The Little Things, Oh The Happies

We’ve been slowly digging ourselves out of … ourselves. And yesterday evening we unpacked one of the gifts from our registry we had been crossing our fingers for. Because… um… remember how we have aunts ants? Well, they are seasonal, so for the summer months we’ve been given a break. But come a chilly fall day, they’ll be back running around our floors and our peanut butter. So, since last year, we’ve been pining for these beauties:

Seeing them above our oven gives me the full on happies. Not only have they totally uncluttered our countertops, they’re going to look awesome filled with flour, sugar, almonds, rice, and pasta (and maybe jelly beans and M&Ms). And guess what, ANTS?! These are air tight, sucka! So, eat that. And we won’t have to put every single edible item in our fridge come November! The happies, my friends… the happies.

14 thoughts on “The Little Things, Oh The Happies”

  1. Hooray! That’s fantastic!

    I’m trying to convince Jon to let me put our cereals in stackable bins, too. Since, you know, our current 4 boxes (I bought one I didn’t like, but am forcing myself to eat it anyway, in between bowls of the kind I like … and the boy mixes his) take up a metric ton of space and look BAD.

    It’s the small things. =)

      1. Donnie eats cereal like it’s his job. I’m not even kidding – I think we have 8 or 9 boxes of cereal at the moment, and only 2 of them are mine! And even more impressive? He’ll finish all of his before I even get most of the way through either of mine. He is a beast.

  2. Oooo, I want those! We have seasonal ants too, except ours are here now. Only when it is going to try to storm, and I say try because Monsoon has not been very active in my neck of the woods this year, aside from the very large Haboob that was all over the news.

    Anyway, ants… yes we are getting red ants in the kitchen. Um, I didn’t think red ants came inside…but, apparently they do. So all of my food and belongings (ie mail, papertowels, dish drainer) are no longer alowed on the kitchen couters because that just gives them something to go after, or hide under. So, yeah, I want those bins.

  3. Those bins always lead to happy dances. Having them makes me feel a little too grown up sometimes, but I love looking at my fridge and seeing the neat and orderly instead of the haphazard bags and boxes we had before.

    1. I think one of my lowest moments last year was finding ants in the waffle mix … after we had made up the mix and was about to pour it into our waffle iron. 🙁 We had to throw it all away. fuckers!!

      1. eeeeeewwww. I did that with rice and some unidentified bugs, only I didn’t find out until after I’d finished cooking the rice. YUCK.

  4. 🙂 Tiny boxes of happiness. Well not so tiny but I like the sound of it. And ants can go and find another place to live ! Out of your cereal !

  5. Our air tight containers will help us win the ant war this winter on the food side.

    Now we just have to figure out what to do about the stragglers that don’t seem to want anything.

    This post made me happy. =)

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