Actual Conversation: He Washes the Dishes

Me: I wonder why men’s shirts have those buttons on the arms at all? Like maybe if you have really, really large forearms or something?

Kamel: Like Popeye!

Me: Ha. Oh yeah, I guess.

Kamel: {sings} Popeye the sailor man! Doo deet doo deet doo doo, he washes the dishes and … slaps all his bitches, it’s Popeye the sailor man!

Me: Wait. WHAT?! haha.

Kamel: I don’t know… I was just singing words.

Me: Wait… {laughing} he slaps all his BITCHES? Seriously?

Kamel: I don’t know!

9 thoughts on “Actual Conversation: He Washes the Dishes”

  1. Haha, hilarious. And don’t hate me forever for spoiling this but I HAD to find out the lyrics in english cause I only know them in spanish

    (Popeye el marino soy. Popeye el marino soy, como espinacas y ordena a las vacas). So, in the translated mexican version he milks the cows.

    -If you are curious for the lyrics in english check them here: (guess I wont spoil it after all).

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