-feeling of not being weighed down by knotted hair. And also that free-feeling of feeling beautiful. You deserve both!

      1. Don’t think I haven’t thought of it. I almost did last month when that stupid hairdresser chopped off so much.

        But then I remember, with my hair, short is a TON of work. And I’m lazy. šŸ˜‰

  2. So funny….i chopped my hair the DAY after my wedding!! LOL! Best feeling ever. Your hair came out soooo cute!! You are totally rocking the bob, you have the perfect shape face for it. I scrolled down as slowly as i could to build up the anticipation and then BAM…Lauren with short hair! LOOVE IT!!

    1. So apparently this chopping your hair post wedding is a thing. I guess. Because it’s totally my plan to do it.
      (I had to confess to my fiance the other day that I haven’t done it yet because I want long hair in my wedding pictures. Crazily he kind of understood.)
      You look awesome!

      1. ok, so after trying to style it myself I’m starting to feel a little bit like a mushroom head. I think i need some styling technic tips. I’m beginning to freak out a bit.

        1. omg yes I always had that problem too, mushroom-y shaped. Make sure it’s not parted down the middle, and it looks super cute when the ends don’t go *out* from the head, but rather both go in the same direction, like left or right. Hard to describe… but I’m sure it looks cute either way!

  3. You look great! It really suits you šŸ™‚
    My hair is also getting super-duper long and I’m wondering if I should keep growing it out or if I should chop it all off. Hmmm, this is making me want a short bob! šŸ™‚

  4. The new haircut is super cute! I go through a frequent cycle of short, short hair then really long hair. Then short hair again. The stylist is always more nervous than I am about cutting it all off. I love it, and it makes me feel lighter, and more free every time I do it.

    1. Me too! I made my LA hairdresser soo happy by being the first ponytail she ever cut off.

      I’ve never made it to the 10″ Locks of Love requirement though–I’ve either gotten too annoyed and cut if off too soon or haven’t done a drastic enough cut.

  5. Nice!! I keep wanting to do something drastic with my hair but the curliness is limiting. Short hair turns into a pyramid and I look like a clown. I’ve considered dyeing it but the only color I’d want is red and that’s hard to get just right.

    I love your haircut though, extremely cute and sassy!

    1. curly hair totally is a blessing and a curse. you’d have to go REALLY short to have non pyramid head. And that is scarier than a bob. But at the same time your hair always looks styled because it’s curly. And speaking of color – my lady suggested copper as a totally bad ass shade. Food for thought. šŸ™‚

    2. Oh Zan I have the same, as soon as it is short I turn into fluffy spongebob in person. And I also secretly want red hair. Actually what I want is kind of orange, but very difficult to get yeah.

    3. So something drastic to do…my friend has super curly cue (and naturally bright red-adorable) hair, and she had the same itch to do something drastic…so she went and got a brazilian blowout….AWWEESSOOMME!! It came out so freaking HOT! And its temporary, so if you dont like it, not biggie. Just an idea šŸ™‚

  6. Ooh, I love the new haircut! It’s super-cute! And I think donating is a great way to justify a cute new haircut–I’ve done a it twice! Just a point of clarification though: most of the wigs that Locks of Love makes don’t go to kids with cancer. They focus their efforts on children who have permanent hair loss, mostly from alopecia. Since most kids with cancer do eventually regrow their hair, Locks of Love provides synthetic hairpieces to kids with temporary hair loss rather than hairpieces made from donated human hair.

  7. Your haircut looks awesome, short suits you! What salon did you go to? We just moved to the city and I am on the hunt for a good one…

    1. It’s called Pretty Pretty Collective. It’s an art gallery/salon and is WAY amazing. I see Dionne who I have followed from her previous salon. I highly recommend. I had some bad haircut experiences in the city before I found her.

  8. you look GREAT!!

    I’m also planning the post wedding chop and have been pinteresting (what? that’s a verb) photos all week. Including the one you had up there!

  9. Super cute.

    Your inspiration picture of Katie Holmes is one I’ve already sent to my sister for what she could do for the wedding (she rocks a short haircut all the time, but left it a little longer so we’d have options for wedding do’s. I think she should keep it short, the way it always is, because it suits her.)

    I am so tired of this long hair. I don’t know if I have the 12 inches for locks of love, but I am 100% going to the chin length bob the day we get back from the honeymoon šŸ™‚

    1. wahhooo! and you only need 10. šŸ™‚ you would be surprised though, i didn’t think i had enough and the initial cut wasn’t at ALL as short as i thought it would be.

  10. Lauren I am gonna go on and repeat it , you look super good, this cut suits you very well. But most importantly, you are amazing for donating your hair ! It is a really cool organization (that I didn’t know of). Super you šŸ™‚

    1. exxxxactly. plus kamel would lean on my pillow and pull my hair. Last night he snuggled in and said “I’m not CHOKING on your hair anymore!!” win. haha.

      1. C always makes fussy child noises about my (seriously long) hair when I try to snuggle. I’ve been thinking about donating for a few weeks. I’m measuring my hair tonight!

  11. Seriously loving this haircut. SO CUTE!! And yes, I totally get you on the long hair thing–I always feel like I want it, and that in theory I can do more things with it…but then I chop it off and go short, and feel SO MUCH sexier and sassier and just in general better about myself šŸ™‚

    And yay for Locks for Love! Such a great program.

  12. looks great! i personally think long hair is almost always better in your imagination than in real life. i did grow mine out for my wedding, although i don’t know why, since i just wore it up. and i chopped my off shortly after.

    the styling will get easier. my hair is about the same length and as yours now and very fine. i think the key is not to try too hard, but just to sort of let it fall.

    1. I bought hot rollers today. I’m kind of stoked. But because my hair is really thick, if I just let it fall it turns into the perfect bowl shaped mushroom head. hahahaha… it’s not good.

      1. I LOVE MY HOT ROLLERS THEY ARE AMAZING. just be sure to remove only after they are cool, and spray your hair a little bit to hold the volume. Also, even if you think you have thick hair, a little volume/thickening spray goes a long way before blow drying. Congrats on your awesome new haircut and donation! I’ve always been scared to go back to my awful middle-school bob but yours is inspiring!

  13. I donated 6 inches to Locks of Love a few years back, but the stylist did all the work (as far as I know, guess I need to check!). I was growing my hair to donate 12 inches, then my mom chopped off waaaay more than she was meant to TRIM. So I’ve got a bit to go. I’ve always wanted SUPER short hair, but don’t think I can pull it off.

    Yours, however, looks adorable!

  14. So cute!! I chopped mine post-wedding, but there wasn’t quite enough for Locks of Love (did that once when I was a teen, though, and had hair down to my butt…).

  15. Your new hair is awesome! šŸ™‚ I actually did the same thing last year- I cut off 14 inches to donate, and it was simultaneously liberating and terrifying. This year, I cut it even shorter (not to donate, just to cut) and it is about the same length now as yours is. Yay!

  16. I am just catching up on your blog. I also cut my hair off 12 inches at the beginning of August, but haven’t gotten around to blogging about it yet. I sent mine to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, here in Canada. My end length is just a teeny bit longer than yours (just below my chin), and I too am trying to figure out what to do with it. My hair was long forever, and it feels good to have a change. I look forward to hearing more about your hair adventures. šŸ™‚

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