Wedding Week, Seattle

I’m sitting in my parent’s house and my face is totally burnt from hanging out for too long, in too much sun on the deck. But it was marvelous. It’s Sunday and I’ve been up since 4am, so Sunday really feels like 2 days sliced in half. The time we spent running around the house finishing up projects and frantically doing our best not to forget the important wedding things and the part after the plane landed when I was finally here, with family, and it all became very clear that I am getting married in less than a week.

There is so much to do and at the same time not much to do at all. Things are not frantic, they are measured, they are busy, but they are not necessarily stressful. In some ways I feel like I’m watching it happen, like I’m outside of myself, observing the phenomenon of this wedding.

I tried on my dress when I got into town. I hadn’t seen it since May and I had that irrational (and not so irrational) fear that I suddenly wouldn’t fit into it. But success! I totally do. Phew! So, crisis averted.


I started writing that on Sunday night been then life interruptus occurred and here I am on Tuesday morning trying to scramble to get something up and published before we head out for a Lauren/Kamel road trip for the day. We’re heading to the peninsula of Washington… not all near Forks…. ok, right near forks…. we’re headed to werewolf country. Awww Yeaahhh.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stories. For now, the rental car is on its way and I still need to put my shoes on. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Wedding Week, Seattle”

  1. Please wave hello to my beautiful Olympics for me. I miss them sooo much. (Perhaps I shall have to convince Forrest to head that way in September…)

    Best of the best wishes to you this week as you get ready for the wedding!!

  2. i am PEE MY PANTS excited for this weekend!!! the count-down is on 🙂 and i know in my heart of hearts that your trip today won’t be as awesomely hilarious as ours was 😉

  3. yayyyyyy wedding week! you describe that measured busy-ness/watching it happen outside yourself feeling very well, I felt that too during this time. have a fun road trip!!

  4. Whee!

    I am SO. GLAD. there’s no frantic so far. That’s the last thing you need.

    YAY your dress fits! YAY you’re feeling good! YAY roadtrips!

    Enjoy it, lovely!!

  5. Bwahahahaha. My best friend just drove out from NYC to Seattle BY HERSELF last week, and I told her as she drove from MT into WA that in my mind it was *all* Twilight country. Thankfully, she avoided any vampire baseball games. Hahahahaha.

    Have fun today—a wedding week day trip sounds lovely!

  6. Oh you´re back. Enjoy, and have fun. Those landscapes in werewolf country are definitely beautiful, hope you have a great time together ! And yay, you are getting married soon 😉

  7. Lauren, if this is the only post you put up this week, you are ahead of the game. Enjoy the road-tripping and the Washington-ing and the wedding-ing. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  8. Glad to hear that wedding week isn’t stressful. If it does turn so, don’t freak out too badly. Ours got insane at the very, very end, but the day of was magical smooth sailing.

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